United Nations calls for the US to “expedite the self-determination process for Puerto Rico.”

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This week, on June 20, the UN Committee on Decolonization (UNDC) resolved that the US must expedite a process, which enables the people of Puerto Rico to exercise their self-determination…and even their independence.

The Committee also ruled that the entire UN General Assembly should examine the political status of Puerto Rico, as soon as possible.

This is a major departure from the past 34 resolutions from the UNDC, dating back to 1962…since it calls for specific actions from both the US government, and the UN General Assembly.



The UNDC also called upon the US to release, without further delay, the Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera.

The United States has made it clear it is “not bound” by UN votes.

The application of Res. 1514 (XV) to Puerto Rico would thus be non-binding…but it would mark the first time in 71 years – since 1945, the year the UN was created – that a majority of nations rejected the US grip on Puerto Rico.



The precedent for the UNDC announcement already exists: UN Resolution 1514 (XV) stipulates the right to self-determination of every nation, and the right to reject a colonial relationship.

It is also notable, that yesterday’s UNDC resolution on behalf of Puerto Rico was introduced by the Ambassador from Cuba.

  • This indicates an active solidarity in the Caribbean region, and
  • It places the US government in the difficult position of “recognizing” the sovereignty of Cuba, while denying that same sovereignty to Puerto Rico.

After 118 years of supporting the US economy and fighting in its wars, Puerto Rico has earned – at the very least – the same consideration that is extended to Cuba.


Book - 12-10

17 Comments on “United Nations calls for the US to “expedite the self-determination process for Puerto Rico.”

  1. We are not terrorrist .We are defending our country against the lies ,the oppresions,the poison, the contniue stealing of our country .Pretty soon we will be with out a country. They do not vare about is they use us like slaves .Like 3rd world country citicens .they dont even recognozed us ad citizens .We are less than a bastard child for many of them but when it comes to defend the country oh yeah we are good for that. As guinea pig for experiments becaude they cant test the drugs and other paraphernilia in the states vause its illegsl.we are good. Like when they spread the wyphillis among us or tested yhe bitrh control pills were several women died due to the effectecs of the excessive dose of hormones .But for them our women were illiterate and we were multiplying to fast got to stop that.want more ? Look at what we jave accomplished in 118 years if colonianism instead of getting ahead we are going in reverse. Less hospitals , closing schools now they are not going to care about if our water is of good or bad quality? Well guess what the turist will also pay the price and all those hotel dudes yes because they live in the same island were we dafaulted and cant pay .But whos counting? They think they ate going to harm us giving us contaminated gmo ,,now they want to exterminate not only the mosquitos also outr flora and fauna with this poisonus fumigation that causes cancer and children deformitites snd they denied it. Aby the way there is no vaccination for Zika and acuchuyunga or whaterver is call but the good news is once you get it you are protected from aquitering the infection for life unlike the dengue .So it may not be as bad as it may seem i rather get the disease than the fumagstion and be exposed to cancerous toxins and a earlier death.


  2. Estados Unidos ha dicho que una votacion de la ONU no le obliga,tampoco ninguna nacion puede sustituir al puebo puertoriqueño,todo dependera de los que crean en un proceso de descolonizacion se unan para lograr el cambio.Obigando a Estados Unidos a comenzar un proceso descolonizador bajo condiciones de soberania politica de igual a igual.


  3. Jose Sanchez Cordero, is not that the Cubans are deciding our destiny, what’s happening is that Puerto Rico it’s not a Sitting Nation at the UN Assembly because PR is Not an Independent and Sovereign Nation and cannot sign a resolution, In solidarity with Puerto Ricans the Cubans took the initiative to demand that the USA Granted and Respected the Will and Inalienable Right of the People Nations for Independence. Unlike Puerto Rico and others Latin American Nations Cuba don’t allowed USA to put their feet in their mouth 👄! And let’s Not forgot that Dominican Republic, Syria, The Islamic Republic of Iran, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Corta Rica Nicaragua and others also spoke in behalf of Puerto Rico and all of them sign a Resolution for Puerto Rico’s Right for Independence and the Immediate Release of Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Remember by Puerto Rico getting its Independence is going to be able to sign Free Commerce Treatises with USA and any other Nation in the World and Continue to be a Free Independent, Sovereign and Democratic Nation, not like Cuba that is Communist and Venezuela that is Socialist.


  4. The United States government needs to release the death grip it has on Puerto Rico! Jones Act be damned already, enough is enough!!!


  5. Richard Rodriguez Sr.
    Tengo 84 años y conozco de los gobernadores enviados por EUA para gobernar a Puerto Rico, empesando por el general Miles, Rexfor Guy Togwel y luego un no enviado ya que el mismo es Puertorriqueño RIP Jesus T. Piñeiro, para los años cuarenta (40). Luego en el 1948 en elecciones generales es Luis Muñoz Marín, el primer gobernador electo por el pueblo Puertorriqueño,,, no designado por el Presidente de EUA. Desde que el “Commonwalth” mal traducido como “Estado LIbre Asociado” núnca entendí el termino, ya que ni eramos estado, ni libres y sin asociación con nadie pues la metrópoli era la que tenia el zarten agarrado por el mango. Pero los eñangotados siempre fueron los serviles de los patrones, entiendase los EUA. Siempre hemos sido los consumidores arrestados de los productos que viene de o atravez de la metrópoli. En resumen, núnca creí en ese embeleco que nos atragantaron y no permitieron que siendo ciudadanos de E.U.A. votar en las elecciones Presidenciales de EUA. Para los que divulgaban y creian en el embuste, todavia hay gente que pide que nos sigan pisoteando. i.e. enviennos quien nos gobierne, nosotros no sabemos ni podemos hacerlo. somos mazoquistas, nos gusta que nos maltraten pero que nos sigan dando dadivas, como los ducados de España, atraves de Mexico, Es una vergüenza que ésto nos pase por los políticos que se sirven del pueblo dizque sirviendole al pueblo.


  6. According to the comments herein presented by some people we in Puerto Rico are “JODIDOS”.


  7. Why are the Cubans making our destiny? Can’t the Puertoricans speak for themselfs? Cuba inspired the Venezuelan people to follow in their Government System,how good are they doing? Please do tell….


  8. ¡Este proceso debe tomarles menos de 118 años! ¡Basta ya!


  9. I feel betrayed by the country we have always been faithful to!!! NOT A GOOD FEEL!!!!


  10. tiempos de construir el Movimiento de Salvacion Nacional,con un programa politico,economico,cultural,religioso,legal que represente todos los sectores de boriken! no mas excusas de intereseses partidistas y coloristas!


  11. tiempos ya de creacion de un Frente de Salvacion Nacional,con programa economico,politico,cultural,religioso,legal y conformado por todas las Corrientes anti-colonials del pais.Dale borinken que no te para nadie!

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  12. Greetings:
    It seems to me that everyone is overlookoing 3 very important things.

    1. For any mediator’s initiative to have any hope of success; it needs the consent and cooperation of all parties envolved.
    2. The US government do NOT recognize UN jurisdiction over the Puertorrican issue; because, it is considered to de a domestic affair subject. Thus, the US will never accept any foreign mediator to “solve” the Puertorrican political status.
    3. The US have “VETO” power over any measure under UN consideration. Thus, any resolution presented in regard to Puerto Rico will be vetoed by the US.

    People, the US is not done with Puerto Rico and the Puertorricans. In order to succed in change, a serious federal constitutional crisis must be created and provoked; but, it have to be semething that is completely and totally incompatible with their system.


  13. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is quite a HOT topic!!!
    “It is also notable, that yesterday’s UNDC resolution on behalf of Puerto Rico was introduced by the Ambassador from Cuba.
    This indicates an active solidarity in the Caribbean region, and it places the US government in the difficult position of “recognizing” the sovereignty of Cuba, while denying that same sovereignty to Puerto Rico.”


  14. Year after year Cuba is the only country that brings voice to the decolonization of Puerto Rico before the UN. Thank you Cuba, we are of a bird the two wings, we are twins of soul and heart, we are one, Puerto Cuba, Cuba Rica! – Asilocreo


  15. So the US will extend the courtesy to Cuba, but not Puerto Rico !!!wow!!!


  16. El reclamo de que Puerto Rico había alcanzado gobierno propio en 1952 ha sido refutado por las decisiones del Tribunal Supremo de EUA, las expresiones del Presidente y las acciones del Congreso. El poder ejecutivo y el poder judicial de EUA han expresado que PR es un territorio en el cual el poder último reside en el Congreso de EUA. El Congreso a su vez hace efectivo ese poder mediante una legislación que le impone al gobierno de PR una Junta supra gubernamental. Sin duda, EUA ha aceptado que PR no tiene gobierno propio ni soberanía nacional.
    En conclusión, Puerto Rico es una colonia como lo define el Derecho Internacional o sigue siendo un Territorio No Autónomo de conformidad con el Capítulo XI de la Carta de las Naciones Unidas. Sea uno o lo otro, el gobierno de EUA, debe aceptar la reconsideración por la Asamblea General de la Resolución 748 de 1953, a la luz de la Resolución 1514 (XV) de 1960 y las 35 resoluciones del Comité de Descolonización.


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