US to cut water monitoring because of Puerto Rico debt

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The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) will no longer monitor water resources in Puerto Rico because the island’s government owes it $2 million.

The USGS will stop operating up to 177 hydrologic stations within two weeks, by July 1. This will affect the monitoring of water quality, and stop the issuance of USGS flood warnings throughout the island.

Flood monitoring is a serious issue in Puerto Rico. In 1998, Hurricane Georges inflicted over $2 billion worth of damage on the island. In 2008, two feet of rain drenched Puerto Rico within a 24-hour period. In April 2016, severe flooding left several highly-populated areas under four feet of water.


The USGS is a part of the US federal government…a bureau within the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The federal government is well aware that July 1 is the deadline, for Puerto Rico to pay $2 billion in outstanding bond debt.

The USGS insistence on receiving $2 million by July 1, is a blatant effort by the U.S. federal government to prioritize its financial interests over the pension systems of Puerto Rico and the U.S., and the bond creditors of Puerto Rico.

In effect, the U.S. federal government is saying “PAY ME, or your water may become contaminated and floods might smother your island…and we will do nothing about it.”

This is not the action of a friendly or supportive government. 


There is also a blatant hypocrisy at the highest levels of the US Dept. of the Interior.

On April 1, 2016, the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, made a highly-publicized visit to the island.

She visited La Perla and expressed concern for its residents.

She held a press conference to denounce “Republican Financial Control Board legislation,” and to protect “the wildlife of Puerto Rico from private developers.”

She released a written statement, declaring that Puerto Rico must receive “the tools it needs to address the economic crisis, restructure its debt, support reform and enable growth.”

The statement also declared that the Dept. of the Interior, and the entire Obama administration, would bring the “full capabilities of the Executive branch to bear in providing assistance to speed Puerto Rico’s economic recovery.”

Jewell also met with the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico to “discuss progress on environmental and education projects across the island.”

In the end, this was all a hoax…an April Fool joke.

The USGS threats are clearly not “providing assistance and economic recovery.” They are not helping with “environmental and education projects.” They are demanding $2 million, and hijacking the water management system of Puerto Rico, until they get it.

Sally Jewell, the Department of the Interior, and the USGS have openly demanded an immediate payment of $2 million from a Commonwealth government that has no cash reserves, and a crushing debt payment of $2 billion in exactly two weeks.

Otherwise they will allow the island’s water supply to deteriorate, and allow floods to overrun the island…without lifting a finger to prevent it.

This is a disgrace.


Book - 12-10

9 Comments on “US to cut water monitoring because of Puerto Rico debt

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  3. Utilities and sales tax has been raised to 11%, UPR professors have lost part of their retirement after decades of teaching, the revenues from tollways have been sold to outside interests. Just like the beaches and the airport.

    No solution for PR…does this sound like enslavement?? Corruption from US and PR’s own….greed is indeed a deadly sin!!


  4. Is this how the Allmighty USA, treats US CITEZENS,by putting us all in danger, by not monotoring the most essential precious liquid water, is this a life sentence, now we have to expect to die, for the debt that the Island has. Why does the general population have to pay for what incompetent Governments have done. Why must we know have to worry about our drinking water,and the flood warnings. Puertoricans are good enough to fight your wars, and you have the right to kill us all by stupidity, and in difference. The nation speaks of human rights concerning people all over the World, providing clean water so they can survive, and you come with this act of Terrorism, upon your own. It’s disgusting, unspicable, inhumane. Shame on you.


  5. Gold will appear on the Island. It will be on the hands of the people. They will pay the creditors. They will still be linked to the mainland USA but only apply whatever they want to the Island and discard whatever they want. Does that sounds like a step to bring the riches of Porto Rico to the front burner? What I just wrote is possible. When the Obama clown present governor took his position the debt of the island was around 4 billion dollars. Where did the other money went to add a debt of 72 billion dollars?


  6. PR should go for Indian Territory status. PR would have Sovereignty, control of ports, and be still associated with the US. The recent SCOTUS decision made it clear that Indian Territory is a step up from what PR has.


  7. Non Americans get better treatment.
    If you live state side, make sure you vote.One hundred years, no change.
    Humm….make America great again.?
    Folks say anything to get elected
    on both sides.


  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The view is clear now … “THE U.S. GOVERNMENT REVEALS ITS AGENDA” … take what’s left and leave your American citizens in squalor conditions. Sure, pay the debtors, f*ck the Puerto Rican people … after all, “it’s only Chinatown”!!

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  9. This is bullshit. You can give 120 billion dollars to Cuba, but you can’t wait for a water bill.

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