Puerto Rico can re-develop its farming and agriculture

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In 1914, food production and agriculture accounted for 70% of Puerto Rico’s overall economy. Unfortunately most of this belonged to US-owned “centrales.” 

Today the island has a different problem. Puerto Rico imports up to 85% of the food it consumes, and agriculture accounts for only 1% of the island’s economy. But this is changing.

8,000 new acres of coffee and 8,000 acres of avocado were recently planted. Another 30,000 abandoned acres were reclaimed, bringing the available land to nearly 640,000 available acres. 


According to Puerto Rico Secretary of Agriculture, Myrna Comas Pagán, the island could double its local food production within ten years, and can reasonably aim for growing 40% of its own food.




This local produce currently sells through hotels, restaurants and catering companies…but it must also sell in supermarkets.


Café Yaucono is one of the best coffee beans on the planet…but recently, Yaucono was purchased by the Coca Cola corporation, through a subsidiary named PRCR, LLC.

Under its new Coca Cola management, Yaucono beans are now “mixed” and “blended” with third-class beans from other countries, and still sold under the Yaucono label. In this manner, the Puerto Rican product is being cheapened…its reputation is worn away…and the profits from this cheapening and exploitation, are kept by Coca Cola.


This constant cheapening of Puerto Rico, and the off-shoring of corporate profits, does not benefit the island. It is not a good model of economic development for Puerto Rico.


As Puerto Rico begins to recover its agricultural base, the island does not need Roundup Pesticide, Roundup Ready Seeds, or any GMF (genetically modified foods).

Puerto Rico does not need Monsanto as a landlord, or as a “seed consultant.”

It does not need Coca Cola to buy its best coffee crops, and then cheapen them with third-rate “blended beans” from other countries.

Many jobs, farms, and businesses will rise from the agriculture of Puerto Rico…if they keep foreign interests out of it.

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11 Comments on “Puerto Rico can re-develop its farming and agriculture

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  2. Juan makes a good point. How do we engage our people to work for their island? How do we get them to realize that their home is a place that needs work, that needs cultivation? And how do we gain that trust within each other again? Because I’m sure a lot of the disengagement is in the fact that even our own people have exploited each other for political and economical gains that never benefited the workers.


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  4. Finding people to harvest coffee beans in Puerto Rico is almost impossible. The island has the 4th lowest labor participation rate on the planet yet no one wants to work in the fields. If Coco Cola did not buy coffee beans from other countries than the price of a bag of Yaucono would probably be unaffordable to the average Puerto Rican. The exhile of educated people and financial capital is killing the island so disuading the “greedy companies” from investing in PR is not the answer. Look where it got Venezuela.


  5. I have a 10 acre arable piece of land in PR I would like to rent out to some young up and coming, self sustaining, forward thinking , forward acting couple


  6. Keep the greedy companies and the GMOs out of Puerto Rico. The portorricans need to reclaim what is rightful theirs. Enough is enough. We are hard workers and we do not need this greedy people to take over NO MORE, lets reclaim what its ours . Do sell your Patria to the stranger . Want to make a decent living ? Rent the land or the living place for a limited time NEVER SELL YOUR LAND. Keep our land pristine our waters clear and our country beautiful with beautiful flowers and always be proud of been a puertorriqueno pa que lo sepas. We are beautiful people , talented, hard working . Lets keep our land beautiful .Working together we can created a better life for all portorricans involved.Remember the three T’s Trabajando todos tenemos. Working together we all have .


  7. Will love to see the PIP Partido get involved in this movement, of more farming, Solar Energy, Wind, etc.
    They could be the pioneers.
    As a child in Puerto Rico my grandmother had a lemon tree, miniature mango tree, and avocado in her back yard. She also grew herbs. She cook with all these ingredients and also made sweets from coconut and from cherries.
    She did not lived in the country side but rather in the city town.
    Will love to see this again, we have lost a lot.
    We have lost the connection with the earth. Nuestra isla is so beautiful, the earth is so rich.


  8. Sure Puerto Rico, can develop it’s farming and agriculture, only if the hands of the greedy Companies, keep their hands out of the business. The big companies, do not care for the pureness of the products as long as they can get a big profit off it. That dream will be accomplish, only with companies that takes pride in the purity and goodness of their products. But , how many people are willing to work the land ? In this present time, the people has been so –spoiled — that they can get anything they need in the –Supermarkets, without dirtying their hands. I pray, that the situation in P.R. gets better and the ISLAND, re-surface to a better future, for at this time that is an uncertainty .

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