FORBES editorial recommends…garnish the pensions of every politician in Puerto Rico

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Forbes is a US business magazine. It publishes the “Forbes 400” list of the world’s richest people, and the Forbes list of the largest international companies. Their motto is “Forbesthe Capitalist Tool.”

In short, they service and represent the financial interests of Wall Street. They are NOT a friend of Puerto Rico. And yet recently, Forbes published an idea that makes sense…

To place a garnish on every politician’s pension in Puerto Rico.


There is an old Puerto Rican saying…“once the musician is paid, they don’t play so well.”

This common-sense principle should be applied to every member of the PPD and the PNP who has been elected to anything, for the past 50 years.

The arrival of a Financial Control Board in Puerto Rico is a clear indication that the politicians have been failing in their job, lining their pockets, and robbing their own people.

Therefore…before teachers lose their pensions…before any government worker loses their pension, the politicians should all have their pensions placed into an escrow account.

They should be the first ones to lose their pensions, before anyone else on the island.

The first reaction will probably be this one:


The politicians will literally fight to recover their pensions.

They will viciously, even violently, blame each other for the chaos in Puerto Rico.

At first it will be PPD versus PNP…but eventually and inexorably, the fight will degenerate until everyone is blaming everyone else.

El Nuevo Dia will run photos like this one, where the Japanese parliament discussed a bill on national pacifism…

Or this vote in Taiwan…where the legislators punched, kicked and tossed each other off the podium…as students sang a patriotic song (see bottom right of photo).

Or this roll call vote, regarding taxes for pre-K education and school lunches.

Notice how Ma Ying-jeou, the Chairman of the Koumintang, continues speaking and counting the votes. 


And so in Puerto Rico, our leaders should lead by example.

Before subjecting the rest of the island to losing their pensions, the politicians should put their own pensions on the line. Let them pay the price, for the poor decisions and outright greed of the past 50 years.

Here is the Forbes magazine article:

I disagree with 99% of the article.

The only point I agree with, is that every elected official in Puerto Rico, for the past 50 years, should have their pension suspended until everyone else’s pension is safe, and until the minimum wage is at least $10 an hour, for everyone on the island.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:

7 Comments on “FORBES editorial recommends…garnish the pensions of every politician in Puerto Rico

  1. Today Sun. May 29, 2016,
    “The Guardian” (internet), has an amazing article called:
    “Puerto Rico’s Born-Again Farmers Dig for Victor in Island’s Debt Battle”
    By Richard Luscombe
    The article is about the revival of farming in Puerto Rico.
    Please read it and Please Support Our Local


  2. This make sense since its their fault they should be by he first ones to pay. They should also be paid minimum wage lik3vaverone else. We can also apply the three months probation if they dont do a good job off they go and bring a new candidate.

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  3. I would go even further…

    I would retro-spectively research EVERY politician, corporate “titan”, financial “mogul”, industrial “goliath” in the history of Puerto Rico who has colluded with every greedy corporate maggot-swarm that has arrived on the Island to abscond, confiscate, steal, and “re-appropriate” lands, businesses or revenue-producing enterprises since 1898.

    The list would be extensive no doubt. But given the high priority the Islanders have always placed on family name and reputation, I would then publish 3 or 4 generation genealogies of these families to the PRESENT day to demonstrate EXACTLY how and who the descendants of those dishonest, deceitful, duplicitous “antepasados” are today and how they dance through life on the skeletons of those who their ancestors robbed decades ago.

    To be certain, the “Who’s Who” of Puerto Rico’s “familias mas finas” would be INFESTED with these less-than-honest vultures who sold-out their own Island, people and culture for shinier luxury cars, more designer gowns from Paris and pent-houses in Madrid.

    Only THEN, would you SEE the level of accountability on the Island RISE like the temperature inside of J-Low’s cheeta-print leotard at the Puerto Rican Day parade next month on 5th Avenue as she bumps and grinds under limbo-sticks misrepresenting our culture yet again, to the beat of MADE-IN-KOREA “authentic” voo-doo drums

    The sins of the past should never visit the children, but in this deplorable situation, exposing the disgraceful “patricians” who stepped-on the faces of their brothers and sisters to gain advantage for themselves is a must. No doubt, many of today’s most prominent families would bow their heads in shames (if they have any “verguenza” at all) to see their family names on that list.

    And this list would certainly do more for exposing the sins of the past that brought us to the sins of the present a LOT more than any specious list of generic 1-size-fits-nadie American media “La Tinos” who accomplished X, Y or Z that you can find any day in any of the allegedly “progressive” internet rags like the Huffington Post, Daily Kos or Salon.

    Yes, THEN garnish their foundations, LLC, trusts and STILL lucrative enterprises…it’s the least they can do for the Island that has nourished their bank-books for a century!


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