SHARE THIS VIDEO…the TRUTH about Puerto Rico!

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For over a century, many lies have been published about Puerto Rico. These lies have intensified over the past six months.

Now finally, we have a video that tells the TRUTH about Puerto Rico…the US…and the abusive relationship between the two. The video is in English and Spanish, and you can view them both here…


The current $72 billion “debt” of Puerto Rico is a complete fraud. US corporations derive an annual $35 billion in profits from Puerto Rico. In addition, the Jones Act has cost the island billions of dollars a year, every year, since 1920.

The two videos make this abusive relationship clear.

They also show how several dozen vulture funds are trying to “privatize” the entire island economy, and turn it into a giant cash machine.

Here is the video in English: 

Here is the video in Spanish:  


This video was produced by the PPT party.

I believe that Maria de Lourdes Santiago is the best candidate for governor of Puerto Rico.

I especially disagree with the PPT, who insist on removing the status issue from their political platform. This is politically, economically, and logically impossible, since all of the larger issues (the Jones Act, the Financial Control Board, the lack of bankruptcy powers, the lack of international trade authority, the vulture fund invasion, the economic chaos in Puerto Rico) are a direct result of the colonial relationship.

None of these issues can be resolved, until that colonial relationship is ended.

However, I must give credit where it is due.

This video shows the truth about Puerto Rico in 2016…it was produced by the PPT…and I urge you to share this video, with everyone you know.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:

7 Comments on “SHARE THIS VIDEO…the TRUTH about Puerto Rico!

  1. How is it that I’ve been knowing this since 2002 when I was living on the island while Dios Calderon was the Dict oops Governor. Puerto Rico’s flaw was to turns it’s head to the realization of what the Nationalists Movement was. The Nationalists weren’t against American relationship, they were and still are for the prosperity of the Island and it’s people. Fair Trade, and fair earnings for a days work. Más sin embargo cuando los otros partidos negavan trabajo si no te vendías.
    Yo pasé casi tres años trabajando por $25.00 Diario des de las 6am – 4:30pm Y “Cuando” Me daban trabajo. Mientras los chulos de Sila Calderón tenían sus buen trabajs Casa, Carros, y terrenos. Y mira adónde estasmo por los Dos Especial Interest Partidos!
    El Ameicano no piece sigue con el poder que tiene.
    Todos esos Gobernadoes y acoplases que han robado millones durante sus asientos políticos TIENEN Que ser revueltos a Puerto Rico a ser tratados por sus crímenes sobre las isla de Puerto Rico vía warrantes a donde sea que esten. Sin eso no podemos poner nuestra isla en orden para perjudicar a otro las cual los merecen Los Tiranos del los hedge funds y interesados Especial “SPECIAL INTEREST Groups

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  2. I seem to recal that when Puerto Rico was doing dell and had many pharmaceutical firms and Other US. Companies doing business on the Island the US Government wanted to make it the 51’s State
    After all they were making very good money. Besides that they used the small Island of Vieques to play war games with live ammuniton. If there was an attack on the mainland the easiest route would be through Puerto Rico. That is the reason they were so scared when missiles were snuck in through Cuba.


  3. The PPT did not remove the status issue from their political platform. The colonial status of Puerto Rico is a major problem that needs to be resolved through a binding process. What the PPT has consistently stated is that the elections are not plebiscitary. Nevertheless, the two parties that have alternated in the administration have successfully adopted policies against the majorities in Puerto Rico and in every election cycle they resort to the status issue to divide the electorate into the elections status trap. We need to address the status in a separate parallel process. The PPT however insists that there are other pressing issues that cannot wait until the status is resolved to deal with them and start changing the fate of the working people -workers, unemployed, underemployed, jobless, retired, professionals and small businesses. Those issues include universal healthcare, education, measures for sustainable economic development, environmental protections, housing, living wage, and an universal retirement plant among others.


  4. Shared, shared away in all the possible ways I can …. social media, blogging! Good one … the urgency is so very present!

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  5. The situation is immoral and unethical. The US Government has put Puerto Rico in a “catch 22” situation. There is no way to win without enormous changes which must come, or Puerto Rico will cease to exist. If pushed far enough, there will be a revolution as in Cuba when the citizens can stand no more. The age of colonies is over…

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Here it is: the truth about Puerto Rico! Please, stop & watch the videos … Both in English & Spanish! The colonialism in Puerto Rico has to end!!


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