Donald Trump riot in Albuquerque and Financial Control Board in Puerto Rico: the state of Latinos in the US

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Smoke grenades, pepper spray and mounted police officers were used to combat the protesters who rioted outside a Trump rally in Albuquerque, NM, last night.

Today, a US congressional committee votes to finalize a Financial Control Board, which will rule over the economy and government of Puerto Rico. These two events show the true condition of Latinos in the US.


Donald Trump threatens Mexicans and yells “build a wall!”

At the same time, a pack of US congressmen is building a wall around Puerto Rico, in the House Committee on Natural Resources. This committee is voting today on HR 5278, also known as the PROMESA bill, which places Puerto Rico under the complete control of a seven-member “Financial Control Board.”

Here is the entirety of the HR 5278 bill, all 148 pages if it:

HR 5278 does all of the following:

  • authorizes the Board to receive “gifts” of money, jewelry, and real estate
  • reduces the minimum wage to $4.25, for anyone aged 19-24 who starts a new job
  • places all public pensions (including teachers) at risk of being eliminated
  • places all bankruptcy decisions in the hands of the Control Board
  • makes the Board a collection agency for the hedge funds / vulture funds
  • every law, and every public budget, must be approved by the Board

HR 5278 does none of the following:

  • create any jobs
  • eliminate or reform the Jones Act
  • reduce any taxes, electrical rates, or water rates
  • provide an economic development plan for the island
  • enable Puerto Rico to negotiate its own international trade agreements
  • require billionaires and foreign corporations, who pay no taxes for 20 years under Act 20 and Act 22, to re-invest any of their profits in Puerto Rico
  • provide Act 20 and Act 22 tax benefits to small business persons from Puerto Rico
  • create any incentives or opportunities for Puerto Rican farmers
  • support any wind, water, or solar energy projects

After five months of congressional wrangling, this PROMESA bill still faces stiff opposition in Washington, Puerto Rico, New York, and Orlando FL:


Anne Coulter writes an anti-Latino book titled Adios, America and it becomes an immediate NY Times best-seller.

Donald Trump bashes Mexicans and immigrants, and wins the GOP nomination.

A Puerto Rican is murdered in Milwaukee for speaking Spanish to his son.

Another Puerto Rican wins the Powerball, and the internet explodes with racism.

And now, the US congress imposes a Financial Control Board on the island of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is being turned into an island of beggars and billionaires…owned by absentee landlords, drained by vulture funds, fought over by lawyers, and clerked by politicians.

The US Congress calls this “PROMESA” for Puerto Rico.

But all over the US – from Albuquerque to San Juan – this “promesa” is clearly a lie.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:

6 Comments on “Donald Trump riot in Albuquerque and Financial Control Board in Puerto Rico: the state of Latinos in the US

  1. is called in fear of a black & brown planet. the white evil race are getting weak they wanna kill us because they know that they are not Gods chosen .we are the .12tribes of israel. this land belongs to thee mexicans and my african people for building this country period. america is property of the native american indians. God says times up white america they have failed my Lord & and Savior Jresus Christ as humans and they will be punished for it
    like i said you cant erase 400yrs of slavery karma is a bad bad thing . que dios me los bendigas en el nombre del Jesu Cristo Amen!!!


  2. We are living in a world where reality, as programs and entertainment, really, have nothing to do with life and reality.
    A Billionaire and Entertainer as Trump is,, uses stereotypes to win an election of Presidency that he is not prepared for.
    What we are seeing Mr.Trump do, is distort reality and bring out prejudices.
    What we are seeing in the Trump Rallies is the Ugly Side Of US.
    what we are seeing is

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  3. Puerto RICANS, Mexicans and blacks build this country the white man dont work they just have what we call the white privliage. the white america gets rich of our people. my negros. here is an example sports. the nba nfl college sports mlb entertainment ect.if it wasnt for my negros the white man would be suffering. they love going to santo domingo pr venezuela to find ball players to get rich . we must fight for freedom fight for Jesus or die. we are Gods chosen not the white man we are the 12tribes of israel. america is big trouble with Jesus Christ for going against his will now they must pay the price .smerica is the most evil place on Gods earth .the white race has failed Jesus as humans .fight the power or die we are at war with white america but god will defeat them they are the enemy . God bless all my black and brown people in the name of Jesus Christ.


  4. The REAL “Pirates of the Caribbean”, just without the monkey and eye make-up.

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  5. You make many valid and salient points, but you left out a few MAJOR differences between Puerto Rico and Mexico:

    1…Puerto Ricans have been US citizens (albeit 3rd class) for a CENTURY when the US IMPOSED “citizenship” on us with no discussion involving the Insular residents or the Spain’s colonial government. NOTE: This was Pre-West-Side-Story Days before any of our “celebrities” had agreed to sing and dance on NYC ghetto roof-tops about “Everything Free in America”.

    2…Puerto Ricans have died, been maimed and PTSD’d in WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraqi Wars and in every US Middle Eastern oil-grab. My own family tree is peppered with empty leaves that don’t wave on my computer screen, where a LIVE family member once existed (Medina, Zamot, Rivera, Butler, Abramssen, VonKupferschein, Susoni, Bayonet, Chaves, Uffizi, Hernandes, Oliver, O’Ferran, Duran, Reyes, Fuertes, Lamborghini, Santini…to name a few (that I know about).

    3…Puerto Rico was in the process of finalizing an Insular-Ibero arrangement of autonomy from Spain, when the US INVADED it in 1898 to declare it a “protectorate”…but we STILL have never been told what we were to be “protected from”. Perhaps it was the impending invasion from Atlantis? The Chupacabra Armies? J-Low’s sequins, spanx and blonde wigs? Extra-Terrestrials from Uranus? The Jets from West Side Story? The Invasion of the Love Boat Armada? Nuyoricans wearing thongs and bikinis made of shreds of the Puerto Rican flag screaming “Soy Boricua, Mami”?

    4. As of this writing (but that could change), ILLEGALS from Mexico are not US citizens and can’t vote in US presidential elections….ohhhhhhhhhhh, but wait, we CANNOT vote in US presidential elections either! So perhaps we do have a lot in common with ILLEGALS from Mexico sneaking into the US under a barbed-wire fence…except of course when it comes to our USA-issued passports and our ability to bury our military dead in US National Cemeteries with 21-Gun Salutes gratuitously shot over their dead bodies and of course when our grieving families receive a MADE-IN-KOREA “authentic” triangle-folded “American” flag compliments of the latest Panderer-in-Chief in Washington, DC.

    5. Puerto Ricans have an abundance of Ivy-League-educated scoundrels “brincando y saltando” in vegigante papier-mache masks at election time promising a “pastel” in every pot, while Mexicans have low-riders, 12 y/o Virgin Beauty Queen Contests in El Segundo and Tattoos of La Guadalupe on their asses.

    So I guess there really is no need to build a wall around Puerto Rico. We already live in an economic, political and psychological cage and despite all our botox-smiling Miss Universe winners, our bondage has become so familiar that we just don’t hear the rattling of our cosmic chains anymore.

    Cuba Part 2 with an American flag flying over it and not so many 1950s “Chebby Cabs”?

    The vagaries of rancid, rotted “politica” is the curse of the Caribbean. Maybe Johnny Depp and his monkey can save us?

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Puerto Rico is being turned into an island of beggars and billionaires…owned by absentee landlords, drained by vulture funds, fought over by lawyers, and clerked by politicians.
    The US Congress calls this “PROMESA” for Puerto Rico.
    But all over the US – from Albuquerque to San Juan – this “promesa” is clearly a lie.” Here you have it … hypocrisy at its best!! The American way ???


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