Clinton leaves Oscar López Rivera in the Twilight Zone

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Bill Clinton is campaigning for his wife in Puerto Rico. So far, he has not explained why he cut IRS 936 in 1996, while he was President of the US. This decision cost over 100,000 jobs in Puerto Rico, when IRS 936 was phased out in 2006. 

Clinton also failed to clarify his intentions regarding Oscar López Rivera.

Clinton stated that he would not advise Hillary “one way or the other” regarding Oscar López Rivera…that the freedom of Oscar López Rivera would be “her decision” and “her choice.”!QWZOM9PZQ72Lk/

Apparently, even when they’re pandering for Puerto Rican votes, the Clintons are unwilling to make a commitment that might “lose some white votes” back on the mainland.


The lack of Clinton clarity is unfortunate…because they have a lot of explaining to do.

  1. Why did they cut IRS 936 and kill over 100,000 Puerto Rican jobs?
  2. When Clinton made the deal to cut IRS 936, did he know that he was going to completely ruin the Puerto Rican economy? 
  3. Why did Clinton reduce so many welfare benefits in 1996? Was it just to get re-elected? 
  4. Why did Clinton pass such harsh drug laws? 
  5. Why are they keeping Oscar López Rivera in the Twilight Zone?


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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5 Comments on “Clinton leaves Oscar López Rivera in the Twilight Zone

  1. The biggest question is Why the Clintons refuse to admit that Puerto Rico is a colony and that the island is under a colonial relationship. Bernie Sanders admited recently that Puerto Rico is a colony and it is being treated as such by the US, this was the first time a US presidential candidate told the truth.

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  2. PS: Mrs Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State – Published Book called “Hard Choices”.
    And the Female Activist that was Murder is Berta Caceres, a Honduran Indigenous Rights and Environmental Activists.

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  3. Mr. Bill Clinton (Democrate running for President) cut 936 because He wanted to become President and was facing an all Republican Congress-
    By doing this He got the Support (of very Powerful Individuals) in the Republican Congress!
    This action was done for the benefit and interest of US not Puerto Rico, if not they would had worked to replaced it. Replaced it with a program that would stimulate the economy and created jobs.
    Futher more there is a controversy with Mrs Hillary Clinton Personal Cellular Phone (Phone calls) and a Famous Female South America Activist that was Murder several months ago!
    Also Mrs Hillary Clinton Autobiography has very interesting facts an admissions on her involvement in some South America country civil wars.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO” …. indeed!! They are all very fluent in “double talk”! It’s up to Puerto Ricans to educate themselves and see through the lies!!
    #SavePuertoRico … #StandUpForPuertoRico …


  5. The author states…

    …”Apparently, even when they’re pandering for Puerto Rican votes, the Clintons are unwilling to make a commitment that might “lose some white votes” back on the mainland.”…


    I guess all the Island’s blanquitos have been abducted by UFO’s again?
    Or maybe the Chupacabras have eaten them all up.

    Typical cheap racist, anti-white clap-trap from people (our OWN people, no less) that know better, but just can’t pass-up the anti-white card, even when that card is shoved up their ass.

    No fan of Billary here (or of El Trumpo), but even less of a fan of racist anti-white BS in such a “rebellious” internet venue.
    Se deben de abochornar ya con esos comentarios de calle.

    What a disappointment. NPR has a place waiting for you always…at the “All La Tinos are the same cubicle” (next to the “La Tino/a/x” toilet stall.

    It is apparent that someone at L/R has been drinking the generic “La Tino” Kewl-Aid again.

    I guess my great-grand-uncle Estevan Antonio Fuertes (who founded the College of Engineering at Cornell University in the late 1800s) just “thought” he was white.

    And HIS son the world-famous ornithologist, Louiss Agassiz Fuertes, might take issue with your anti-white commentary too.
    But what would he know…he didn’t get his Puerto Rican sensibilities in the ghettoes of NYC or at NPR either.

    I have higher expectations from L/R…perhaps I should lower them.


    “White” is a demographically descriptive term, just as “Black” and “Hispanic” and “Latino.”

    The term is used by the US Census:

    As well as the Pew Center for Research, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, and every nearly demographer, sociologist and university in this country.

    If you feel the usage of the word “White” is somehow racist or “anti-white,” please argue the matter with the above institutions.

    –Nelson Denis

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