Puerto Rico must be declared a U.S. COLONY by the United Nations

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Under Chapter XI, Article 73 (b) of the U.N. charter, the United States is obligated to the following, with respect to Puerto Rico:

 73 (b)
“To develop self-government, to take due account of the political aspirations of the peoples, and to assist them in the progressive development of their free political institutions, according to the particular circumstances of each territory and its peoples and their varying stages of advancement.” 

But this applies ONLY if Puerto Rico is a “non-self-governing territory.”

Thanks to the so-called “Commonwealth” status created in 1952, the US alleged that Puerto Rico was no longer a “colony” nor a “territory” of the US…and the UN went along with it.  

In their 459th plenary meeting on November 27, 1953, the U.N. declared that Puerto Rico was no longer a “Non-Self-Governing Territory,” but rather an “autonomous political entity” with “political sovereignty.” 

Here is the U.N. declaration. The key language is found in paragraphs 5 and 6.


But all of that ended in December 2015 and January 2016.


During those months, in the Supreme Court case of Puerto Rico v. Sánchez Valle, the Obama administration filed papers and testified that, from 1898 until today, Puerto Rico has been and continues to be, a DEPENDANT TERRITORIAL POSSESSION of the US.



In other words, the President of the United States and the US federal government have gone on record, stating that Puerto Rico is a COLONY of the US.

This is a clear and specific repudiation of the November 27, 1953 declaration of the UN.

No doubt, the US Supreme Court will try to have it both ways. They will resolve the Sánchez Valle double jeopardy issues in favor of the Obama administration…yet allege that Puerto Rico is still an “autonomous” and “sovereign” nation.

This political double-talk is nakedly transparent.


The imposition of a Financial Control Board over Puerto Rico, with veto power over every law and every budget submitted by the so-called “Commonwealth” government, will soon remove any vestige of “autonomy” or “self-government” in Puerto Rico.

The Sánchez Valle language of the Obama administration, and the de facto dictatorship of the Financial Control Board, prove that the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government, and the Supremacy and Territorial clauses of the U.S. Constitution, all agree that Puerto Rico is a TERRITORIAL POSSESSION of the U.S.

In other words, a COLONY.

Therefore, Puerto Rico must be placed on the U.N. list of non-self-governing territories.

The world is beginning to see this.

The Conferencia Permanente de Partidos Políticos de América Latina (COPPAL) is an international human rights organization. Its members represent 62 political parties and 29 nations, from all around the world.


Last week, at its annual conference, COPPAL demanded that the U.N. recognize the colonial status of Puerto Rico.

COPPAL also demanded that the U.S. put an end to this status.


It is too late for political double-talk. No one is being fooled by it.  

Unless the US ends its colonial regime in Puerto Rico, it will lose its moral authority throughout the world, as a defender of “freedom and democracy.”


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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9 Comments on “Puerto Rico must be declared a U.S. COLONY by the United Nations

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  3. Dr. Rx…a couple of things:

    1. What way would you suggest?

    2. The United Nations is the only forum left. Perhaps the World Court?

    3. The American bought-and-sold, non-representative, corporate-owned “scam-leadership” has consistently repeated that it has no interest in hearing from its “concubine”……errrrrrrrrrrr, I mean….. “commonwealth” in the Caribbean. Additionally, the Wall Street slave-masters of Congress and the White House have spoken and their message is…

    “keep dancing under your red, white and blue limbo-stick for the drunken American and Japanese tourists and fill our hotels, resorts, golf-courses, casinos, chain restaurants, fast-food drive-ups and buy our luxury multi-million condominiums and gated mansions, and don’t trouble us with your problems of unemployment, job-exodus, manufacturer-closings, pharmaceutical-off-shoring, school closings, hospital closings and Zika Viras issues”.

    I empathize completely with your sentiments, but at this point, I think concrete suggestions are in order. And that is why I EXPLODE when I see Insular politicians air-kissing and hugging smarmy US-Mainland political hacks, as if a CENTURY of abuse hasn’t spoken more clearly enough to the people of Puerto Rico that their flowery “me-love-you-long-time” lies of these shameless American political whores. Instead of demanding that Puerto Rico’s affairs be recognized as fully bona-fide ones worthy of attentiion, they are just regarded as inconvenient issues of inconvenient NON-voters.

    And “no” I am not suggesting that we shoot-up Congress again. That didn’t work out too well for us and all it did was to reduce the already-degraded and demeaned mass-media-perpetuated Puerto Rico public and international persona to the level of a 3rd rate guerrilla/gorilla banana-republic angry because Uncle Sam didn’t toss enough coins into San Juan Harbor for our loin-clothed “natives” to dive into the water for.

    The Puerto Rican Parade is a couple of weeks away (June 12th). Ideally, it would be a great venue for making the world aware of the 2 major issues I cited above. Unfortunately the “promoters” of that orgy of bad-taste, blatant Goya bean and Banco Popular “outreach” to fake-Tainos in Apache War Paint doing Hopi Rain Dances from Newark and limbo-dancing fools in head-rags has been hi-jacked by garbage ghetto culture, so I don’t expect anything resembling political awareness to rise above the level of a discarded thong made from shreds of the flag of Puerto Rico found in a 5th Avenue garbage can.

    Again, I empathize with your sentiments, but I hold very little hope that the Insular leadership is up to the task of governing EVEN a bowl of dead coqui frogs.

    Y eso que ‘stoy aguantando mi “critica”.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Double talk … “Thanks to the so-called “Commonwealth” status created in 1952, the US alleged that Puerto Rico was no longer a “colony” nor a “territory” of the US…and the UN went along with it.”

    Acknowledge reality, be truthful and get things done the correct/just way!!


  5. In the meantime, the 50 states should continue to be a colony of Puerto Rico.


  6. A couple of things…

    1. Much of this information is either unknown to the faux-leadership on the Island or historically this “leadership” is guilty (for decades at this point) of ignoring it and keeping it from the Insular population and certainly not bringing it up for discussion whenever any plebiscites were held.

    2. If in fact, this information has been kept from the insular population, the “leadership” should be hanged for treason on the roof of La Fortaleza so that the tourists on cruise ships sailing-by while doing what they believe is our “native dance” under limbo-sticks on the Promenade deck, can observe the hangings and report them to the world.

    3. Obama (who I regrettably voted for twice) is the duplicitous, deceitful, dishonest Uncle Tom he has always been and his contempt for Hispanic-cultured people stretches back to his “community organizer” days in Chicago ghettoes when he refused to reach-out to the HUGE Hispanic-cultured demographics…except of course, for the predictable coterie of Tio Tacos he surrounds himself with today, i.e.:

    ***Thomas Perez………a bowing and shuffling Dominican with a long history of political lap-sitting and face-licking
    ***Ken Salazar………….who couldn’t get through the Taco Bell drive-up menu without a translator
    ***Julian Castro………..Jacqueline Kennedy spoke MORE Spanish than this grinning dwarf refugee from a Tijuana circus
    ***Hilda Solis……………another generic do-nothing “La Tina/chicana” democratic party maggot
    ***Sonia Sotomayor…..when she’s not too busy appearing on Sesame Street dancing with Big Bird

    4. So it comes as no surprise that Obama has for EIGHT years turned a deaf ear to Insular leadership’s numerous attempts to discuss the Island’s status, while he spent more time with Beyonce, Oprah and Tiger Woods on golf-carts or sailing off Martha’ Vineyard.

    5. And so…AGAIN, I strongly suggest the bought-and-sold “leadership” take Puerto Rico’s case to the United Nations. YOU are the systemic problem that has paralyzed the Insular population all these years in its chronic stupor of…”y que tu quiere que yo haga” passivity.

    6. Or the Island can just be declared officially what it has been for over a century…the hemisphere’s OLDEST colony!

    7. And none of the Island’s residents should hold any hope that Billary or El Trumpo will do anything about Puerto Rico’s unresolved political status…they are well aware that the Island’s almost FOUR MILLION residents have not been permitted to vote in a Presidential election in a CENTURY and they have no intention of taking-on that house of political (and marked) cards EVER during their “presidency”.

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  7. U.S. Treats Puerto Rico like babies. They give Puerto Rico candy to suck on. And when they feel like it they yank the candy back. U.S. Mentality this also is mines– aka 1898 war booty.


  8. How can I get this information in spanish, how come there’s no changing language on this webpage, how come those that America blind in the island will understand this if this information you sharing with us isn’t in Spanish

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