Hillary Clinton Discovers, and Lies, to Puerto Rico

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Hillary Clinton just issued her first and only “policy statement” regarding Puerto Rico. In 376 words, she said practically nothing but conveyed one great point: that Clinton cares very little about Puerto Rico.

The entirety of her policy statement appears here…


I can save you a little time. Here is the meat of the Clinton policy:

            1.   Congress should extend bankruptcy rights to Puerto Rico

            2.  Puerto Rico should get more Medicaid and Medicare

            3.  Puerto Rico should hold another status referendum

This is what is known as Hispandering.


Clinton has accepted nearly $1 million in campaign funds from the hedge funds that are operating in Puerto Rico, and opposing Chapter 9 for the island.

She also knows that no one – neither Congress nor the next president – will want to implode a municipal bond industry which, at $3.7 trillion annually, represents 22% of the $17 trillion US economy. 50 states re-negotiating and re-pricing 22% of the US economy, all at the same time, would be a capitalist disaster and Clinton knows it.

For this reason, Puerto Rico will not suddenly and abruptly receive any Chapter 9 powers. Clinton knows it…but she’s not telling us. She’d rather blame the Republicans.


Medicaid and Medicare benefits are important, particularly in a vulnerable and chaotic economy. But Clinton is not addressing health care costs, health insurance abuses, or pharmaceutical company price gouging. Why? Because Clinton is receiving contributions from the AMA, the insurance industry, and big pharma.

Clinton prefers to wave “benefits” like a carrot on a stick, rather than reform the industry itself. The burden on taxpayers, and the continued dependency of Puerto Ricans on the federal government, does not concern her.

What does concern her, is making sure that Puerto Ricans can continue to buy pills, and meet their premium payments to the insurance companies…all paid by the US taxpayer.


Politically: five US states will not happily give up a congressional seat, to make way for five Puerto Rican congresspersons.

Economically: Wall Street will not abandon triple tax-exempt bonds. Vulture funds will not relinquish their “public private partnership” racket. The Jacksonville, FL labor unions; the big three shipping companies (Crowley, Sea Star, Horizon); US automakers; and all the consumer goods corporations (Monsanto, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, etc.) will not loosen their lucrative stranglehold on the Puerto Rican economy via the Jones Act.

Sociologically: Ann Coulter writes Adios America and it’s an instant #1 New York Times Bestseller. Trump bashes Latino immigrants and wins the Republican party nomination. A Puerto Rican wins the Powerball, and the internet explodes with racist invective.

On all these levels, the opposition to Puerto Rican statehood is deeply entrenched. Clinton knows that congress will not concede Puerto Rico the “statehood” status for a very long time, and certainly not during her White House tenure. Therefore, her “status referendum” is an electoral sham.


After 118 years, Puerto Ricans have few expectations from US politicians.

But at the very least, even as they lie to us, they should not be so obvious and heavy-handed about it. The Clinton “Policy for Puerto Rico” is an insult to the intelligence.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com


24 Comments on “Hillary Clinton Discovers, and Lies, to Puerto Rico

  1. yes i am from the ghetto so wat you saying uncle tom. and yes im very educated.donald chump has a third grade education and look where he at. wats yur point. i get to my point. listen to myron fagon and learn about americas plan.its our time and thats dat. black and brown jews Gods Chosen.the12tribes of israel.apprende algo papa!! times up white amerika.carma is a bitch.


  2. @ Thoughts about Presidential candidate Clinton from a Sanders fan…

    Thank you for introducing me to a new word “inputation”…the rest of it, not so much.

    P.S. I am also a Bernie supporter, campaigner and donor…however if Billary is the DEM candidate, on November 9th, I will:

    1. Vote for Trump…or
    2. Write-in Bernie’s name…or
    3. Not Vote…or
    4. Rake leaves in the yard…or
    5. Plan our family’s Thanksgiving dinner menu with our dog, Clementine…or
    6. Bring my family to Puerto Rico to spend money and actually DO something to help the Island economy…or
    7. Do some combination of the above

    NOTE…”Imputation” is the attributing of actions to a source: often, imputation involves actions that are criminal. Imputation takes words or actions and ties them to a person or a cause. An imputation is when you say “He did it!” Imputations are therefore similar to accusations.


  3. Thoughts about Presidential candidate Clinton from a Sanders fan.

    I am not a Clinton supporter, but stillI do not agree with the inputation that Clinton does care about PR, will not do anything to help PR resolve it’s problems. ..none of it is reflected In her words. If anything, her words reflect a lot of thinking, consideration and reflexion on the PR problem and causes for it.

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  4. @ Maria…thanks for posting that reminder.

    Too many Americans (including Puerto Ricans on the US Mainland) are getting dizzy from hitting their own heads waving their Hillary plastic MADE-IN-KOREA-THANKS-TO-NAFTA banderitas.

    And they forget history and that it often repeats itself.
    Thanks again…

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  5. @ “Puerto Rican” Frankie…mi’jo…lo de cafre se te ve a lo’ lejo’ con tus comentarios de calle…but, wait…let me guess what US Mainland ghetto you grew-up in. Never mind, I already know. And BTW, there is no need for 4-letter words and vulgarities. This is a public forum where any and all political and personal opinions are entertained (so far), so try to remember that, the next time you stand on your hind legs and begin to paw at the keyboard with your “boreekwa” babosidades.


  6. Greg has one of the best brief reviews of the PR situation in his first post. Too much adrenaline in his 2nd.


  7. to greg medina. you must be one of those uncle toms .do you really think that ugly bigot son of satan is going to help pr,? he reads and studies hitlers ways. his plan is to erase black and brown because he and evil america know that there time and there race is fading. america will pay Hard for all the sins they committed. like putting in god we trust on a dollar bill. carma is a mother fuka. america has to and will pay for slavery.fuk chump and fuck the white man i will smack any white man for fukin with my people!! the white race has failed the Lord as Humans . listen to byron fagan and he will break down donald cabron and evil america.


  8. To all readers:

    Please listen or read Juan Gonzales, lecture, “Democracy Now” in the Internet

    Mr Juan Gonzalez gave a lecture at New York University called, “How Puerto Rico’s Economic Death Spiral is Tied to Legacy of Colonialism”.
    He gives a clear history, step by step of what happened.

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  9. Wow , reading from these comments make me draw to one conclusion, Puerto Rico should fight for Independence, Republic of Puerto Rico, make their own laws even Bankruptcy Laws and live the struggle to get the economy back up on the Island !! Statehood has become a fantasy, so why remain an Associated State to do worse !!! Puerto Rico could do bad all by itself !!!


  10. Er….most of the Puerto Rico population is really ignorant and blind to what is happening. And will vote for her when our turn to vote in the Dem. primary comes around, all because of the Clinton name. Hell, I agree, it seems even Trump might do more in regards to us than she will. Our best bet is Sanders who has constantly brought up the Puerto Rico issue.

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  11. I’ve come to realization that the average Puerto Rican in the island and in the U S are just as ignorant as the average American believing that a president is going to look out for their best interest .
    Just read the history of the federal reserve and why it was created ,
    We are all slave of a global financial system.


  12. The Puerto Rican do not vote, Hillary cannot act by herself to change PR ‘s status. You also know that Presidents cannot pass laws without the approval of Congress. To me presidents are more or less puppets of Congress. You have seen how this Republican Congress has been against all the ideas that President Obama has instituted. Despite their blockage, the president has done many things for the people. What we need is a new concept the People’ Party. The Republicans and the Democrats are for their party ideals.

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  13. Puerto Rican Frankie….”black and brown”?

    Have you looked at the pictures of any of the Island governors in the last FIVE centuries?
    No “black or brown” there.
    Perhaps you are looking only at the slums of NYC.
    Or maybe you are confusing Puerto Rico with Haiti or Jamaica.

    You certainly are not looking in San Patricio, Hato Rey, Miramar, Old San Juan, Isla Verde, Milaville or in Palmas del Mar and you certainly not referring to Lares, San Sebastian, Quebradillas, Arecibo, Moca, Hatillo, Camuy or MOST of the interior towns.

    And you obviously don’t know that the ENTIRE interior of the Island was EMPTY until the mid-1800s when European immigration flooded the areas of La Cordillera Central when “La Cedula de Gracias” (1815) was enacted which allowed immigration from all European countries as long as the new colonists were:

    1. Catholic (though some converso Jews came too)
    2. Agreed to not foment independence movements or uprisings
    3. Paid very low taxes to Spain
    4. Cultivated the land extensively
    5. Engaged in trade directly from the Island with ANY nation they wanted.

    Slavery did exist in Puerto Rico but it existed on the coastal plains primarIly which were agriculturally lucrative.
    It barely existed in the interior of the Island and when it did it was minimal compared to Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic or places like Brazil.

    And as for Tainos, unless you are one of the “Taino” caciques from Newark, NJ that dance in the Puerto Rican Day Parade every June in NYC wearing suede loin-cloths with peacock feathers sticking out of their asses and dancing under limbo sticks, let me remind you of a few facts:

    1. The Tainos were naked.
    2. They didn’t have suede either because there were NO mammals on the Island to make suede out of.
    3. When the Europeans bought mammals, like pigs, cows, horses, goats, etc. the OVERWHELMING majority of Tainos had already died of diseases in Europe to which they had NO immunity (small pox, chicken pox, measles, mumps, diptheria and even the common cold) to which they had NO immunity.
    4. NO Tainos ever wore peacock feathers either because peacocks didn’t arrive on the Island til the 1950s when the Hilton Hotels brought them for the hotel lobbies and the golf courses.
    5. NO ONE in Puerto Rico has ever danced under limbo sticks unless it was at a Harry Belafonte or Bob Marley high school performance or it was Halloween.

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  15. Her shameless racist policy is more colonialism for Puerto Rico. More dependency, less productivity. Puerto Rico has become an ATM for american polticians who only see the island as a fundraising place full of ignorant spanish speaking serfs.

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  16. racist hillary dont give a flying fuk about puerto rico or our people.but she does talk hard for dem negros. and as well are being manpulated by that white devil. all she want is our vote then she’l say thank you spics and niggers. fuk her fuk america the evil. if we dont fight we will be be slaves once again Wake the Fuk up. america wants to erase black and brown because they know that we are Gods chosen they are not the people of Jesus and those are facts. just look where they want us Living not in the suburbs but with rats and roaches. 118yrs and we are still the worst latinos in ther evil white eyes . black and brown are treated by like animals that are lookin for food and shelter. Wake The Fuk Up nlack and brown.if you dont fight for p.r dont consider yourself my brothers and sisters.i will fight and hit hard. Que viva mi gente boriqua y a la rasa negra! May the Lord Jesus bless you. Byron Fagan breaks down evil americas plan.


  17. I remember when she was campaigning for her scum-bag husband and was in Puerto Rico to meet with the “La Tino” people (eye-roll) and inadvertently said at a press conference that the decision to come to Puerto Rico to represent her husband was a last minute one and that she didn’t have enough time to practice “La Cucaracha, your native dance”!!!

    That IGNORANT comment said all I ever need to know about her and her trailer-trash husband!!

    My expectations today of US Mainland politicians and most Americans is SO low, I would need a bull-dozer to dig it up.

    When I was at Cornell University I was actually asked….

    “When did you ‘Porto-Ricans” stop wearing grass-skirts?”

    If that comment at an IVY LEAGUE school from someone with a PhD in “Latin American Studies” didn’t reveal the level of stupidity about Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans and our collective FIVE centuries of history, NOTHING ever will. Most Americans think that we are just another Jamaica or Haiti with more Pina Colada fountains.

    So this is why I will NEVER understand why Islanders even DARE to meet with Presidential hopefuls when NONE of your sorry asses can vote for the US President! Cojan verguenza ya!!!

    I would LOVE to see the day that NO Island politicians (of ANY political bent) actually REFUSED to meet with any Democrat or Republican presidential candidates. SERIOUSLY!

    Wake-up mi gente!!! Ya es tiempo que se den cuenta que ustedes tienen la significancia (en las cabezitas hueca de casi todos Americanos) de un peo de mosquito en un huracan!

    Seriously…it’s time to get off your knees and take your case for political status to the United Nations….the US will NEVER resolve the mess they made in 1898…NEVER!!!


  18. Yes, the different articles I have read in the Internet and newspapers have stated that Mrs Clinton is receiving campaign donations from the Hedge Funds, attacking Puerto Rico.
    We keep hoping, as a people for the USA and its government, to paid attention and take us seriously. But along the years, the older I get, observing this situation, I am convinced they really do not care. They have the upper hand, full control!!! CONGRESS! Jones Act that can give us some economically relief will be block! They have Full control, milking us! They have all the time in the world! Seat back and watch us fight among ourselves, struggling, school closing, no farming. Send in the FBI and CIA to take DNA samples. Create carpetas. Seat back watching our way of life destroy. Let years go by until Puerto Rico is completely empty of Puerto Ricans and then recreate it the way they want.
    Especially empty of the ones that opposed this unfair system.
    We must come to this realization and take the bull by the balls. (Especially the Bull in Wall Street) They are a very power foe, But We must wake up and take control of our destiny.

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  19. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hispandering …. Did we expect any different??
    “AN INSULT TO THE INTELLIGENCE … After 118 years, Puerto Ricans have few expectations from US politicians.
    But at the very least, even as they lie to us, they should not be so obvious and heavy-handed about it. The Clinton “Policy for Puerto Rico” is an insult to the intelligence.”


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