Governor of Puerto Rico refuses to pay $422 million to Wall Street…and the island DEFAULTS

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In a televised speech, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla announced that Puerto Rico will NOT make the May 1 or May 2 payment of $422 million to Wall Street bondholders.

The governor also denounced “a brutal campaign of racial discrimination and lies” waged by “opponents of the Puerto Rican people” during “the worst fiscal and humanitarian crisis in the history of Puerto Rico.”

Here is a video of the governor’s speech:

The governor insisted that the island must be allowed to re-structure its debt, and ended by telling Puerto Rico that “I will use all my resources to satisfy your needs.”

Since the Commonwealth government is broke, it is unclear what “resources” the governor will use, and what “needs” he expects to satisfy.

The New York Times immediately reported on the governor’s speech.®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

Meanwhile, thousands of people marched in San Juan yesterday (Sunday, May 1) to oppose the US Financial Control Board.


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21 Comments on “Governor of Puerto Rico refuses to pay $422 million to Wall Street…and the island DEFAULTS

  1. Seriously…everytime I look at this guy’s picture, I am reminded of my junior high school debate team rehearsals where we practiced smiling, grimacing, pouting, slamming our fists on the podium and even arching our eye-brows…what a pathetic excuse for a “leader”. This guy couldn’t lead a Kleenex out of a garbage can.


  2. Diallo Amir…”Puerto Rican” is a race as much as “New Yorker” or “American” are races.

    Not that long ago “Irish”, “Italian” and “Jewish” were separate race categories on the US Census.

    Stupidity in the US dies a very lonnnnnnnnnng, slowwwwwwwwwwww, agonizing death, even today with a “black” president whose mother is white. Anywhere else on the planet, he would be identified as exactly what he is…a “mixed-race” person, who in the context of ALL the countries in the Western Hemisphere would be more commonly referred to as a “mulato”.

    I don’t think too many Kennedys, Mondales or Bloombergs are crying or wondering if they are White or Eskimo because ignorant bean-counters in Washington, DC told them what their “race” was.

    In Puerto Rico today, here are the racial demographics:

    Black/African-American…………10% +/-
    Mixed-Race………………………….11% +/-
    Asian…………………………………..01% +/-
    White…………………………………..79% +/-

    Now, keep in mind that the US has taken the Census since they stole the Island from Spain in 1898.
    If you research the 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 censuses in Puerto Rico that were conducted by Americans, the census racial categories were:

    “Blanco” = White
    “Negro” = Negro
    “Mul” = Mulatto
    “Col” = Colored

    There was no Native-American or “Indio” category, but some Puerto Ricans, (like many Americans of any racial background) do in fact have N/A ancestry that they may or may not be aware of.

    Also, if you research race in Puerto Rico since the 15th century, you will become aware that the indigenous element was almost immediately eradicated upon the arrival of Europeans on the Island in 1493, due to their lack of immunity to European-born diseases such as smallpox, typhus, cholera, influenza, measles, even syphilis and the common cold.

    However, don’t be shocked when you see “Tainos” from New Jersey at the Puerto Rican Day Parade dancing under limbo-sticks (which we have NEVER done), wearing Apache War-Paint on their faces (which we have NEVER done) or doing Hopi Rain-Dances (which we have NEVER done)…it’s called culture-stealing and being co-opted by revisionist, nativist fantasies.

    Oh, and don’t make me tell you about their suede “taparrabos” (loin-cloths) because the REAL Tainos were naked and there were NO mammals on the Island from which to make these loin-clothes….OH!!! and the Peacock feathers they wear on their butts didn’t arrive on the Island until the 1950s when the hotels began to import Peacocks them for their lobbies and golf-courses.

    So “NO”, Puerto Rican is NOT a race, never has been and never will be, no matter how many deluded Pseudo-Ricans on the US Mainland tell you that it is.


  3. It is so sad to see how Puerto Rico has been used by USA over the years. Once used for target practice, Vieques. Used its citizens for every war. Politicians for endorsments, even president Obama. But when Puerto Rico needs help everyone turns their back. Yet our flag is proudly hail next to the USA flag because despite of it all we stll pledge our allegiance,. We are the forgotten and neglected american citizens.


  4. Puerto Rican is a “race”?? Interesting. How long was it a PLANTATION OF ENSLAVED AFRICANS? A couple years? A decade? A few generations? Now, again I ask ” Puerto Rican is a “race”??


  5. Despues que le ve las bolas dives que ss macho !!!! Ya tu sabia a ado de estoy Iva … Ranted veces te ofrecieron estado y tú qué no y ahora esperas ayuda, somos nosotros los que van a pagar por tu malas decciciones!!! Y usar el ejército nuestros soldados se enlistan sabiendo los riesgos, no uses la carta de racista que no te hace ver solo más ignorante. Tú quieras ser governador pues gobierna deja de apuntar a otras personas en gobiernos pasado si no eres parte de la solución eres parte del problema!!!!!! Ahí en blanco y negro no hay gris. Grow some balls!!!!!


  6. Don’t forget that we are a territory of USA…In another way…we are property of usa.




  8. I heard that Spain wants to help PR. Pay the hole thing or do what congress don’t want to do. Also asking to come back and stay as as a commonwealth and with more rights than what US is giving. Should PR take it?


  9. The only hope for Puerto Rico now is the hope that the Democratic Party wins big. If not the only door left might be Independent s.


  10. That’s what happens when the New Progressive Party leaves a structure that resembles their desires of becoming a state of the union, the United States. NPP spend money like they were already a state. Puerto Rico is a humble island with good people that have been sold out by politicians to Wall Street Banks. The Democratic Popular Party is not to be blamed since this is fluidity of bad judgment and sabotage.

    Eso es lo que sucede cuando el Partido Nuevo Progresista deja una estructura que se asemeja a sus deseos de convertirse en un estado de la unión, los Estados Unidos. PNP gasto dinero como si ya fuera un estado. Puerto Rico es una isla con buena gente humilde que se han vendido a cabo por los políticos a los bancos de Wall Street. El Grupo Popular Democrática no es el culpable ya que esta es la fluidez del mal juicio y sabotaje.


  11. Its a disgrace the United States is holding back to help Puerto Rico. Our money goes around the world but won’t help there own citizens.

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  12. No kidding, that’s not news, That is expected. Now what needs to be done he nor anyone in his political party or the other won’t do.Which is to help the people and not yourselves like all P.R. corrupt politicians have done without impunity. Round up all of the corrupt individuals that have stolen from hundred of thousands and millions of dollars and are right this minute enjoying the High Life. Bring them via warrants to face their crimes and recoup all monies. Also, the hedge funders get 40 cents on the dollar. Open up schools, hospitals , and social services. Like or leave it!

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  13. Dr. Rex…more like “La isla del bochorno”…I have no more patience with the systemic incompetence, nepotism and corruption that put Puerto Rico in this disgraceful situation…NONE! My family on the Island are all hard-working, educated people who live honest lives and they are demoralized, depressed and disgusted beyond description that THIS pathetic excuse for a governor and the MANY that preceded him have disgraced our island…NONE of them deserve this disgrace and embarrassment.

    My family has roots on the Island back to the early 1800s when they arrived on the Island to claw at the soil with their bare hands and crude tools to make their farms and cultivate their “terrenos” and NOT ONE of them will ever understand how this dysfunction in La Fortaleza has gone on for so long and has caused so much damage and I never will either.

    It is truly a very dismal time on the Island and for those of us who live elsewhere and care about our friends and family there. Just unbelievable!


  14. Allahu Akbar

    On Mon, May 2, 2016 at 7:25 AM, WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS wrote:

    > Remy posted: ” In a televised speech, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla > announced that Puerto Rico will NOT make the May 1 or May 2 payment of $422 > million to Wall Street bondholders. The governor also denounced “a brutal > campaign of racial discrimination and l” >


  15. “The governor also denounced “a brutal campaign of racial discrimination and lies”
    Con esa cara blanca???
    Dio’ mio’…cuando el hombre dice jorobarse, no hay nadie que lo ponga derecho.
    Que perdida!
    Una copa de Jello tiene mas potencia.
    That Puerto Rico cannot make this payment is no surprise.
    That this spokes-payaso even dares to claim “racial discrimination” is outrageous!
    He needs to get out of his Spandex jogging shorts and into his big-boy overalls and do his job!


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