The US uses the FBI as a political instrument in Puerto Rico

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The US is using the FBI to prevent the people of Puerto Rico from exercising their First Amendment freedoms of speech, assembly, and public protest.

As of April 21, seventeen independence activists are being forced to “submit their DNA” to the FBI. On December 3, 2015, the FBI arrested ten Puerto Rico government officials and businessmen in a widespread corruption probe. Both of these FBI “investigations” coincide with a Financial Control Board, which will soon be the economic dictator of all Puerto Rico.


This past week, Fox News reported that the FBI is finally “moving closer” to solving a 1979 shooting which may have involved, allegedly, some militant independentistas.

This Fox report arrived precisely at the same moment, that the U.S. Congress is finalizing its PROMESA legislation to create a Financial Control Board over the whole island.


The 25-count indictment on December 3 included extortion, money laundering, wire fraud, and federal program bribery. The ten arrestees were accused of using Puerto Rico – and the Puerto Rican government budget – as their personal ATM for nearly 20 years.

In an FBI press release, the Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Carlos Cases, was quoted at length:

“Unfortunately, this is one more case of graft, greed, and corruption that over the last 20 years have contributed to the government of Puerto Rico’s fragile economic condition, and placed it on the brink of bankruptcy.”


The US press pounced on the news immediately.

As soon as the FBI issued their December 3 press release – on the very same day – Bond Buyer reported that due to the FBI arrests, “U.S. Senators have already voiced skepticism about the ability of Puerto Rico’s government to properly govern the island.”

Bond Buyer further wrote that “if some of Puerto Rico’s leaders were involved with the corruption, that would limit the leaders’ abilities to negotiate on financial issues.”

Then, in loud italic lettering, Bond Buyer trumpeted that: “Today’s arrests may make the U.S. Congress more likely to approve a control board to run Puerto Rico’s affairs.”

With equal enthusiasm, Caribbean News howled that: “the corruption case is a shame for the Puerto Rican government.”


The FBI arrests are no great shock to long-suffering Puerto Ricans…but the timing is highly suspicious. They occur at exactly the moment that a seven-member “Financial Control Board” is being finalized by the U.S. Congress.

They also occur at exactly the moment that the government of Puerto Rico becomes insolvent, and negotiations on Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt enter the brass knuckle phase.

It is also unusual for an FBI agent to convene a press conference, in order to discuss 20 years of Puerto Rican history and the “fragile economic condition” of an entire government.


Over the next few weeks, it will be a good idea to simply “count the news reports.”

Count how many U.S.-based newspapers report the “corrupt political system” in Puerto Rico.

Then count how many of those same papers report on:

  • The closing of hospitals and clinics, even as 700,000 Puerto Ricans contract the Zika virus; or
  • The ransacking of teacher pensions, thanks to the recent privatization of the island’s public school system; or
  • The mass demonstrations by Puerto Rico teachers unions; or
  • Mounting demand for Jones Act reform; or
  • The release of political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera; or
  • The mysterious bottling-up of HR 870 (the Chapter 9 Bankruptcy reform bill) in the House Judiciary Committee for fifteen months; or
  • The “campaign contributions” received Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Andrew Cuomo (millions of dollars) from the same vulture funds that are strangling Puerto Rico; or
  • The multi-million dollar income of Luis Fortuño, as he “legally” auctions off the island infrastructure (highways, schools, water, electrical grid, public housing, beaches and coastal properties) to a frenzy of “P3” operatives; or
  • The 20-year tax evasion of John Paulson and dozens of U.S. billionaires, as they scoop up “distressed properties” all over the island without paying any interest, dividend, or capital gains taxes.


Shame on the U.S. business press, and their paid-for propaganda…

Shame on the PPD and PNP in Puerto Rico, the vulture funds in Wall Street, and the politicians in Washington, D.C. who position themselves to profit from the misery of other human beings…

Shame on all of them.

They think we don’t see them, or the magnitude of what they’re doing. 

They think they can bully and manipulate an entire nation, into embracing the dictatorship of a “Financial Control Board.” 

Increasingly, on the global stage, the USA no longer stands for the United States of America. It stands for the United Sociopaths of America…all grabbing and devouring with no regard for consequence. 

Is it any wonder, that many Puerto Ricans want no part of them?


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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6 Comments on “The US uses the FBI as a political instrument in Puerto Rico

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  2. More Puerto Ricans need to read this important information


  3. Since the invasion of Puert Rico 1898 the island has been surrounded by the United States military power, by land, sea and finally air. Nuclear weapons are constantly going around the island. It makes me wonder did Puerto Rico start WW2? Puerto Rico is nothing but a concentration camp ruled by an evil corrupt greedy empire. The US has been plundering the island for 118 years. They are doing the same thing they did to the American Indian, they will not stop until they have every Puerto Rican out of the island and into reservations ( CASERIOS ). As you notice the F.B.I. In San Juan do not lock up these American invaders because they are nothing but lackeys for them. The corrupt united states political system runs the show. Why do some people still think this shellacking is good for them? Now they say 20 years of bad Puerto Rican politics has contributed to Puerto Rico’s fragile economic condition and ( placed it ) on the brink of bankruptcy. “WRONG”. The fragile economic condition started 118 years ago when the US planted their booths on Puerto Rican soil. They have cheated, stolen, raped, lied, killed, incarcerated and destroyed the whole infrastructure of a people. And now the Congress paid by the vulture funds is stating after 118 years they have the answer to correct the problems of Puerto Rico. More CHEATING, STEALING, RAPING, LYING, KILLING, INCARCERATING, and DESTROYING Completely the the little infrastructure that’s left. What Puerto Rico needs is INDEPENDENCE from these slave owners now. So called friends like that who needs enemies.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    No surprise here … history repeats itself, right???
    “The US is using the FBI to prevent the people of Puerto Rico from exercising their First Amendment freedoms of speech, assembly, and public protest.”


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