US Congressman recommends selling 3,100 acres of Vieques to “private developers”

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U.S. Congressman Rob Bishop (GOP – Utah) wants to sell 3,100 acres of Vieques to U.S. private developers, for “economic development” projects that will somehow benefit Puerto Rico.

According to Bishop, this land transfer to U.S. developers will help Puerto Rico with its $72 billion fiscal crisis…

The Vieques Wildlife Refuge is the fourth-most popular wildlife refuge in the U.S. and all its territories.

However, Rep. Bishop did not consider this to be relevant. As part of the so-called PROMESA bill for Puerto Rico, which will send a Financial Control Board to manage the island’s economy, this “Vieques land transfer initiative” was included.


For many years, Congressman Bishop has pursued a much larger plan, to sell off major pieces of U.S. parks to private developers…all across the U.S. continent. This questionable judgment has been opposed by environmental groups all over the country.

That is alarming enough.

But even more alarming, is that Bishop is chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources…with jurisdiction over land disposition in Vieques, Culebra, and all of Puerto Rico.

This Republican U.S. Congressman wants to sell pieces of Vieques to private U.S. developers, to somehow “help” the Puerto Rican economy.

Another Republican U.S. Senator – James Inhofe from Oklahoma – wants to start bombing Vieques all over again, as a way of “easing the economic crisis.”

Neither of them give a damn about Vieques or Puerto Rico. That much is evident.

If both of these politicians are receiving millions of dollars from corporations associated with John Paulson, Nicholas Prouty, or dozens of vulture funds, we will never know about it. They can solicit and accept “campaign contributions” from all of them, legally and anonymously, thanks to the Citizens United decision.

This is the kind of person who holds the future of Puerto Rico in their hands.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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6 Comments on “US Congressman recommends selling 3,100 acres of Vieques to “private developers”

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  2. Yo creia q los Puerto Riquen~os eran los duen~os de la Isla de PR. Pero aqui yo veo q no lo son. Hahahahahaaaaa…Le distes la espalda a Dios,… Ahi tienes NADA..!! Perdistes tu tierra tan bendecida q era, y a sido nada mas q un trapo de limpiar Inodoro..!!


  3. One Senator wants to bomb Vieques and this congressman wants to sell Vieques land to the highest bidder. So many political bamboozlers. As the American Indian would say, they speak with fork tongue.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Who holds the future of Puerto Rico in their hands?
    Rob Bishop wants to sell & James Inhofe want to bomb … VIEQUES!
    “The Vieques Wildlife Refuge is the fourth-most popular wildlife refuge in the U.S. and all its territories.”

    Do we have to fight this fight AGAIN?? Arrghh ..


  5. Esto Es Otra trampa de los anglosaxones imperialistas despierta boricua defiende lo tuyo


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