Congressman Luis Gutierrez declares: “the US Congress is acting like King George III, in its treatment of Puerto Rico”

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In a passionate and fiery speech this week, Rep. Luis Gutierrez accused the Republican-controlled congress of acting “exactly like King George III” in their treatment of Puerto Rico.

Gutierrez stood on the congressional floor beside a four-foot portrait of King George III, and referred to him continually as the model for the current-day US congress. Here is a video of Rep. Gutierrez’s entire speech…

Gutierrez drew direct comparisons between the British Empire, their abuse of the 13 colonies, and the treatment of Puerto Rico today. He signaled the looming Financial Control Board as “a new level of colonial rule” on behalf of a Wall Street elite. “The fat cats know that their Maseratis and yachts are safe…even if Puerto Rican school buses, hospitals and roads fall further into disrepair.”

King George III would be proud, says Rep. Gutierrez

Gutierrez called upon his congressional colleagues to reject the Financial Control Board, and to pursue a more comprehensive solution: one which allows the development of an indigenous, and sustainable, private sector economy in Puerto Rico.

“It’s all about jobs,” said the congressman.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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8 Comments on “Congressman Luis Gutierrez declares: “the US Congress is acting like King George III, in its treatment of Puerto Rico”

  1. I am deeply concerned with the author Mr. Denis on his remarks about the use of US Army Forces to bomb US citizens in PR. His research must have been very shallow since the Governor called the National Guard under his authority to quell this uprising. The Air National Guard used their P47 to strafe the symphataziers in support of the Army National troops moving by road to Lares.
    We must be correct and properly research before stating unducomented facts as stated in his book and other publications.



    Thank you for acknowledging that Luis Munoz Marin was directly involved in the bombing of his own people.

    Beyond that, let’s review the facts…the ten P-47 Thunderbolt bomber planes were built in the US, paid for by the US Army, housed and maintained in US Army hangars; the bombs were manufactured in the US, and paid for by the US; the pilots were trained by the US military, operating under the ultimate authority of the US Army and Navy.

    At the end of all this, they slapped a decal on the planes saying “National Guard”…and to you, that makes it a “Puerto Rican” plane.

    When you next visit New York City, please be careful not to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.


  2. It is about jobs. Jobs come from opportunity. Opportunity comes from the freedom to act with the blessings of those who-as our masters and in a fleeting and refreshing moment of sanity- maintain the island’s interests independent of their personal motives and gain.


  3. “The Illusion Of Freedom”
    I consider what is happening a complete betrayal and disrespect to an island people that has shed the blood of its youth to a nation with no interest in their future and well being.
    Puerto Rico’s problems began when a Republican Rule Congress removed Section 936. They created a situation of no economic growth. Congress put no programs in its place. No Economic Development. No Jobs.
    Just 10 years of stagnation.
    This placed Puerto Rico in a vulerable position and adding the removal of Puerto Rico from bankruptcy law protection in 1984 seal its fate!
    I find it insulting, the island of Vieques is being mentioned by these Washington Politicians at this moment in time, knowing full well many Puerto Ricans suffered and die of Cancer.
    Very callous of them- Cowardly!
    I will like to tell Congress, both Republicans and Democrates and also the President :
    “Puerto Rico is a Test for you! A Test to show you are not influence by Money!
    Hedge Fund Vultures and lobbiests have be seen walking your hallways and giving money to your campaigns, fighting against bankrupcy protecting for Puerto Rico. They are attacking a people when they are on their knees. But we the Latin voters are watching you and we will not forget.
    For me there is no “PROMESA”, just more fake lies. My beautiful people have struggled and fought every step of the way since 1898.
    We must continue to let our voices be heard, no more intimidation or fear. Do it in honor of Vieques, for David fought Goliath and won.


  4. Just take a look at the hypocricy of the Ameican government toward the Nationlist Puerto Rican Party and those that agree with the current status of Puerto Rico.
    The America colonies where against King George’s Tariffs, treatment and status over the America’s. So much so that the Ameican revolution was born. The Americans at the time were angered at the taxes, entitlement, greed, and rule over the Ameican colonies. So the phrase to King George by the American Patriots was “Give me liberty or give me death”. As history revealed the war against King George brought forth triumph and so the birth of a nation was born the United States Of America.
    Now here is where the hypocrisy comes in. The American government quickly enacted Manifest destiny which clearly means “I’ll take what I want at will”. The American Nation declared rule over what every country which they sought gained wealth and progress to the nation. The island of Puerto Rico and it’s people were of great strategic significance. An island with no military army was ripe for the pickings. Not to mention the rich soil and climate was great for sugar, coffee, tourism, etc. So the America’s declares war on Puerto Rico and takes control over the island . The Nationists which wanted autonomy and had obtained it from spain were only doing what the americans did with king George “liberty” from foriegn invaders the United States of America. Since Puerto Rico could not wage war effectively against the US the nationaists (Puerto Rican Patriots) were all targets of the American government ruined their lives, their families lives, they were tourtured, mysteriously disappeared, blackmailed, jailed( some are still jailed).
    So I guess the American saying “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH” is the biggest hypocrisy of the Ameican Government.


  5. Valid term discurso. De los tres congresistas boricuas Gutierrez Es el mas bravo.


  6. Valid term discursive. De los tres congresistas boricuas Gutierrez Es el mas bravo.


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