US Government warns Puerto Rico: we might take your land, and we feel very bad about it

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The US Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, has warned Puerto Rico that the island’s protected natural resources “could be targeted for private development.” Jewell blamed the “Republican” Financial Control Board legislation for this, and worried that “a future secretary” may transfer Puerto Rican land to private developers.

Jewel is correct. She is also a world-class hypocrite, along with the Obama administration that hired her.


Interior Secretary Jewell expresses her grave concern for Puerto Rico

For over a year, the White House has refused to activate the Treasury Department, or the Commerce Department, or expend any political capital on behalf of resolving Puerto Rico’s fiscal crisis. The entire Obama program has been to point a finger at congressional Republicans, and whine that “congress must allow for Chapter 9 bankruptcy re-structuring.”

But Obama knows this is nearly impossible: because the municipal bond market is $3.7 trillion annually, which is nearly 22% of the gross domestic product of the US.  In other words, year after year, 22% of the US economy is filtering through the Wall Street municipal bond market.

If Puerto Rico suddenly qualified for Chapter 9 relief, then all 50 states in the US could immediately seek to re-negotiate their muni bond debt. This would implode the national muni bond market and severely destabilize the US economy. Neither Obama nor the US congress want to be held responsible for this.

And so as usual…Puerto Rico is hung out to dry…all by itself.


With respect to Puerto Rico, virtually every US politician falls into one of two categories: those who openly screw the island, and those who point their finger and say “it’s not my fault, it’s the Republicans.”

Because of Obama’s failure to act, we now have congressional legislation that will “authorize the future Secretary of the Interior to open thousands of acres of Puerto Rican land to private developers.”

Because of Obama’s finger pointing, and empty political posturing, we now have an Obama cabinet member warning us about evil Republicans and their plan to “appropriate the land of Puerto Rico.”

But all this finger pointing is no different than the PPD and PNP…pointing fingers at each other for six decades, and robbing the whole island blind.

The entire Washington establishment – Democrats and Republicans – are equally to blame for the economic disaster in Puerto Rico. They have kept the Jones Act in place for 96 years. They have done nothing to develop the island’s indigenous shipping industry, or any other industry.

And after a century of doing nothing, they now wring their hands and point fingers at each other…while continuing to do nothing.

It is the height of hypocrisy, and nakedly transparent.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

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24 Comments on “US Government warns Puerto Rico: we might take your land, and we feel very bad about it

  1. Como es posible que los puertorriqueños permitamos esto? Los norteamericanos nos siguen explotando y aplastando,sin ninguna vergüenza, con la consigna de que les pertenecemos.PUERTO RICO ES UNA NACIÓN. El pais de los derechos humanos y civiles y el rey de la democracia y nos mantiene bajo el yugo y explotación SI TIENEN DIGNIDAD QUE NOS DEN LA INDEPENDENCIA.


  2. The US wanted PR for military bases for the WW2 , throw the MF off the island, declare your self a free nation and get rid of these leeches, the island has the capabilities of rebuilding if done correctly, And could be a paradise if correctly advertised and properly rebuilt.
    It could be a major supplier in the Caribbean, and possibly Europe.
    I would love to speak with a government official to discuss alternatives and possibly to finance restructure and infrastructure, perhaps on a smaller scale that currently desired but once we get a small area done and can demonstrate it works we WILL get funding
    Please have the PR government contact me via email and provide contact info
    thank you


  3. So this is the price we are going to have to pay? I say no.protest ,make online petions and wrtite to the president inundate every email ,phone line communication media possible includinh thise asswipes in the portorrican goverment who mismanage the money,stole and now we face this.Independence is better than this ,i hate all this bs. All the Uas capitalist wants is toake money at yhe expense of peoples lives ,natural resources and more .Puertorriqueno dont allow this no more . We were not bought ,we are not bought ,acontact the united nations anyone who will listen plus sue the us goverment for crimes comminted to our people .like now they want to try a new part of that naled lying to us knowing that id carcinogenic,plus what about the study were they us3 our women as guinea piga to try the anticonceptive pill cause it was illegal in the US and they gave them higher than rexomended amounts of hormones causing the death of some but nothi g was mention and they get recognition and being promoted ,also they injected with syphilis our brother to see how the disease progress ed and further more many more crimes without consent and knowledge. How come they dont to that to theie oun? Oh but yes they did they infected disable children in a hospital with the hepatitis virus to see how it progressed. They are not better than Hitler using humans for experiments and damaging the environment for their own selfish agenda How much money do you need to live on? HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO EAT,CLOTHE YOURSELF AND LIVE .TRUST ME NOT MUCH ENOGH OF THIS GREED INFESTED PEOPLE FUMIGATETHEM ALLDont let them near our resources .the governors should pay them baxk ,or go to jail for mismanageme t.


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  6. Boricua wake look at what is happening to the Hawaiian people study there history. Remember they are still fighting. I urge to look at the website Hawaiian kingdom. Also don’t the indigenous Indian people


  7. Did someone just say, set p.r. free? Then ask Spain for help?!…ha ha ha ha under Spain’s rule p.r. was 90 percent iliterate. Now if you dont want to cut sugar canes all day be whooped and eat funche with gandings then shet the duck up!! You sound iliterate lol


  8. The white man did enough to us with our indian and they sorry ya right we have to stand together evn if we were not born out there iam a tiana my ant sister duffered enough we strong we could fo it plz let us do something for our ppl in god we trust we coulld do it dont let them take what we only have lets fight.thank u.


  9. Puerto Rico should receive assistance from the US for the interruption of development of the island people… Puerto Rico was made an autonomy by Spain in 1897 and should seek help from the European Union, base on that… The US and Spain owe it to Puerto Rico to develop the island and for the well-being of its inhabitants…


  10. Puerto Rico doesn’t belong to the US… We as an island are administrated by the US after the war department took hold of the island from Spain it was ceded not bought or sold… The Virgin Islands were bought so that is a different story… Puerto Rico has been colonized and misguided by poor administration by local government and the US administrations…


  11. Puerto Rico is in this situation because all the federal funds sent by USA to PR have been stolen by the local elected politicians and governments. The Federal budget for education is over 700 million a year and our public schools system is the WORST in the whole nation, we ended having an urban train system that only goes from Bayamon to Santurce and cost 20x the total cost of Florida train system, why? BECAUSE THE ADMINISTRATORS AND GOVERNMENTS inflated the cost so much so they can give the huge contracts to political friends and political investors….yes my gorgeous island is a freaking mess and it’s our own fault for keep voting for the same mother…s that got us in this mess


  12. Puerto rico needs to do for themselves and stop counting on someone else to support them. Puerto rico has been taking from the united states and now its time to pay the piper…………


  13. Just pay your debits and stop whining and blaming everybody but your selves, The U.S. has spent on Puerto Rico five times the amount the US has àiding Europe in the Marshal Plan after the second world War 20 billion dollars, what has Puerto Rico done with the money.


  14. They can’t take what the people won’t give! The time to stand up and protect what is yours is now. To develop an area they need local workers and local companies that’s the beauty of being on an Island. Don’t let them do this to you Borinquen! Despierta Boricua! 🇵🇷 Que la patria te necesita! 🇵🇷


  15. Finger pointing has been raised into a fine art in Puerto Rico. As a Puertorrican born in Puerto Rico I must say that this article does the same, blame someone else for our problems. Developing our island is our responsibility. We can see as easily as anyone else who is corrupt and who isn’t and we can judge what we need. Though the US abused our island until the ELA came into being, what happened after that is our responsibility. Perhaps my people need to suffer the consequences of our own actions so that we can open our eyes and learn to act with political maturity. We walked into this problem and offered ourselves so that we can be victimized again, a perfect example of the “battered person syndrome”.


  16. Before the Jones-Shafroth Act, Puerto Ricans were not citizens of the United States. Subsequent to the Act, they immediately became U.S. citizens. The act also extended almost all U.S. laws to have the same force and effect in Puerto Rico as in the United States to include the National Defense Act of 1916 which established the composition of the U.S. military. It is somewhat ironic, but two months after Congress passed the Jones-Shafroth Act, that same Congress enacted the Selective Service Act of 1917 which based conscription “upon liability to military service of all male citizens, imposing mandatory conscription into the U.S. military on Puerto Ricans, precisely at the moment that the United States entered World War I. As a result, more than 20,000 Puerto Ricans served in the U.S. armed forces during World War I. Therefore, citizenship were given to Puerto Ricans and many of us where drafted into the US military in a particular point that our nation needed bodies to go to war. These wars included all wars and conflicts since World War I to the present. I would like to think that congress would do what is right for us Puerto Ricans. Nevertheless, I am agree that in 1948 subsequent legislation superseded portions of the Jones-Shafroth Act, providing a greater autonomy as a Commonwealth. Nevertheless, our Islanders are not guilty for the government mistakes; they are victims….


    Dr. B:

    Please note that THIS article is not about the Jones-Shafroth Act of 1917.

    It is about the Jones Act of 1920.

    Two entirely separate laws, about two different things.

    –Nelson Denis


  17. Well I don’t know what’s she is talking about. Unites States take our land and all our patrimony, the Day that they invade Puerto Rico in 1898. So what’s she is taking about. She is lost in time.


  18. Completely agree with you, Mr. Nelson Denis.
    However, about the debt, I have always understood that the text of the law of the Bankruptcy Code is interpreted in the wrong way; PR is not eligible to Ch.9 as a state, simply because PR is not a state.

    Then, having clear that our definition is an unincorporated territory governed by an Act of the US Congress under the territorial clause (Art. IV, SEC.3, CL2), we can conclude that PR is a political subdivision of the US government; and thus interpreted by the former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh:

    ” Puerto Rico is a political subdivision of the United States with no constitutionally defined sovereignty. The powers of government exercised locally derive from a federal law authorizing government by consent in local affairs only, unless those affairs are otherwise governed by federal law. ”

    At the Chapter 9 of the “Bankruptcy Code”, in its text, the following definition appears:

    ” The term “municipality” is defined in the Bankruptcy Code as a “political subdivision or public agency or instrumentality of a State.” 11 U.S.C. § 101(40). The definition is broad enough to include cities, counties, townships, school districts, and public improvement districts. It also includes revenue-producing bodies that provide services which are paid for by users rather than by general taxes, such as bridge authorities, highway authorities, and gas authorities… ”

    Then, Puerto Rico could be cover under the Ch. 9. , not within the definition of ‘state’, but as ‘political subdivision’.

    On the other hand, another factor that can not be ignored is that the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) certifies PR as an ‘issuer’ & ‘debtor’; thus, investments in risky debt become reliable due to the support of insurers, which are forced to pay interest and principal to creditors, ONLY if the issuer falls into default.
    So it would be absurd that there is no procedural mechanism for these bondholders to make respond in an ordered way to these insurers.

    But this is just a technical misconception, because overall, the big main issue to solve, is our political subordination status.


  19. We have been fighting since 1898. We will continue to do so.


  20. What happens if PR say no more and have a special election to become a free country. Then they could ask for help from Spain and other countries or could they do this now?


  21. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This continues to be a travesty!!
    “The entire Washington establishment – Democrats and Republicans – are equally to blame for the economic disaster in Puerto Rico. They have kept the Jones Act in place for 96 years. They have done nothing to develop the island’s indigenous shipping industry, or any other industry.
    And after a century of doing nothing, they now wring their hands and point fingers at each other…while continuing to do nothing.
    It is the height of hypocrisy, and nakedly transparent.”


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