The Next Governor of Puerto Rico…María de Lourdes Santiago Negrón

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The Puerto Rico Independence Party (PIP) garnered 2.5% of the electoral vote in 2012. The percentage was so low, that they lost their ballot status for 2016 – and PIP candidates will need to collect qualifying signatures in order to run.

Given these obstacles, how can I make this bold prediction about María de Lourdes Santiago Negrón?

Please read on. By the end of this article, I guarantee that you will see why María de Lourdes, and no one else, will be the next Governor of Puerto Rico.

Senator María de Lourdes Santiago Negrón


The “Commonwealth” of Puerto Rico, aka “Free Associated State” and Estado Libre Asociado (ELA) is a farce. Puerto Rico is neither a state nor “freely associated” with the US.

Here’s what the “Free Associated State” has gotten you:

33,000 workers laid off, water rates up by 67%, electricity rates 300% higher than in the US, 200 schools closed, teachers laid off, gasoline taxes hiked twice in the same year, property taxes raised three times, small business taxes up 39%, pensions cut, health benefits cut, and an 11.5% sales tax. After all this, Puerto Rico still “owes” $73 billion to the United States. In a word, ELA is a disaster.


For more than fifty years, the PPD and PNP have argued about “statehood” for Puerto Rico – but statehood will never arrive. Ruben Berríos made this abundantly clear thirty-five years ago.

Five states will not give up their congressional seats, and simply hand them to five incoming Puerto Ricans. The Republican Party will do everything it can to prevent five congresspersons and two senators – all of them Democrats – from invading Washington D.C.

Wall Street is in love with “triple tax exempt bonds” that yield up to 20% per year – but these bonds will cease to exist, if Puerto Rico becomes a state. Wall Street also knows that, as a state, all of Puerto Rico’s towns would qualify for immediate bankruptcy protection. The US financial system would be shaken by this.

Jacksonville, Florida could lose 50,000 maritime jobs to Puerto Rico, if it becomes the 51st state. The Longshoreman’s Union, the Teamsters, and virtually every politician in Florida will fight Puerto Rican statehood.

And then, there is the American public. How will they react to statehood?

Adios, America – preaching hatred of Latinos from cover to cover – is a “New York Times Best Seller” for the past three months. Donald Trump – calling Mexicans rapists on national TV – is the leading GOP presidential candidate. When a Puerto Rican wins the Powerball, the internet explodes with racist insults.

This does not sound like a country, that is prepared to welcome Puerto Rico with open arms. In Washington, on Wall Street, and on Main Street, there is very little support for Puerto Rican statehood. In a word, statehood is a sham.


ELA is a disaster. Statehood is a sham. This leaves one option: independence.

A PIP governor will not create immediate independence – they will develop a path to independence, as the Philippines did in the late 1940s. A PIP governor would push for international trading rights, import/export authority, price controls on US consumer products, and an island-based shipping industry. A PIP governor would lift the Jones Act off Puerto Rico’s neck, and demand those 50,000 jobs in Jacksonville.

With each passing day, Puerto Ricans are realizing that the PPD and PNP offer no solutions to the chaos in Puerto Rico – because they created the chaos.

ya voy entendiendo

And now there is only one way out. In a word, independence is inevitable.

María de Lourdes Santiago Negron

María de Lourdes is a lawyer, a journalist, a senator, and the PIP candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico. Here is more information about her:

She is also very clear about the future of Puerto Rico. Please don’t take my word for it. See for yourself:

Every word in that interview has the ring of truth. After 50 years of political theater from PPD and PNP, which has bankrupted the entire island’s economy, this truth is very refreshing.

End the Puppet Show

For 67 years, the governors of Puerto Rico have functioned as U.S. puppets.

Roselló, Acevedo Vilá, Fortuño, Garcia Padilla

If the island elects another PPD or PNP into La Fortaleza, then Puerto Rico will not have a governor. They will have another puppet.

For this reason – whether she is elected in 2016, 2020 or 2024 – María de Lourdes Santiago Negrón will be the next Governor of Puerto Rico.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite:

7 Comments on “The Next Governor of Puerto Rico…María de Lourdes Santiago Negrón

  1. Feix A Pacheco Luquis July 29,2016 people of Puerto Rico I honestly believe that PNP

    And PPD Has Done Nothing For Puerto Rico We Need A Change everybody in Puerto Rico voted for the same thing over and over year after years no more we need to act now before we lose our Island Puerto Rico throughout the world we are a nation everybody knows us as Puerto Ricans we are from Spanish descent we have our own cultureit has not changed in 500 years and in thousand years it still will not change because we are proud peopleI we have are own identity and no one in the whole world would ever change that.because we’re proud of our heritage and we’re proud to be Puerto Ricans and God knows that we need to be an independent nationso we could go on living free as nation should be.we could overcome this depression that we are in because of the people that we elected we need to change to the Independent party so we could have free trade with othera nation as well as them with us.don’t forget USA we are a nationa ss Puerto Ricans we want to continue being Puerto Ricans because that’s what we are proud nation .God bless Puerto Ricoit’s time for a big change we have been waiting for this moment for centuries..


  2. María de Lourdes tiene la enteresa de caracter, la honestidad, el conocimiento y la experiencia para dirigir el país hacia una nueva alborada.


  3. Es una lastima ke NUESTRA ISLA siga siendo, tan –violada, humillada, y constantemente arrastrada a la desgracia. Todos esos — CORRUPTOS LIDERES , ke usando artima~as enga~osas y envuelven al publico, para someterlos a una pobresa extrema. Estos CORRUPTOS, no les importa, el progreso de la poblacion, , solo les importa el beneficio ke ellos puedan sacar the el dinero ke es asignado, para la ISLA. SON UNOS PILLOS CORRUPTOS , CON UNA AVARICIA IMMENSA. 😥 LA ISLA MERECE UN LIDERASGO — FIEL Y VERDADERO, KE EL PRINCIPAL MOTIVO SEA — EL PROGRESO DE LA ISLA, Y EL BENEFICIO PARA LA ALIVIA LA PROBRESA DE LOS HABITANTES.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The only option … Independence! I’ve heard this woman speak …. She’s very well versed, intelligent, educated …. Hope for PR??


  5. An honest truth, Maria de Lourdes is the best and only vhoise,I’ll vote for her


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