The images of Luis Muñoz Marín

Book - 12-10

Justice is incidental to law and order.

– FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover


Luís Muñoz Marín had a carefully crafted persona.

Gov. Muñoz Marín, his PPD political party, and the U.S. government all had a great interest in projecting him as a strong progressive figure, forging a bold and better future for Puerto Rico.

The imagery started early with promises of “Bread, Land and Liberty.”

It was followed by many images of Muñoz Marín, walking and talking with the most powerful men from the US.

These included Richard Nixon…

Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower…

Pres. John F. Kennedy…

Nelson Rockefeller…

Nationally syndicated columnist and TV journalist Drew Pearson…

Munoz Marin

A common theme in all these “photo ops” was Muñoz Marín doing all the talking, Muñoz Marín lecturing and instructing the powerful men…

And the powerful men all listening.

In this way, the image was created of an articulate and forceful leader, who was firmly presenting the case for Puerto Rico…

And the Yankees were all “listening” to him…implicitly following his lead…in a respectful “partnership” for the benefit of both parties.

That was the image created for 30 years, from the mid-1930s through the mid-1960s.

Then there were the books…

Immortalizing him as the “Father” of modern Puerto Rico…

In every post office, you could buy a Luís Muñoz Marín postcard, and mail it with a Luís Muñoz Marín U.S. postage stamp…

Time Magazine also immortalized him, not once…

But twice…

Now in 2016, after all this image-building…

A U.S. Financial Control Board is about to rule over Puerto Rico.

U.S. hedge funds are preparing to “privatize” its physical infrastructure.

Wall Street will “manage” its schools, roads, water supply and electrical grid.

Billionaires are buying the island’s coastline, and buying tens of thousands of foreclosed homes.

And so the question becomes…

Was there any truth to this image of Luís Muñoz Marín, or was it all an ILLUSION?

Was there EVER any leadership…any Operation Bootstrap…

Was there EVER any “partnership” with the United States…

Or was it 70 years of disguised colonialism…70 years of cheap political theater, and manipulative PROPAGANDA?
For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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6 Comments on “The images of Luis Muñoz Marín

  1. I grow up hearing from my older family members the greatness of “bate” Munoz Marin. I am now 63 retired and sad how mistake they were like many during those times. Munoz fue un falso


  2. Regardless of whether he LMM was a drug addict, a corrupt politician or “just” an immoral organism on the face of the earth, the reality is that TODAY Puerto Rico is a failed state despite a CENTURY of “alliances”, “agreements” and every other BS economic or fiscal “arrangements” between Uncle Sam and his tattered Caribbean whore, that he has kept chained to a palm tree. At this point, until leadership of integrity, intelligence and initiative occurs BOTH in Washington, DC and in Fortaleza, NOTHING will save our beloved country nation.

    NOTHING good has come from the American theft of the Island in over a century. Yes, we have more hospitals. Yes, we have highways and I am told that the free Pina Colada fountains are still flowing in Condado, but look at the price that we are paying today…illegals arrive daily to suck from the already-drained public services and contribute to the Island’s crime numbers, drugs flood onto the Island and the addicts still collapse at the gates of La Perla in front of the cameras of Japanese tourists, while the policemen flirt with 13 year old “nenas” in their Catholic school uniforms. As my Mallorcan grand-father would say…”mira ese retrato, que lindo, dio’ mio”.

    I am FURIOUS that the Island “leadership” has STILL not succeeded managing insular affairs above the level of golf-cart rides in Las Palmas or parading alongside whatever mainland presidential candidate comes to campaign on the Island every 4 years…which has to be the height of political dishonesty, given that NONE of the Island residents can vote in the presidential elections. But there they are, marching and grinning alongside the American presidential clown-hopefuls…que verguenza.

    As my Corsican grandfather would say…”mi’jo cando el hombre pierde la verguenza, no hay nadie que sel la devuelva”.

    We’ve lost our “verguenza” and NO ONE is even looking for it. The only thing the Island “leadership” is looking for is how to line their pockets and get their kids into Ivy League schools.

    I pray that someday, someone ANYWHERE will emerge to take the case of Puerto Rico’s status to the level of political resolution we have waited for a century for…ya e’ tiempo, no creen?

    Perhaps the United Nations might entertain our disgraceful situation. Why?

    Because historically the battered whore is NEVER going to get any respect from her pimp, especially when she is not coming back to his limousine with bags of money.

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  3. It’s sickening seeing this fake Caped poet NYC junkie puppet to the the Americans. Selling out everything and everyone in Puerto Rico. I guess that’s where the the current corrupt PPD y PNP governers learned the art of low life swindler. Its an embarrassment and a spit in the face to all caring Puerto Ricans anything bearing his name. Look what he created undercover disaster that exists to this day . Todays islanders many of them are Americanised. Imagine an Island soil so rich yet no one plants Coffee, Batata, Coco, Guineo, Plátano, etc. Where are all the Jíbaros? Gone to Americanismo!
    Dios amparamos y ayudarnos a volver al la hortaliza y mantenimiento de lo nuestro.

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  4. The answer is 70 years of disguised colonialism… 70 years of cheap political theater, and manipulative PROPAGANDA. If you look closely at Luis Muñoz Marìn hunched back you can actually see strings coming out of his back pulling him up to stand straight and play the part.


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Don Luis Muñoz Marin ….. “Was there any truth to this image of Luís Muñoz Marín, or was it all an ILLUSION?
    Was there EVER any leadership…any Operation Bootstrap…
    Was there EVER any “partnership” with the United States…
    Or was it 70 years of disguised colonialism …”


  6. To me Luis M. Marin looked like a RAT, because he in fact was a RAT. Sold his countrymen down the river so he could wet his beek in the trough of American currption.


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