Wall Street bleeds Puerto Rico dry…and hires Puerto Ricans to do it

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Stone Lion Capital Partners, one of the vulture funds in Puerto Rico, is lying and misrepresenting the role that hedge funds are playing in Puerto Rico…and hiring Puerto Ricans to help them do it.

At a recent conference in New York City, Stone Lion Capital Partners was represented by one of their “investment associates” named Julio Cabral-Corrada…but Julio is not just “any” investment associate. According to Magacín: La Galería Mas Exclusiva de Eventos Sociales, Julio is one of the “12 Best-Dressed Men in Puerto Rico.”


The well-dressed Julio wasted no time. He immediately blamed Puerto Rico for its own fiscal crisis, portrayed the vulture funds as their financial savior, and branded anyone who disagreed with him as “ignorant and uninformed.”

In ten dazzling minutes, Julio created a parallel universe in which the lamb (the people of Puerto Rico) is responsible for being eaten by the wolf (Wall Street, corrupt politicians, and Julio).

He wove a hallucinogenic financial tapestry worthy of Tom Wolf’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. By the end of his performance, one could easily imagine Julio and the Stoned Lion Crew – drinking their LSD, driving their Kool-Aid bus into the sunset – with all of Puerto Rico’s money inside it.

Julio and his Merry Pranksters, aka Stone Lion Capital Partners


According to Julio, Puerto Rico is responsible for her own demise, because she’s been “living beyond her means.”

It is difficult to tell an island with a per capita income of $15,200, a sales tax of 11.5%, electricity rates 300% higher than New York City, and a cost of living 12% higher than the US, that she is “living beyond her means.”


The only ones “living beyond their means” are the Wall Street hustlers and politicians who cooked up illegal COFINA bonds, as a way of generating profits in New York and patronage in San Juan. 


At a conference of Fordham Law School students, Julio announced that hedge funds own “only 12% of Puerto Rico’s debt.” With great conviction and condescension, he then labeled anyone who disagrees with him as “ignorant and uninformed.”

Apparently, virtually every financial news source is ignorant and uninformed.

The New York Times, Bloomberg Business, Barclays PLC, Fortune Magazine, and The Nation have all calculated the hedge fund ownership at 30% to 50% of the overall debt…roughly 300% to 400% higher than Julio from Stone Lion.





But there is a deeper point here.

With his 12% figure plucked from who-knows-where, Julio meant to show that vulture funds are playing a relatively insignificant role in the destruction of Puerto Rico’s economy…but his 12% figure proves the exact opposite.

Assuming for a wild moment that the 12% claim is true, then this amplifies the transparent greed and arrogance of the vulture funds. With a mere 12 percent investment, these funds are at best a tertiary underwriter of the Puerto Rican economy…yet they insist on being the primary beneficiary.

They buy as low as 30 cents on the dollar, yet insist on a full dollar’s return.



They lobby against HR 870, the bankruptcy amendment which would restore Puerto Rico’s access to Chapter 9 bankruptcy relief.



They file immediate lawsuits, whenever Puerto Rico attempts to pursue any debt re-structuring.



They throw fundraisers for US presidential candidates such as Marco Rubio – who then change their position from “favoring” to “opposing” Chapter 9 for Puerto Rico.



They even commission “economic reports” which recommend “alternatives” to bankruptcy re-structuring for Puerto Rico.

Less than one year ago, 34 hedge funds paid several ex-IMF economists for a “report” which presented some of these alternatives: including lower wages, pension rollbacks, teacher layoffs, school closures, and the selling of $4 billion worth of public buildings.



If one accepts the dubious claim of 12% hedge fund ownership, then it is the height of arrogance to insist on a 300% ROI; to block the entire Puerto Rican economy; to file lawsuits, hire lobbyists, commission biased reports, and demand a complete sell-off of the Puerto Rican infrastructure…all for a mere 12% skin in the game.

For a minor 12% stake, purchased at discounted rates (as low as 30 cents on the dollar), they would hold an entire island of 3.5 million people hostage, to their quarterly profits and year-end bonuses.

This hostage attempt is being led by the same people who engineered the 2007 mortgage crisis, and who received a trillion dollar bailout from US taxpayers. Which brings us to Bear Stearns and Stone Lion Partners…


Bear Stearns was one of the primary engineers of the 2007 mortgage crisis. As an investment bank, they pumped out so many fraudulent CDSs (credit default swaps) and CDOs (collateralized debt obligations) that the entire US economy became infected with them.

These financial instruments were absolutely toxic: the housing market collapsed and Wall Street required a trillion dollar bailout. As a leader in this fiasco, Bear Stearns also collapsed…and closed its doors forever, in utter disgrace.

Bear Stearns executives arrested for fraud, conspiracy, and insider trading

Distressed debt and high yield trading killed Bear Stearns…

And the co-heads of “Distressed Debt and High Yield Trading” at Bear Stearns were Alan Jay Mintz and Gregory Augustine Hanley.

Mintz and Hanley drove Bear Stearns and the US economy, into the toilet.

Mintz and Hanley and other Wall Street sharks, received a trillion dollar bailout.

And now…Mintz and Hanley…are the co-founders of Stone Lion Partners !





It’s a new corporate disguise…but the same old Mintz and Hanley.

Just three months ago, in December 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported a bombshell about Mintz and Hanley, and Stone Lion Partners. The firm was not able to meet the investor payments in its oldest account, and had to “suspend redemption.”

In other words, Stone Lion told its oldest investors, “we’re sorry, but we can’t pay the money we owe you. The gate is down.”







So the founding fathers of Stone Lion…the twin engines of disaster at Bear Stearns…have created a new disaster.

They were short of money…and gated their oldest and most loyal investors, two weeks before Christmas 2015. 


With a liquidity catastrophe in December 2015, and a documented history of predatory lending, Stone Lion Partners is now operating in Puerto Rico.

They hire Julio Cabral-Corrada, an ambitious boy all dressed for success, to lie about the “benefits” their hedge fund will bestow on Puerto Rico.

They send him to conferences as the token Puerto Rican…whose “facts” are unassailable and beyond question, except by the ignorant and uninformed.

But the brutal fact is this: Stone Lion is gating its investors.

They are desperate for access to cash, and will exploit Puerto Rico as much as possible. They will turn her into a cash cow…and when the cash runs out, they will demand a “public private partnership” with one of the island’s public assets (i.e. roads, highways, schools, prisons, the water supply).

If a Financial Control Board is installed in Puerto Rico, Stone Lion will use it aggressively and without remorse, as their personal collection agency.


After 118 years, it is sad to see Puerto Rico with a Jones Act around its neck – unable to create a shipping industry, or any other industry, because of US colonial policies.

Sadder still, is to see Puerto Rico bled dry – by predators who sank the US economy, received a trillion dollar bailout, gated their investors, and now bring the same business model of “high yield trading and distressed debt” to the island.

Saddest of all, is when they hire a Puerto Rican hustler — one of the “12 best-dressed men in Puerto Rico” — to help them do it.

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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30 Comments on “Wall Street bleeds Puerto Rico dry…and hires Puerto Ricans to do it

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  2. Saludos. Me ha agradado ojear su escrito. Me ha parecido una aclaración muy atractiva, sin embargo, en determinados temas difiero un poco de
    su consideración. He mirado que tienes más manifestaciones,
    me obligo a cogerme un intervalo para interpretarlas.
    Ten por claro que acecharé todas tus propagaciones.
    Te alabo por tu portal web. Un cálido saludo.


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    May 5, 2016

    Please NEVER FORGET this kid’s name. Never forget his actions. Julio Cabral; you will be remembered of you actions the day you’ll seek for a candidacy in the PR government


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  8. Puerto Rico needs to make a decision on what their future will ,are they going to be independent or are they going to be a state,become a state and can file for bankruptcy, become independent and be on your own to make its own decisions, punto y se acabó.


  9. Please NEVER FORGET this kid’s name. Never forget his actions. Julio Cabral; you will be remembered of you actions the day you’ll seek for a candidacy in the PR government


  10. Siento que soy de aquí,
    De tierra prieta
    De café tostao’

    Son muchos los años
    De estar recostao’
    De España, de USA
    ¿Qué te pasa Boricua?

    Sé gallo gerezano,
    De sangre taína, negra e Ibera,
    Muere luchando,

    Ponte tu pava
    ¿Tu machete?
    ¡Lo amuelas!
    Si eres Boricua,
    Haz como el gallo
    No vueles

    Septiembre 2007
    Efraín Ramírez Torres MD


  11. Solo con ver la foto del mamas boy ese se ve que es capota y pintura.Preguntenle por su tio que lo metieron preso por pillo.Pero me consta que siempre le han gustado las fotos quien sabe por que???? A Carlos Lopez Lai sacalo de la foto quien nunca ja eatado no tiene babilla para decir que no se quita…..el chamaquito en verdad No sirve ni para lavar inodoros y le llama ignorantes a oteos en vez de mirarse en un espejo de veras parwcw una senorita…


  12. The name Cabral sounds as fraud and jail in the parking industry in Puerto Rico.The guy is a no-no


  13. Estoy muy de acuerdo pero tiene que recordar que muchos bonistas sin Puertirriqueños. Personas que le deficaron toda su hida a la patria. Personas que hon el sudor de la frente guardaron dinero para su retiro comprando bonos de Puerto Rico. Personas que shora tienen el mismo derecho al pago que el empleado publico en nomina. El derecho es el mismo. Es mas el bonista de aqui puso mas que el empleado publico. Ahora ese bonista es un criminal.


  14. I agree with Samuel branch,he made a good point


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  16. Samuel u r absolutely right. We don’t stick together. We were never hungry like the Domincans or exiled like the Cubans. We are too complacent, island people like the Hawaiians. We give you the shirt off our back and our island. Every one of us has a duty to protest and write to elected officials. No vote from us in the states if promises are not made and followed through. They are just ignoring us including Obama. Sucking up in Cuba while PR who’s given thousands of soldiers to fight their wars not even a comment. I’m very disappointed in him


  17. Yo vivo en el PARAISO
    tierra llamada Borinquen
    Pura sangre Puertorriquena.
    Siempre estoy
    En la verde luz de Monte y mar
    Isla virgen de coral
    Isla Mia, Flor cautiva
    Para ti todo lo mejor
    Libre Tu Cielo
    Solo Tu Estrella


  18. Maria… PLEASE stay where you at… we have plenty people in here… it is not sustainable if 8 million pricans move back all ta once


  19. Our People, we must return home.
    Nuestra tierra los llama.
    She needs our help and we must not abandoned her.
    We must built her back!
    Nuestra tierra es sagrada.
    Por que esta en nuestra sangre!
    Llamo a todos nuestras Hermanos!
    Return! Regresar!!!


  20. Well let me put it this way, we are the oldest colony left in the world and what’s is kind of funny the hall world know it but who does something about it…nobody, hypocrisy it is what’s it’s, hypocrisy .


  21. Julio looks like he’s completely wet behind the ears, a ” Whippersnapper!”. But this does not excuse him!
    These Vultures Mintz and Hanley are Wolves.
    They should left them in jail.


  22. Educate yourself with historical facts, not this useless ideological propaganda.


  23. Thank you for educating us on the history and politics of Puerto Rico , all of us need to educate ourselves with this information for so many people can say they are Boricua wave the Puertorican flag and have no clue on the history of Puerto Rico and how is become an island in handcuffs !!


  24. The president of the U.S., the federal govt. and the U.S. congress are all doing the same thing Pontius Pilate did to Jesus Christ. They are all wiping their hands clean and handing Puerto Rico over to the hedge fund Jackals. If Puerto Rico does not wake up soon, they will be ripped up to pieces.

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  25. That Puerto Rico had NO say on its own financial mistakes and that ALL the fault of Wall Street IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS Statement any one can say on this case. I will not argue that Wall Street TOOK advantage of the GREEDINESS of Puerto Rico Administrator. So, the GREED has been used by BOTH SIDES.


  26. Good morning my Brother . I love and read every article you write. But I have to say that it’s not the problem of Puerto Rico being Independent or that the American system has us on a chuck hold with this 73 billion dollar deficit. Our Biggest problem is our own people here in the States and in the Island. We have become so divided by who we are, Yes I understand we are or have African lineage or Tainos and so on.What we need to realize is at the end we are Puerto Ricans. We must Unite as one before we can take any kind of aggressive action. We need to find a way of quickly educate our people and for this we need a true advocate someone that will take his or her time to explain exactly what is going on. I feel and this is my opinion. For a very long time now since The Young Lords party we have not been very organized we need to take some kind of action here in New York so that they( 1 % ) realize we mean action and that we are no longer under that gag order we were in the 1940s. The only time they listen is when someone starts to use force. I think your doing a great job and I’m hoping to some day meet you.

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  27. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “THE SADDEST FACT OF ALL … After 118 years, it is sad to see Puerto Rico with a Jones Act around its neck – unable to create a shipping industry, or any other industry, because of US colonial policies. Sadder still, is to see Puerto Rico bled dry – by predators who sank the US economy, gated their investors, and now bring the same business model of “distressed debt” to the island.
    Saddest of all, is when they hire a Puerto Rican hustler — one of the “12 best-dressed men in Puerto Rico” — to help them do it.” #VendePatria ….


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