Rats in the public schools: the health system of Puerto Rico is on the verge of collapse

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The public health system of Puerto Rico is crumbling, and on the verge of collapse. Rats are swarming through the public schools. The Zika virus mosquito, Aedes aegypti, lives in large quantities throughout the island. PREPA is spewing toxic, poisonous gas into the atmosphere. The water supply is tainted, and can cause hepatitis A and typhoid.

And no one wants to help.

“A doctor a day has left the island,” reported Nelson Torres-Ríos, an attorney and professor at the City University of New York’s Hostos Community College. “I was at an emergency room and someone said ‘I’ve been waiting 13 hours.’ There’s no staff to handle it.”


Hospital staffing is skeletal, with 12-hour delays in most emergency room rooms. Over 4,000 physicians have left the island over the past 11 years.


Rats are beginning to roam through public school buildings. Middle schools in Vega Baja and Corozal have been so overrun by rats, that classes had to be suspended.





The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning all U.S. tourists that zika, diphtheria, hepatitis and typhoid are growing risks in Puerto Rico.


The Martin Peña Channel is choking with fifty years of toxins, sewage and infectious disease.



Instead of helping with all this, U.S. “austerity measures” have forced over $200 million in direct cuts to health services.  This makes Puerto Rico, quite possibly, the worst place in the world to handle a viral outbreak.

So far, at least one pregnant woman has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome – a paralysis caused by the Zika virus – along with another patient. According to U.S. health officials, a “significant” number of additional Zika cases are expected.


In view of this looming catastrophe, we can make one sad prediction…

That the public health crisis in Puerto Rico will finally see some concern, and some action…

When U.S. tourists contract the Zika virus on the island, and bring it back to El Norte.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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7 Comments on “Rats in the public schools: the health system of Puerto Rico is on the verge of collapse

  1. I live here and I’m not experiencing or observing any if this. I know doctors are leaving, I know of one report of Zika on the island, and yes, the canal needs to be repaired. I drink the water every day, as do others, and there are no repercussions. I am sick and tired of hearing all this doom and gloom from people who don’t even live here. PR is alive and well, thank you very much…the reports of her demise are extremely exaggerated… And we will recover from this financial crisis, but this kind of rhetoric is not helpful.


  2. I live in the island and I think that our people are lazy, we can take back our flag, our rights and our culture. In fact the “Ai Bendito” has ruined our present state. We lost everything because everyone is selling out their pride. We need to be stronger and re-build our land once again. Puerto Rico is sleeping and they will not wake up until it is too late. I will not give up, we need to stop borrowing and start cultivating (Producing). Our children comes first here!!


  3. I apologize for the tone of my next comment.

    How about we the persons who live on the Island of Puerto Rico stop depending on the Feds and the Government? Both are repressive, suppressive, controlling, homicidal, and with delusions of grandeur. To ask for help from these “institutions” is to ask a rapist to pay for a can of milk to feed the product of rape. (Which isn’t too far from reality.)

    There’s a problem with rats? Let those concerned go to the different shops that sell both poisoned bait and the traps that go with it. Start baiting and cleaning those areas which are infested. Community action can handle this faster than begging for Federal, Governmental, or municipal “pork”. In this matter, it’s best to be Jewish (everyone’s against us, so we handle it ourselves.)

    There’s a problem with the Zika virus? Start actively handling the breeding grounds. Get rid of stagnant waters as much as possible. Need spraying to handle? Certainly there must be a number of persons and companies which could bankroll this activity; first within their home base, then the nearby communities. Need permits to spray? Hey, there is either no Government or “we are the Government”. Thus, who needs permission to save lives?

    The Martín Peña Channel is a toxic dump? This one will require more concerted action than just going around with cans at the stoplights and begging for loose change. There are probably a number of local companies which can do this kind of cleanup. Find out FIRST if those directly and/or indirectly affected by this are interested in a handling. If there’s interest, THEN request a privately funded study to figure what needs to be done. Make sure this is privately funded; this could be excellent for a crowdfunding activity; there’s enough people willing to chip in for worthy causes, why not ask them nicely.

    Come on, folks. If a “tecato” can be at a stoplight in the sun for twelve hours in order to accumulate enough to get his/her fix, we can do better than sit in a legislator’s office begging for pork which is carved out of each person’s body.

    Again, apologies for my tone.

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  4. This is just another assault or genocide against the Black and Brown family that is continually playing out in the world today. Is this done by design or was it an accident waiting to happen. Take your pick and draw your own conclusions.


  5. The reason rats, mice, and mosquitoes have a breeding ground has nothing to do with spending on public health, it has to do with the people not disposing of trash properly, and allowing standing water everywhere for the insects to breed. There is no reason for trash to accumulate in any public area except for the public’s apathy and arrogance. The world around you is not a trash can, ash tray, or garbage disposal. Everyone can pickup trash, drain standing water, you don’t need a janitor or maintenance person to do it for you. Teachers and students should have been able to keep to keep their school free of vermin breeding areas. If you’re to good to help then you will suffer the conciquences. I know the arrogant will respond to my rant, but after you’re done running your mouths, bend down and pick up some trash before talking your trash again.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Puerto Rico is falling apart …. and “its Master” isn’t doing a thing about it. After all, “it’s only China town”! Read the book …


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