Se chavó el gobernador de Puerto Rico: the U.S. Senate demands information

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla is in a world-class mess.

As of February 10, 2016, the U.S. Senate sent him a nine-page, single-spaced letter, demanding answers to over four dozen questions. It also demanded 63 separate financial accountings, 217 documents, and thousands of agency transaction summaries…all due in less than three weeks, by March 1.

The entire letter is densely worded, stuffed with legal and accounting terms, and written in cruel and complex English. Poor Alejandro Garcia Padilla…he will not understand even 5% of this letter.

As they say in East Harlem, “se chavó el gobi.” Here is the entire text of the letter:

Unfortunately, the governor can barely speak English. 

…and the Secretary of Economic Development, Alberto Bacó, is a certified idiot.

…and the president of the Government Development Bank (GDB), Melba Acosta, has been talking out of both sides of her mouth for the past 16 months.

She is therefore unable to deliver a credible “financial accounting” to her corner grocer, let alone the Finance Committee of the U.S. Senate.


Gov Garcia PadillaGov. Garcia Padilla asks for an extension on “that little report you asked for”


And so, the government of Puerto Rico which has no money, will now pay several million dollars to McConnell Valdés or some other law firm in order to meet, resist or finesse this information demand from the U.S. Senate.


The government of Puerto Rico is clearly responsible for maintaining adequate financial records. But there is another dynamic behind this “demand for information,” which cannot go unnoticed.

Within a few months, several dozen hedge funds may be suing the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for payment on their municipal bonds. These hedge funds are using the Finance Committee of the U.S. Senate, and its chairman Orrin Hatch, as instruments of “forced discovery” from the government of Puerto Rico.

The hedge funds are using the U.S. Senate not only as their “litigation partner” to develop their case against the island. They are also using the Senate as their own private detective, forensic accountant, and collection agency.

This is not an appropriate role for the U.S. Senate…particularly since there are strong indications, that the hedge fund “investments” are actually an odious debt, which violates the constitution of Puerto Rico. 


Article VI, Section 2 of the constitution of Puerto Rico limits all annual debt payment by the insular government to 15 percent of its total revenues.

But in 2016, the Puerto Rican government will spend up to 42 percent of its revenues on debt. In other words, the island’s debt payments are nearly 300% (three hundred percent) over the constitutional limit.

Wall Street not only knew this…they designed the bonds which circumvented the constitution of Puerto Rico, known as COFINA bonds. They knowingly violated the island’s constitution, and now seek to be rewarded for their violation.

There is plenty of blame to go around – the colonial relationship, the Jones Act, the greed of Wall Street, the treachery of both the PPD and PNP – all of these have victimized the people of Puerto Rico for over sixty years.

But that does not excuse the U.S. Senate for stuffing its pockets with Citizens United dollars, and becoming a for-hire collection agency and litigation pit bull for the vulture funds that are preparing to strangle the entire island’s economy.

In the meantime, se chavó el gobernador de Puerto Rico.

He better learn some English, real quick.


**Please Note: The stripping of ERISA protections in the Senate’s letter (see p. 7, par. e) was also highly suspicious. There was no reason to mention it, since Commonwealth pensions are public. But with looming “privatization” all over the island, the hedge funds may be laying the foundation for cutting pensions in their upcoming “public private partnerships.”


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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6 Comments on “Se chavó el gobernador de Puerto Rico: the U.S. Senate demands information

  1. “The entire letter is densely worded, stuffed with legal and accounting terms, and written in cruel and complex English.” You should go in to some detail and give examples within your article so you make your points/opinions stronger.

    1. I expected it to be a much more difficult read. Everything is pretty basic really. Though they ask for much, the letter is remarkably short and fairly concise.

    2. The legal and accounting terms are pretty standard. Maybe too tough for your average world wide facebook reader. But not too tough for people who are supposed to be running your country. Maybe they even, actually dumbed it down a bit for Alex? That being said, at no point did Hon Hatch make damning/disrespectful statements/remarks about PR (or any gov officials) or ask for anything that shouldn’t already be public record.

    3. What questions did you find cruel and complex? The questions being asked should have been asked by the people of PR years ago. In fact, THEY HAVE BEEN! The same questions that are being asked about UPR have been asked by students and faculty at UPR for years. There was a strike recently. They asked the same questions. These questions are only cruel and complex if you were the kind of person who worked for the PRgov and stole money from kids with special educational needs. These questions should be easy to answer if the gov officials of PR were doing their jobs instead of stealing from their friends and neighbors, taking bonuses 3 times a year, and going on vacations.

    Essentially, I believe your point is that these questions are cruel and complex because PR is a colony, and as such, it’s ridiculously foolish to ask a colonial gov to be corruption free. It’s especially evil and cruel for a country to be a colony under a country that is supposed to be THE beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. I agree 100% with your argument.

    Thank you WAAP’s! I respect and appreciate all of your efforts! Keep the articles coming.


  2. The Puerto Rican economy and government needs someone that can balance the economic woes of their current financial crisis. The financial crisis is impacting the island in ways that are unspeakable. The unemployment rate is beyond the roof and the current governor is doing nothing to resolve that issue.

    I live in the US but see the impact when I go visit my parents in Puerto Rico in the town I grew up in on the island.

    Elige un gobernador de que va a mantener el bienestar de la isla en su foco.

    Si furera you, you pediria todos los gastos financieros y reconciliarlio con los expensos de hoy dia a ver donde se puede realizar economias en los gastos.

    Victor M. Ortiz


  3. what goes around comes around period! SAVE PUERTO RICO !!


  4. Bernie Sanders stated, ” Their is a human tragedy unfolding, and in my view, Wall Street should not believe that they can draw blood from a stone”. As for Gov. Garcia Padilla, PPD, and PNP, as they say in Puerto Rico, í Que SE Joda!


  5. Watch out! The infamous debt is a colonial debt. Deuda odiosa. Es el costo de administrar la colonia.


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