A hero for Puerto Rico: Congressman Luis Gutierrez

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The U.S. Congress is holding hearings this week, that will determine the future of Puerto Rico. Will it go bankrupt? Will the U.S. offer any help? Will a Financial Control Board take over the entire government, and create a new dictatorship in the Caribbean?

A gladiator stepped into the arena. Congressman Luis Gutierrez took the microphone and blew everyone away. His words cut through the entire hearing room – so sharply you could hear a pin drop. You can see his testimony right here:

Rep. Gutierrez spoke from 1:29:45 till 1:35:30, just under six minutes…but those six minutes cut through a century of congressional ignorance and hypocrisy. Gutierrez made it clear that Puerto Rico is a U.S. colony, and that the U.S. government bears great responsibility for the economic chaos on the island.

He talked about the Jones Act, economic development…and jobs, jobs, jobs.

Other voices were heard that day.

Eric LeCompte, Executive Director of Jubilee USA, made great sense (32:30 – 36:55).

Thomas Moers Mayer was paid handsomely to represent the hedge funds (39:05 – 45:35).

Pedro Pierluisi boldly declared that “the majority of people in Puerto Rico support the concept of a Financial Oversight Board.” (47:55 – 48:10).

But it was Congressman Luis Gutierrez who made the case for Puerto Rico. He spoke and acted like a true champion…a champion for his island.

A champion for his people.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com


28 Comments on “A hero for Puerto Rico: Congressman Luis Gutierrez

  1. I admire ex-congressman Gutierrez for his commitment towards equality for Puerto Rican American citizens. I vividly remember the TV scene were a military individual held him to the ground with his boot over the then Congressmans’ face while protesting in Vieques. Nevertheless I wonder if he is aware of the health abuses that many ex-military Puerto Rican veterans are suffering since returning home (to PR) with LYME DISEASE infection in their bodies. I was infected in 1972 as a US Marine while serving at the superfund site Camp Lejuenne were I was also exposed to carcinogenic solvents tainted waters and experimental Phiizer pneumonia vaccines which have produced immune suppression and a host of many illnesses which put my life at risk daily. I can’t even receive the COVID vaccine as these produce adverse reactions. The PR VAMCSJ only alter my my painstakingly submitted compensation claims as they examine the progression of disease which produced full disability by age 40. I guess I’ve become another Tuskegee like human test subject. No small wonder so many distrust the present COVID vaccine protocols. Over 40,000 participated in the vaccine experiments (mycoplasma pneumonia) and the Lyme Disease epidemic infects almost 600,000 Americans every year, a situation the US Congress is investigating as created by our US military especially since the death of Senator Kay Hagen due to Powason virus related to Lyme infected ticks (Kay Hagan Tick Act/Congressman Chris Smith/New Jersey). Would be great if el Gallito del Congresso could look into this Crimes against Humanity by the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction issue.


  2. You lost me at Luis Gutierrez…the quintessential political hack in 3-D: duplicitous, deceitful and dishonest.

    This guy never met an illegal he didn’t hug and kiss on the 6 o’clock news.

    And is he still in Texas handing-out fake IDs made at farmers’ markets in El Paso?

    And meanwhile his congressional district back in Illinois is filling Chicago’s morgues after dying of drug over-doses, adolescent gang warfare and drive-by shootings at elementary schools. And that child-prostitute trafficking, astronomical unemployment, uncollected garbage in the streets and hopelessness and despair just don’t seem to get the attention of this “hero”, whose OWN family just “happens” to NOT live in Illinois, but in Puerto Rico.

    Yeah, he’s a regular hero all right.

    Where is the homage to J-Low?

    Oh, that’s right…she’s in South Beach trying-on blonde wigs, diamond encrusted thongs and riding around in her Bentley convertible with her latest 18 y/o retro-sexual dancer.


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  4. Los tiempos han cambiado mucho desde el 1898. Aquellos eran los tiempos de expansion, y si, de colonialismo. Hoy dia es diferente. Hoy dia los Esatdos Unidos tienen satelites en el espacio que pueden contar hasta las hormigas en la tierra, asi que ya bases como Roosevelt Roads, Vieques, etc. no son necesarias. El colonialismo ya ha pasado de moda. Mi opinion es que hoy a los Estados Unidos les gustaria darle la independencia a Puerto Rico, pero tiene que ser honorablemente, y la presente situacion no lo permite. No lo permite porque la gran mayoria de los puertorriqueños; mas de 90%, en eleccion tras eleccion, siempre dicen que NO a la independencia, asi es que darle la independecia cuando solo el tres por ciento de la poblacion la quiere seria un insulto; una patada en el trasero a los puertorriqueños y una verguenza para los Estados Unidos, ya que esos 3.5 millones de puertoriqueños han sido cuidadanos Americanos por un periodo de cien años y han derramado su sangre por los Estados Unidos en campos de batalla alrrededor de mundo. De la unica manera, segun yo veo las cosas, tiene que ser un alto porciento de los Boricuas, por medio del VOTO, exijan la independencia. De esa manera la obtendrian en un abrir y cerrar de ojos. Pero eso es casi un sueño imposible…


  5. Simply electrifying! Gutierrez rhetoric is perfect, piercing, clear, very clear, and the discourse itself was amazingly revealing.


  6. Why seek help from the US.The only help they have offered was the welfare so called. Not so smart to be affiliated with the US have we not learned enough no more abuse.Independence is the key.In time we can offer help.The world is entering a dramatic state.This financial state will be controlled.


  7. Puerto Rico is a colony! That is what Congressman Luis Gutiérrez stated before the Natural Resource Committee of the House of Representative of the Congress. Those words were enough for the reporter of the War Against All Puerto Ricans for considering Congressman Gutierrez as a gladiator and a hero of the Puerto Ricans. Where Gutierrez and the reporter have been for the past 100 years? Don’t they know that since the beginning of the 20 century supporters of statehood and independence have stated in National and International forums that Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States. Since the end of the 90s every time the topic of decolonization of PR was brought before Congress what action Gutierrez took for amending PR’s colonial status? Take a look to the Congress records on this matter and you will find that all action taken by Gutiérrez was to defend the Island’s existing colonial status. Even more, what steps Gutierrez took for decolonize PR after the 2012 referendum carried out in the island in which 54% of the vote cast rejected the current colonial status and more than 60% chose the statehood?


  8. Thank you congressman Gutierrez for finally exposing “the tip of the spade” and calling “a spade a spade”.


  9. Congressman Luis Gutierrez, My Hero!
    For Puerto Rico “IS” a Colony.
    along side Dominican Republic, Cuba,
    Central and South America.
    All these politicians keep speaking about Puerto Rico but keep ignoring the Elephant in the Room. That we are a Colony. That we are a possession of the USA. We are latin, with a Latin culture and speak spanish.
    Why don’t these politicians in Washington DC
    Take a trip down to Puerto Rico and get to know us as a people. After all they are deciding our future. But first learn spanish before you do.
    I can teach you: Pollito …. Chicken. …


  10. Gutiérrez spoke the truth of our situation Puerto Rico is part of Latin America and by the laws of God and men belongs free. The United states must give us the respect and freedom we deserve.we have Bern together since 1898 now in thus turbulence the great power must give freedom to it’s colony and we must be allies not enemies troop much is at stake.


  11. ;Live Free, rather than with shatter hopes and dreams. ;Live Free to die free, rather than to live subjugated without liberty. ;Live Free to be yourself rather than to live in the shadows.


  12. Reblogged this on Francena Amparo and commented:
    Rep. Gutierrez spoke from 1:29:45 till 1:35:30. In just under six minutes, he cut through a century of congressional ignorance and hypocrisy. Gutierrez made it clear that Puerto Rico is a U.S. colony, and that the U.S. government bears great responsibility for the economic chaos on the island.


  13. You can talk you want, but the debt of
    Puerto Rico that some local Financial expert say that is above $150 billion Dollars, it was locally created by all PuertoRican Administrations. It is time that US Congress
    put Puerto in Sync. Politicians used to borrough loans without having Financial Statements. I.E Borroughing money having no funds to pay.


  14. Los USA no provocaron ese caos en PR, fueron nuestros malditos políticos con el support del pueblo. Ahora que salgan ellos mismos del problema. Reduzcan la lsla a 3 distritos senatoriales y reduzcan la isla a solo 32 Alcaldías así reducían 8 representantes por cada Distrito y 4 senadores por cada distrito y 3 senadores estatales. Al reducir el gol. Nombran 3 poderes de contables forenses a-políticos para fiscalizar a Hacienda y todo se acabara. Los que corren nuestra Isla son los que más saben y la tienen en el hoyo. Estamos igual a Venezuela. Hasta que el pueblo no se levante los políticos del PNP y PPD seguirán saqueando el pueblo. Prepárense para las colas…….


  15. It’s time that we Puertoricans stand on our own, Independently. The US has held us under their thumb while stating that they are helping us for far to long. Puerto Rico has sacrificed it’s sons in wars for the US and still no respect for our people.

    The United States does not want us as a State then we must become our own Country. I would not want to have it any other way.





  17. Gutierrez, we the “Boricuas” are more than ready to stand behind you…You have not only stood by the immigrants but now, you are standing strong in addressing the Congress and opening a case for Puerto Rico….

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  18. Need to know more of “what happen?” The corruption in Puerto Rico is not new but alarming that it goes to the highest levels of government. How can the US oversee and provide just and fair help to the financial crisis in Puerto Rico?


  19. Congressman Luis Gutierrez was on fire when he stated the United States has plenary power. No ifs or buts about it. Puerto Rico was war booty and made into a colony and still is a colony. The Jone’s act was imposed on them and in return they gave Puerto Ricans welfare handouts. What they need and want is jobs, jobs, jobs not handouts. The Jone’s act took thousands of jobs and prosperity from them. I just hope they don’t retaliate against him for stating the truth. Amen!


  20. American greed has been the major part of Puerto Rico’s fiscal problems. The unequal treatment under Federal programs. and the explotation of the island by american corporations when they take their profits and neglect to reinvest in Puerto Rico. Statehood or Independence will bring equality to the 3.5 million fellow american citizens.


  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Luis Guttierez …. thank you, Nelson …. for sharing this information!! 🙂


  22. I applaud congressman Gutierrez for his view on Puerto Rico, stating that congress has the responsibility to correct the crises in Puerto Rico’s which was created by american greed for 117 years


  23. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “The U.S. Congress is holding hearings this week …. ” …. We all need to be aware of what goes on!!
    Financial Control Board? Nooooo ….
    “A gladiator stepped into the arena. Congressman Luis Gutierrez took the microphone and blew everyone away.”


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