The State of the Union…does not include Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Three days ago, on January 13, Pres. Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address.

It lasted 58 minutes.

At no point during those 58 minutes, did the President mention Puerto Rico.

Not even once.

I encourage everyone to watch this speech, and to reach your own individual conclusion:

If you wish, you can share a comment on this question: 

After 118 years… 

With Puerto Rico in one of the greatest crises in its history… 

What does it mean when the President of the United States… 

Says nothing about it?

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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7 Comments on “The State of the Union…does not include Puerto Rico

  1. like i said we have to fight boriquas everybody complains. but dont do shit obama the white devils dont care about puerto rico they stoled our sugarcane aka domino sugar. they took our cofee fields everything we Had to feed our familys and we let them anerica is the most evil country on earth they steal cultures they dont help the poor puerto rico is not part of america.. they took over puerto rico like bullys and we let them now were in trouble and no help. america is evil a dollar bill says it all in God we Trust. i leave at that .Que viva puerto rico y vamos a peliar contra los diablos de america. y que dios me los bendiga a todos en el nombre de jesus cristo!!!


  2. With Puerto Rico being the oldest colony in the Western Hemesphere what did you expects the President todo. We are not of importance solely for what they can take from us That is colonialism


  3. I don’t think there’s a single Puerto Rican or progressive-minded person who isn’t concerned and worried about the economic situation in Puerto Rico. However, do you honestly feel that the State of the Union (known for its broad brush strokes) is the venue for an outgoing President to discuss this issue? I think it’s more important to ensure that this is included in the platforms of candidates campaigning for President.


  4. Just like 1953 when the United States stated, Puerto Rico is now an Estado Libre Associado ( Commenwealth ). In front of the United Nations they had a “loss of memory”, they forgot to clarify what we’re all those strings attached from Puerto Rico and the United States. President Obama had a “loss of memory”.What a coincidence!


  5. He didn’t mention Mississippi either…or Arkansas, or Utah, Guam, etc. Come on man.


    Efrain…None of those states are facing a complete bankruptcy and implosion of their entire economic system.

    None of those states are being forced to RAID their pension funds, WITHHOLD tax refund payments, FIRE thousands of workers, and CLOSE 150 schools.

    –Nelson Denis


  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    What does it mean? We know ….. Puerto Rico is INVISIBLE! What happens there … never has happened! After all, it’s “CHINATOWN”, remember? The truth is out!!


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