Lifestyles of the rich and famous…in Puerto Rico

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

The economy of Puerto Rico is in deep trouble. 

Nearly half the island is living below the poverty line. Per capita income is $16,400…half that of Mississippi, the poorest state in the US. For this reason, over one million Puerto Ricans have been forced to leave the island over the past fifteen years.

But there is a second economy in Puerto Rico.

It is populated by U.S. billionaires, multi-millionaires, and a few Puerto Ricans who cater to them.

The catering is so deep that two laws – Act 20 and Act 22 – were passed by the government of Puerto Rico, which allows these rich people to pay no interest, dividend, or capital gains taxes for twenty years…if they start a “business” which hires three Puerto Ricans.

Here are some of the luxury mansions that are being offered to these rich US “investors” who hire three Puerto Ricans, in exchange for paying no taxes:

Sky Mansion in Vieques: $7.8 million
Montehiedra Estate Mansion in San Juan: $3 million
J. Lo Castle in Rincón: $5 million

The “J. Lo Castle” comes with its own lookout tower, helipad, and an armored knight in the main library. 

For $6 million, you can strut around like Hugh Hefner in this Guaynabo bachelor pad:

                                                          Bachelor pad in Guaynabo: $6 million

Sotheby’s even provided a video of this love nest:

Amazingly, these homes can be purchased with “Jumbo Loans” that require no money down.

Rich foreigners can “buy” these properties by merely paying the closing costs, then “flip” them in a favorable market.

In other words, they are buying major pieces of Puerto Rico real estate, all over the island, with no money down.

This is not some late-night TV commercial, selling real-estate DVDs to gullible couch potatoes.

This is the island of Puerto Rico, being sold for pennies on the dollar…to people with the right portfolio.

How widespread is this sale?

The following articles in Realty Today, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Forbes, New York Times, Sotheby’s, and Christie’s International Real Estate, will give you an idea:

For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

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14 Comments on “Lifestyles of the rich and famous…in Puerto Rico

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  3. The problem is… if I was filthy rich but being Puerto Rican living in Puerto Rico, I would have to pay interest, dividend, or capital gains taxes for all my life… even if I start a business which hires 3, 20, 1,000 or even 500,000 Puerto Ricans.

    And if I wanted a luxury mansion, I will have to pay for it in full, including taxes, closing taxes, and all the interest… AND I will have to pay taxes like all hard working puertoricans do…

    What’s the difference between those rich USA people coming here and us? What do they have that we don’t? Nothing.

    I think these laws must be for Puerto Ricans only, and those that come from abroad must wait until all Puerto Ricans fill all the positions.

    Don’t be silly… the government is provoking the exile of whole Puerto Rican people, so that this island becomes a rich people only paradise with no “poor” people around… unless for those working for the rich people… and that is a fact…


  4. So what! I’m from the US and I’m buying in PR. My grandmother is from Vega Baja. Is my 1/4 PR DNA and 3/4 non PR DNA not worthy of your island? Puerto Rico going belly up has nothing to do with rich people coming to PR but has everything to do with the massive corruption within the government and the people drinking their coolade. It’s not easy to run a business especially a small one. It’s because it becomes your life and you invest all your blood and money into it, and unlike employees you can’t just go home and relax after 5pm. Companies and Businessmen coming to PR would be the best thing for the economy bringing jobs and opportunities which there are currently very little at the moment. Most business and wealthy people are very much interested in giving back to community but never get credit when they do. I know I do. I’m not rich by any means but I have worked hard enough to run a successful company. I really hope PR’s don’t fall into this poor me attitude. My father worked the docks and tug boat in NY and now he owns his own company. Nothing is impossible if you work hard enough at it. Don’t fall for this entitlement crap, no on is owed anything in this world.You have bleed, sweat to earn it and when you do it means way more that just having it given to you. And puerto rican do not own the island, your made up of so many world cultures Germans etc I even heard that PR is the 2nd largest settlement for Corsicans.


  5. Lets take a deeper look at some of the comments above and issues dividing Puerto Rico:
    -tax structure – yes, the rican gov’t has created incentives for wealthy US citizens to live in PR (this isn’t to say rican’s aren’t US citizens, I’m just using the nomenclature to differentiate for the sake of easier understanding). in some cases the citizens can create their own companies based in PR…in others the US citizens need to live 180 days in PR, the idea being that the daily living expenses during those 180+ days will go directly into the rican economy. Would PR be better off without these contributions?

    – politics, corruption and compensation. Does PR want to consider itself part of the USA or part of LatAm? If LatAm, I would suggest looking at regional politics. PR is on par if not much better than the benchmark in terms of corruption and compensation. There are scandals, transparency and compensation issues in the USA as well…however its a much larger place, with more resources and so details are easier to hide.

    – GDP PP. Yes, PR has a lower GDP PP than MS. There are a number of factors that need to be considered in order to make this an “apples to apples” comparison. is the cost of living in PR on par with MS or below? is the quality of life in PR better or below MS? Access to infrastructure and resources: better in PR or MS?

    – US Imperialism. There is no doubt that the USA originally occupied PR for military reasons. Have the people been accurately compensated for this “tour de force”? Tough question to answer. If you look at other Spanish colonies in the region, PR is at the top. Would you, mi gente boricua, prefer to be the Dominican Republic? How about French colonies? Would you prefer to be Haiti or Martinique? Surely the PR GDP PP is higher than every other territory regionally except Trinidad (because of oil) and Bermuda (because of offshore banking policies). What is the value of access to the infrastructure the USA offers on the mainland? Would a socialized system of medicine and education be better for PR? According to The Economist, 75% of the world’s top educational institutions still reside in the USA. If PR were attacked by a foreign power, who would you rather have on your side, the USA armed forces or the Dutch/French/Spanish?

    – Unemployment. The unofficial economy, as in other parts of LatAm, is hard to count in numbers. The official unemployment rate isn’t nearly accurate because of this. Not to mention PR suffers somewhat from the “malicie indigena” which can be summarized in two ideas: 1) if you are doing well, i won’t praise you and join you but look to malign you and try to keep everything for myself. Surely this is an idea learned from the Spanish conquest that industrialization and colonization by the USA has tried to break. 2) Too many chiefs, not enough indians. There is work on the island for those who want it. It may not be at exactly the educational level desired or pay grade, but its better than nothing.

    – Immigration to the USA. Last time I checked, the USA economy was growing faster than Europe (ie other nations who colonized the Caribbean). Aside from Switzerland, not part of the EU, the GDP PP in the USA was higher than any EU nation. Should these be considered benefits?

    Keep your mind open, keep traveling, keep the oceans blue, feed the mango trees and remember that PR is consistently voted as one of the happiest places on planet earth.


  6. Puerto Rico has been for sale since 1898 when it was bought for 19 mil, The people have been the SLAVES to the Rich with no Freedom in sight with no Future. And what do the people… Nothing but argue. Wake Up PUERTO RICO. If you think that Puerto Ricans are better off in the States, You are in for worst days of your life if you think you have one. The Americans have a saying that we should adopt….United we stand, Divided we FALL. America is not Grate it has been in wars for the pass 24 years and guess who is paying for it…???? What I wonder is who is going to Take care of the world after all the wars are Finish???? the answer is nobody we will not be here again for, You tell me!!!!!.


  7. Albiuz once said “los gringos solo le interesa las jaulas no los pajaros”


  8. Unforunately this is our reality. This is work of our politicians and biggest interest.


  9. we as puerto ricans got to fight for our land we cant let the evil white eyes slave us . just remember they can defeat us . but they cant defeat jesus christ.


  10. My beautiful island. They are stripping her.
    Sold piece be piece.
    This cannot happen.
    As a Puerto Rican, whenever I travel, I feel the land calling me. Must be the Taino, DNA in me.
    When I returned, get of that plane, and set foot on our land, a joy over comes me, for she receive me with open arms.
    I always take my hand and place it deeply into the soil, for she enriches me.

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  11. Que los más pobres emigren a las zonas más ricas es lo más normal del mundo. En Puerto Rico, muy cerca de Cuba, más del 40 % de la población total se ha ido y se ha ido a Estados Unidos. Cada año un cuarto de millón de centroamericanos atraviesan ilegalmente la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos (1). Después de la crisis financiera de 2008 abandonaron su país dieciséis veces más irlandeses que cubanos


  12. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hire THREE Puerto Ricans … pay no taxes!!
    “There is a second economy in Puerto Rico. It is populated by U.S. billionaires, multi-millionaires, and a few Puerto Ricans who cater to them. The catering is so deep that two laws – Act 20 and Act 22 – were passed by the government of Puerto Rico, which allows these rich people to pay no interest, dividend, or capital gains taxes for twenty years … if they start a “business” which hires three Puerto Ricans.” SMH … this world is going to “hell”!!

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