FBI arrests 10 in Puerto Rico political corruption case…hedge funds and U.S. Congress prepare to celebrate.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Yesterday…Dec. 3, 2015…the FBI arrested 10 Puerto Rico government officials and businessmen in a widespread corruption probe.

The 25-count indictment includes extortion, money laundering, wire fraud, and federal program bribery. For the past four years, the 10 arrestees are accused of using Puerto Rico – and the Puerto Rican government budget – as their personal ATM.

The arrestees include Anaudi Hernández Pérez, who is in charge of campaign finances for the Governor of Puerto Rico and for the Popular Democratic Party (PPD); a former vice president of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA); the current head of PRASA purchasing; and the administrator of the Workforce Development Administration (WDA).

In an FBI press release, the Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Carlos Cases, is quoted extensively:

“Unfortunately, this is one more case of graft, greed, and corruption that over the last 20 years have contributed to the government of Puerto Rico’s fragile economic condition and [placed it] on the brink of bankruptcy,”


FBI agent Carlos Cases

The U.S. press exploits the arrests

The U.S. business press pounced on the news immediately.

As soon as the FBI issued their press release – on the very same day – Bond Buyer reported that “U.S. Senators have already voiced skepticism about the ability of Puerto Rico’s government to properly govern the island.”

Bond Buyer further wrote that “if some of Puerto Rico’s leaders were involved with the corruption, that would limit the leaders’ abilities to negotiate on financial issues.”

Then, in loud italic lettering, Bond Buyer trumpeted that “Today’s arrests may make the U.S. Congress more likely to approve a control board to run Puerto Rico’s affairs.”


With equal enthusiasm, Caribbean News howled that “the corruption case is a shame for the Puerto Rican government.”


Highly suspicious timing

The FBI arrests are no great shock to long-suffering Puerto Ricans…but the timing is highly suspicious.

They occur at exactly the moment that a five-member “Financial Control Board” is being rammed through the Puerto Rico legislature.

They also occur at exactly the moment that the government of Puerto Rico becomes insolvent, and negotiations on Puerto Rico’s $73 billion debt enter the brass knuckle phase.

It is also unusual for an FBI agent to convene a press conference, in order to discuss 20 years of Puerto Rican history and the “fragile economic condition” of an entire government.


Count the news reports

Over the next few days, it will be a good idea to simply “count the news reports.”

Count how many U.S.-based newspapers report the “corrupt political system” in Puerto Rico, versus how many papers report:

  • The Call to Action this week, by hundreds of Puerto Ricans in Washington, DC; or
  • The mass demonstrations by Puerto Rico teachers unions; or
  • Mounting demand for Jones Act reform; or
  • The mysterious bottling-up of HR 870 (the Chapter 9 Bankruptcy reform bill) in the House Judiciary Committee for ten months; or
  • The “equity flips” and “strategic bankruptcies” of MacQuarie Investment Management, on three continents, before becoming the public-private partnership “adviser” for the entire island of Puerto Rico; or
  • The amount of “campaign contributions” received by Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo (millions of dollars) from the same hedge funds that are strangling Puerto Rico; or
  • The multi-million dollar income of Luis Fortuño, as he “legally” auctions off the island infrastructure (highways, schools, water, electrical grid, public housing, beaches and coastal properties) to a frenzy of “P3” operatives; or
  • The 20-year tax evasion of John Paulson and dozens of U.S. billionaires, as they scoop up “distressed properties” all over the island without paying any interest, dividend, or capital gains taxes; or
  • The ransacking of teacher pensions, thanks to the recent privatization of the island’s public school system.

Shame on all of them

Shame on the PPD and PNP in Puerto Rico, the vulture funds in Wall Street, the politicians in both the island and mainland, who position themselves to profit from the misery of other human beings…

Shame on the U.S. business press, and their paid-for propaganda…

Shame on all of them.

They think we don’t see them, or the magnitude of what they’re doing.

They think they can bully and manipulate an entire nation, into embracing the dictatorship of a “Financial Control Board.”

Increasingly, on the global stage, the USA no longer stands for the United States of America. It stands for the United Sociopaths of America…all grabbing and devouring with no regard for consequence.

Is it any wonder, that many Puerto Ricans want no part of them?


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13 Comments on “FBI arrests 10 in Puerto Rico political corruption case…hedge funds and U.S. Congress prepare to celebrate.

  1. Shame to think the FBI is the answer or the Puerto Rican government is to blame…in reality the FBI and the P.R government are branches rooted in the same tree of U.S government. Puerto Rican citizens are being controlled by the U.S government. No such thing as a “Puerto Rican government” if they’re being controlled by the FBI and U.S interests. Talk about a military intervention.


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  4. No one wants the U.S. to come down here and take over Puerto Rico, but I am all for a Financial Control Board coming down here and taking the politics out of running the finances….the PR government has failed miserably to control the corruption that runs through all the government agencies. It’s obvious to me that they won’t do what needs to be done to get things back on track because of politics. Living here for 25 years, owning a business here, it’s all about getting over on the government, working off the books, not paying taxes, not registering your business with the appropriate government agencies…and unfortunately, it’s really easy to do that. They go after legitimate businesses and ignore the illegitimate ones….so you end up be driven out of business because you can’t compete with people who are either not collecting taxes or are collecting and pocketing them. Until they can get this under control, there is no way this island is going to get back on its feet. And I don’t believe for one minute that the people who got us into this mess can get us out.


  5. Gente Puerto Rico is the oldest colony in the world. Statehood as many of you wish will not solve the problems we face today, just ask Pierluisi and congressman Josê Serrano. Louisiana and Alabama already are the two welfare states of the union since they receive more than what they put into the coffers of the federal government but they are part of the union. In March of 2015 Pierluisi-Serrano submitted resolution 253-7 to congress for Puerto Rico to be considered and be admitted as a state. The resolution went to Alaska where it has been put in a drawer and forgotten. The Interior department has a year to respond and the reason why it went to Alaska is pretty obvious. The recent arrest is just another way of hiding our colonial condition. The feds knew all along because they have maintained the corrupt condition from their offices (en la calle Chardón) in San Juan.
    “Que pasa con los Puertorriqueños que no se rebelan” “Ramón Emeterio Betances” padre de la patria, not George Washington. We need self-esteem after many years of being infected with the “Stockholm Syndrome”. A free and Independent Puerto Rico is the answer to our political problems. Anything else will either be a hologram or an illusion. It is said that if you know your history you will know where you are going. That’s all for now. “Que viva Puerto Rico Libre”


  6. Tratar de hacer creer que la crisis económica que sufre Puerto Rico se debe al comportamiento que se le achaca a los arrestados en estos dias, entre los que hay funcionarios de la actual administración de gobierno, principalmente, es tratar de coger incautos. Se utilizó el término de “garrapatas”, por parte del portavoz o director del llamado FBI. La crisis, y la garrapata que se tiene pegá, la tiene pegá Puerto Rico, y esa es la garrapata del coloniaje, verdadera causa de la crisis, que es de naturaleza politica y económica, por las leyes y el dominio y control que ejerse y nos aplica el gobierno de EUA. Lo que más se interesa con estos arrestos es la búsqueda de simpatia hacia esa agencia policiaca norteamericana, y asi justificar la necesidad de su presencia en Puerto Rico, que existe para velar por los intereses de de su pais de origen, no de los de la colonia…


  7. After Watergate and President Nixon pardon by President Ford,
    We all woke up and realized how much corruption exists in government-
    Especially in Washington DC!
    And do not be fooled,
    For corruption still exists to this day in Washington DC.


  8. FBI, U.S. Business press, hedge fund brokers, Luis Fortuno. John Paulson, other billionaires,U.S. Congress, Caribbean news, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, PPD, PNP, they all swim in the same cesspool, and they all should be locked up for Tryanny.They all worship money and power. Truth and justice is no where in their vocabulary. We still have a long way to reach the mountain top.


  9. Mr Denis,
    You are correct! I have followed all the protest in Puerto Rico through the internet News , Like “Democracy Now”, Etc.
    But “Very Little” is said in the USA Television Network News!!!
    I do not want a “Financial Control Board” from Washington DC deciding our future. The future of our Island and our Puerto Rican People.
    This is a complete control, directed and directly coming from Washington DC towards Puerto Rico.
    After 117 years we are again being manipulated and control from Washington DC.
    After 400 years of Heritage, Culture and History, that we as a people have, we are being treated like Children.
    “A 400 YEAR OLD CHILD!”

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  10. If the government is corrupt then the police is corrupt. Also the US knew this all the time and didn’t care about it. I smell a rat. Manipulation to control a small nation of people that were manipulated by a history of atrocities perpetrated on the Islands. From the spaniards to the US. But the people in the island don’t get mad enough to remove these crooks. Our iwn people have enslave the people of Puerto Rico and has kept them poor for personal gain. 73 billion dollar use for a corrupt government.

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  11. Statehood is the answer. The US has decided to go full blown with the war on Puerto Rico. It’s time we cut our losses. It’s time to concede so that we may begin the rebuilding process.


  12. I am so happy the FBI step in to Puerto Rico. There is more stuff going on. Puerto Rico has plenty of resources to be able to get our island back on there feet. Please find the solution to the problem. We need our Country back in order.


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