Historic Photo of the Day: Toño Bicicleta

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Francisco Antonio García López, aka Toño Bicicleta (1943–1995), was an infamous Puerto Rican criminal.

According to the Puerto Rico Police Department (PRPD), Toño beheaded his wife Gloria Soto with a machete, in front of her four year-old son and sister.

He was jailed repeatedly for murder, kidnapping, and rape…but seven of those times, he escaped from jail.

His preferred method of escape was on a bicycle, hence the name “Toño Bicicleta.”


4 Comments on “Historic Photo of the Day: Toño Bicicleta

  1. I also met him once in the Hipódromo of Canóvanas. I was having lunch with the boyfriend of my best friend and this person came to the table said hello and left. Afterwards, I was told it was Toño. I was young and I don’t remember his face, still it was fun to hear that the authorities where looking for him while many knew him.


  2. Growing up in PR when I did, I remember him vividly. Heinous as his crimes were, he was quite the popular “hero” given songs, and even parodies, written and sung about him, for instance on morning commute radio.


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