Juan Bobo campaign growing, but still unfocused

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The campaign of Juan Bobo for Governor appears to be gaining traction in Puerto Rico: though it has yet to articulate a specific platform, ideology, or economic policy for the island.

Mr. Bobo continues to campaign on an old bus, wearing a straw hat and waving a large Puerto Rican flag.

Juan Bobo & PR Flag

A dozen other buses criss-cross the island, with a ten-foot image of Bobo in a wife beater.

Juan Bobo Campaign Bus

Over the past month, in a succession of press conferences, Bobo has demanded “serious change” in Puerto Rico, without specifying what that change should be.

Republican Gov. Rick Perry speaks to supporters while campaigning at Harris County Republican Headquarters, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2006, in Houston.  (AP Photo/Michael Stravato)

The demand for “change,” whatever that means, has resonated with the island electorate. At a recent rally, where Bobo did not appear, 10,000 Puerto Ricans all chanted for Bobo’s change.

Bobo demand Change

When asked to define or describe this “change,” no one at the rally seemed to know or care.

“Juan Bobo is going to make Puerto Rico great again,’ said Sinforoso Alicea from Caguas. “That’s enough for me.”


One Comment on “Juan Bobo campaign growing, but still unfocused

  1. Is Juan Bobo related to Donald Trump?

    ¿Es Juan Bobo pariente de Donald Trump?


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