A Treasure in Puerto Rico: Don Heriberto Marín Torres

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Heriberto Marín Torres is a living history book.

He helped Blanca Canales to raise the Puerto Rican flag and declare the Republic of Puerto Rico, during the revolution of 1950.

He went to prison for this, and became a close friend of Pedro Albizu Campos, while they were both imprisoned for their beliefs.

Don Heriberto wrote a noble and deeply informative book called Eran Ellos, about the Nationalist prisoners of the 1950 revolution. Due to this book, many people call Don Heriberto “the Solzhenitsyn of Puerto Rico.”

He also wrote a memoir about his beloved homeland, where he was born and raised. It was published recently in Puerto Rico, and it is called Coabey, El Valle Heroico.

Don Heriberto is constantly talking to young people all over Puerto Rico. He believes deeply in preserving the culture, values and history of his beloved island.

Don Heriberto is a gentle, quiet and humble man…yet he commands the greatest respect from everyone who meets him. He has the dignity, and quiet authority, of a man who has lived by his principles.

Don Heriberto sacrificed a great deal of his life, for the independence of Puerto Rico. He still believes in it. He talks about it every day. He continues to dedicate his life to it.

It is impossible to meet Don Heriberto Marín Torres, and not remember him for the rest of your life. This quiet, dignified, humble man, is one of the treasures of Puerto Rico.


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    Don Heriberto Marin Torres ….. “This quiet, dignified, humble man, is one of the treasures of Puerto Rico.” Bless him and long live!!!


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