Puerto Rico is a frog, being boiled alive

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Drop a frog into a pot of boiling water, and the frog will hop right out.  

Drop the same frog into cool water, heat the pot slowly, and the frog will stay inside…until it boils to death. 

This is happening right now in Puerto Rico.

For the past ten years, the island’s heat has been rising…electricity hikes…property tax hikes…three gasoline tax hikes…an 11.5% sales tax…teachers laid off…200 schools closed…pensions rolled back…

Over a million Boricuas fled the island as a result. This was the escape valve…but now, the water has reached a boiling point.


Two weeks ago, the Puerto Rico legislature privatized the public school system.

RFPs were also issued for the privatization of PREPA, with a built-in 4.2 cent rate hike as an inducement to corporate bidders.

A five-member Financial Control Board is now under consideration by the island legislature. This Board will rule from Washington DC on behalf of the hedge funds who “own” the island’s so-called “debt.” It will be the actual government of Puerto Rico.

The island runs out of cash by December 2015, owes over $1.2 billion by January 2016, and a frenzy of “P3s” (public private partnerships) will soon own the physical infrastructure of Puerto Rico (water supply, electrical grid, schools, prisons, highways, hospitals, airports, seaports, railways). The entire island will become one giant ATM for Wall Street.

Unfortunately, both major parties – the PPD and PNP – are in on the scam. The economic elites of Puerto Rico and Wall Street engineered this entire scenario. They will profit enormously, at the expense of everyone on the island.

The solution?

Very quickly…within the next few weeks or months…the frog needs to jump out of the pot, and dump the boiling water on them.


4 Comments on “Puerto Rico is a frog, being boiled alive

  1. Until you awaken to your true nationality as an Israelite from the tribe of Ephraim you will continue to be oppressed by the wicked. Black, Hispanics and Native Americans are the children of Israel, God’s chosen people. The educational system, religion and politics have failed us. We have lost connection with the most High God and our heritage, http://www.israelunite.org/ephraim-manessah/ Seek truth and real solutions to your problems!


  2. I pray we jump and throw the boiling water.The the lack of Education and the way the government plays cat and mouse with the masses politicians keep getting richer and manipulate with lies their public to their own advantages. That’s why Puerto Rico will always be Statehood party PNP and Commonwealth party PPD.An ignorante individual is easily manipulated with lies and promises to the poor, but the educated middle class will not but since the middle class of Puerto Rico is a very large minority it will be sandwiched between both parties with a switch every 4 years.Unless they unite all and an independant party can be persuaded to take over. Independance to Puertorricans is a biog y man fed as totalitarianism and dictator ship.


  3. They are squeezing us out of the island of Puerto Rico –
    The home of my birth, my parent’s birth, my heritage.-
    Squeezing out the middle class and the poor Puerto Ricans –
    There will be no more Puerto Rican left in Puerto Rico, Just rich Billionaires from other countries.
    Wish to be Free of those “CHAINS”.
    Chained since 1898 to the present”.
    There is the movement of “Civil Bisobedience”
    If there is a plan to march to Washington DC, give us the dates I will be there!


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