The Power of One Person Standing Up

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The image below is Puerto Rico. 

It is being lashed by the US Congress, the PPD and PNP, the IMF, Ann Krueger, hedge funds, Wall Street, a Financial Control Board, Gov. García Padilla, and a fake $73 billion “debt.” 

One person needs to stand up.  

Then several more will stand up. 

Then the whole island will stand up.


The question is…where is that one person?


7 Comments on “The Power of One Person Standing Up

  1. Do not paid the money.
    There is also something called:



  2. Where is that person?

    Probably afraid, thinking of what happened to the previous one who tried…

    Albizu, fried like a chicken with radioactivity…Filiberto Ojeda Rios, killed by a cowardly FBI sniper…Oscar, in jail for 34 years…And next…


  3. Probably some multi gazillionaire with a good heart and/or greed intentions willing to save the island and it’s people.

    Whatever the case let it not be the sesame Street big bird ostrich of trump.

    If he ever won, I would use collect money in kickstarter or something to build my own rocket to leave the globe.


  4. To all puerto ricans living in the USA:

    Este Pais no es el mio!
    Borinquen es pura flama,
    Y aqui me muero del FRIO!

    We can built our country back!


  5. Lugaro? Bernabe? Berrios?

    Plenty of great people standing up…and they’re making their appeals on radio, TV, and the Internet. People can’t say they’ve never heard of them. The problem is, despite excellently argued points of view, the people of Puerto Rico themselves are stuck in a “glass half full” paralysis and are not willing to BREAK with the status quo…and don’t want to “lose” their little stability. They’d prefer a plan to leave the island for Florida than the uncertainty of losing days of work to be on the street marching and protesting.

    That may all change on Nov. 15th, when people’s salaries are going to be reduced with the government shutdown…then, with nothing else to lose, you might start seeing people show up on the street.


  6. El esclavo que no está dispuesto a pagar su LIBERTAD,será obligado a pagar su esclavitud.” Por Laura de Albizu Campos.


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