The FBI file of Roberto Clemente

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

Late in his career, the FBI developed a file on Roberto Clemente.

It was a 21-page report.


Because according to certain US citizens…a brilliant right fielder with a .317 lifetime batting average, 240 home runs, 3,000 hits and 1,305 RBI, was a great threat to America.

Especially if he was Puerto Rican.

Roberto Clemente

Here is the LINK:

8 Comments on “The FBI file of Roberto Clemente

  1. Really?! The FBI following and opening a file on Roberto Clemente?! Was he a threat to the United States of America?! Makes me wonder why and how his supply plane on a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua fell from the sky and into the Atlantic Ocean! Hmmmmm!


  2. The two cars parked in front of Roberto Clemente’s house that the FBI where watching belonged to Roberto Clemente!? Yes? Correct?!
    Why would the FBI be watching the cars?!


  3. The two cars parked in front of Roberto Clemente house that the FBI was watching belong to Robert Clemente?! Yes!?


  4. Yeah that looks like a threat TO Mr. Clemente from someone else. It doesn’t look like the FBI was out to get him but instead looking into who issued the death threat.


  5. The white sissy Marie who wrote this was and is a kkk klown from new jersey.


  6. Saludos, Lusmari
    A Clemente lo investigaron en julio de 1964 ya que entendían era sospechoso de quien sabe que barbaridad ya que el FBI era un nido de paranoia. La investigación sobre la amenaza hacia la vida de el fue en el 1972. El expediente es una recopilación de varios incidentes.

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  7. Lo que yo leo en ese informe es que hubo una amenaza de muerte CONTRA Roberto Clemente, y por eso ellos investigaban. Ahí no dice que Roberto is “a great threat to America.” Dígame qué pasa.


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