Puerto Rican Pimp: Alberto Baco, the mini-me of Donald Trump

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Mini-me is running amok in the government of Puerto Rico.

His name is Alberto Baco – ostensibly the “Secretary” of Economic Development, but actually the mini-me of Donald Trump.

The entire insular government will soon be overseen by a five-member “Financial Control Board,” which will primarily protect the interests of the hedge funds that appoint them.

The entire insular economy is about to be “privatized.” Water supply, electrical power, schools and prisons, highways, hospitals and housing developments – all of them will soon be owned and operated by US hedge funds and private equity firms.

The island economy is in such a shambles, and US business elites are so shameless, that one current corporate “solution” is the selling of Puerto Rican bodily organs (heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas) to US millionaires.

Into this chaos enters Alberto Baco, the so-called “Secretary of Economic Development” for Puerto Rico.

Where do they find these idiots?

Baco would be a tolerable idiot, except that at times like these, with “harvesting of bodily organs” offered as a solution to colonial debt, nothing that Baco says is funny.

Billionaires create jobs

Baco loves billionaires.

They create “catering opportunities” in their private planes, and “freelance jobs” for helicopter pilots, as they fly over the island in search of real estate opportunities. Baco calls this “job development.”

Because Baco is an idiot.

Puerto Rico “loses nothing”

As the billionaires fly over Puerto Rico, buying long chunks of its coastline, and as they devour “distressed assets” (homes in foreclosure) for pennies on the dollar, without paying any taxes for 20 years, Baco thinks this is delightful…especially because Puerto Ricans “have nothing to lose.”

The loss of 1,000 square miles (roughly 20% of the island’s land mass) in exchange for “maybe” creating 10,000 jobs (10 jobs per square mile) seems like a “good deal” to Baco.

Because Baco is an idiot.

Puerto Ricans are “losers”

Like a true mini-me with a pinkie in his mouth, Baco performs his trademark Donald Trump imitation for a national TV audience. Anyone who disagrees with Baco’s idiotic notions of economic development is “a loser.”

He doesn’t explain why.

He has no facts or figures to support his assertions, because these facts and figures do not exist.

And also, because Baco is an idiot.

Baco’s Medical Tourism

Baco thinks that poor Puerto Ricans should pay the island’s so-called “debt,” by offering their bodily organs to rich US millionaires.



He calls this “medical tourism.” Others call it Josef Mengele in the Caribbean.

Neither Baco nor his family will volunteer for this “medical tourism” project…but Baco assures us that it is completely safe, and that it will generate great revenue for the people of Puerto Rico.

Baco sees no problem with poor people being harvested for their bodily organs (heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, ovaries, spleen) in order to pay for the waste and corruption of his political party.

Because Baco is an idiot.

Baco’s ego wall

The wall of Baco’s office is smothered with photos of, in Baco’s words, “Fortune 100” and “Fortune 200” investors.

Like a rock and roll groupie sniffing Mick Jagger’s underwear, Baco is thrilled at taking photos with the billionaires who are raping the entire island.

He points proudly at two of them: John Paulson the leading rapist, and billionaire Nicholas Prouty, owner of the largest marina in the Caribbean.

Baco’s chest swells with pride: knowing that he welcomed them to Puerto Rico, and that he held the island down, and clamped a hand over her mouth, as the billionaires raped her again and again. Baco is quite proud of this.

Because Baco is an idiot.

Baco's Pictures

Unfortunately, Baco is a rich idiot. He has been paid handsomely, and perhaps illegally, to act as Puerto Rico’s pimp.  

In Baco’s world view, he is rich and everyone else is a loser. The fact that he pimped the entire island, and helped a hundred billionaires to rape her, is not even a concept in Baco’s brain. It does not even register between his ears. 

Because Baco is an idiot.

If you want to hear this idiot speak…here it is.



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