Reuters invents MEDICAL TOURISM, where aging US millionaires can cruise to Puerto Rico…and buy Puerto Rican bodily organs.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

Reuters has invented an entirely new brand of colonialism.

They are promoting a new type of tourism in Puerto Rico called MEDICAL TOURISM. This Medical Tourism has a unique feature.

It involves the usual sightseeing in San Juan, and sampling of Puerto Rican foods, but it also includes one cutting-edge bonus: the surgical transplant of new bodily organs, that are “donated” by Puerto Ricans to rich North Americans.


From Puerto Ricans to rich North Americans…

And Reuters calls this “Medical Tourism.”

Truly, we have reached a new low in Caribbean colonialism.

It is so low, that it combines the dystopia of Orwell’s 1984, Huxley’s Brave New World, and Robin Cook’s Coma.  

The movie Coma shows exactly what will happen in Puerto Rico.

In Coma, the “Jefferson Institute” was a front for black-market organ sales, where the patients’ organs were sold to the highest bidder.

In Puerto Rico, a black market for organs will develop, in order to service the “Medical Toursim” industry. In this black market, they will also sell the organs of Dominicans and Haitians.

Reuters of course, will deny this.

They will claim that the “strictest standards” are used in organ donation, and organ harvesting.

They will claim that Puerto Rican organs are “donated,” not bought and sold.

But Reuters is a business periodical for the US financial elite.

They live in a different world…a world which, quite frankly, could care less about Puerto Ricans.

Ask any Boricua who’s been around, any compai with common sense, and they’ll tell you exactly how this will play out.

Hospitals will pressure patients and their family members.

“Living wills” and “advance directives” will mysteriously appear in their medical files.

Even the PRPD – a highly corrupt organization – will have an added incentive to shoot first, and ask questions later.

There will be an undeclared black market on organs in Puerto Rico…so that rich, aging North Americans can take a comfortable island cruise, spend lots of money, and take a huge tax deduction for it.

They will spend tens of thousands…hundreds of thousands of dollars…during this cruise. The most lavish vacation imaginable.

And then…they will top it all off with an organ transplant from some hapless Puerto Rican (who may still even be alive!) and deduct the entire trip as a “medical expense.” The entire cruise will be “medical recuperation.”

All this brilliant plan needs, is BODY ORGANS from Puerto Ricans.

Or Dominicans.

Or Haitians.

Anyone poor enough, or defenseless enough, that their organs are up for grabs.

This is truly a New World Order…MEDICAL TOURISM…brought to us by Reuters.

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