Puerto Ricans can pay their debt to the US, by selling their Bodily Organs

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

The US business elite is bursting with ideas for Puerto Rico. They want to privatize the island’s schools, prisons, water supply, electrical grid, highways, public housing and airports.

They want a Financial Control Board to rule over the entire island.

Last but not least, they want Puerto Ricans to sell their organs – yes, sell their ORGANS – to US millionaires.

In a stunning Reuters article this week, on Oct. 22, the headline said it all: “Puerto Rico Looks to Organ Transplants to Help Cure Ailing Economy.”

I don’t know many Puerto Ricans who are lining up, ready to donate a kidney, in order to solve the island’s fiscal crisis.

But apparently, Reuters believes this is a good idea.

Reuters thinks that Puerto Ricans are so inept, so incapable of creating value, or of developing any viable industries, that in order to pay off their so-called “debt” to the US, Puerto Ricans should sell their internal organs (heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, ovaries, gallbladder) to US millionaires.


The greatest Puerto Rican export, according to Reuters


The millionaires would travel to Puerto Rico, receive their Puerto Rican organs, and recuperate in a high-priced Puerto Rican hospital, in a process called “medical tourism.”

According to Reuters, this sale of Puerto Rican bodily organs – or medical tourism – could significantly offset the public debt of Puerto Rico.

Also according to Reuters, there will be an abundance of these organs because so many Puerto Ricans are shooting each other, and running over each other with their cars.

Reuters states that in Puerto Rico, “victims of car accidents and gunshot wounds…translates into a pool of donors in the 18-30 age range that is unmatched on the mainland.”

Without further ado, or any more commentary, here is the link to this incredible article:


This…THIS…is how the US business elite perceives Puerto Ricans, and the value that we have on this earth.

We are valued…for our organs.


For a history of the War Against All Puerto Ricans, read the book…

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy it Now

Si prefiere ver la página web en español por favor visite: http://www.guerracontratodoslospuertorriquenos.com


5 Comments on “Puerto Ricans can pay their debt to the US, by selling their Bodily Organs

  1. 2021 now – and we all know they view ALL of us who aren’t them this way. I’m on the mainland and it’s becoming obvious we’re being manipulated and controlled bc they don’t see any of us as human, or at the very least, worthy of freedom and livelihood.


  2. Is this article for REAL?..I can’t believe that the American Elites are treating us like an Organ Factory. It saddens me that they can actually go to 🌴 PUERTO RICO🌴 and Shop for an Organ or 2..Can They put an Organ on Lay a Way plan?


  3. The Reuters authors should roll up this news in a stick of dynamite, stick it up their rear end and set the dynamite on fire.


  4. Who made up this story? To start no puertorican is going to sell an organ. Secondly it is illegal in the US and therefore in this reluctant colony of PR. And thirdly; you can only sell 1 kidney in your lifetime. A kidney and no other organ. What would you do without your heart !!!! Etc for the other organs. (So smart.)


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Incredibly disgusting! Completely misleading …. and clearly showing the ignorance “the master” has about one of the many countries it oppresses!! USA … get your facts straight!! Stop lying & stop negatively generalizing!! Puerto Rico is so much better than that. Medical tourism? BS …


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