The Two Greatest Traitors of Puerto Rico: Luis Muñoz Marín and Alejandro García Padilla

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Faustino Diaz Pacheco and Aguedo Medina were FBI informants for 20 years.

José Trias Monge profited from the ELA status all his life – then finally wrote a book denouncing it, just before dying.

But the greatest traitors of the Puerto Rican people were two governors, who were entrusted with safety and well-being of the entire island.

Luis Muñoz Marín:

***Engineered the passage of Law 53 (La Ley de la Mordaza) which made it a crime to say a word, sing a song (including La Borinqueña), whistle a tune, or suggest anything in favor of Puerto Rican independence. This included owning a Puerto Rican flag in your own home.

***Ordered the bombing of Jayuya and Utuado, and the deployment of 5,000 National Guardsmen, who slaughtered Puerto Ricans in broad daylight in the Utuado Massacre, and left their corpses rotting in the street.

***Ordered the arrest of thousands of Puerto Ricans, whether or not they were Nationalists.

Puerto Ricans arrested under the orders of Luis Muñoz Marín

***Worked with J. Edgar Hoover to develop the carpetas program, a secret FBI surveillance program which violated the privacy, and conducted illegal police surveillance, on over 100,000 Puerto Ricans.

***Demanded more FBI agents in Puerto Rico, whom he used as a personal security detail and “election inspectors” on election day.

***Called the Nationalists “Communists” and “Fascists,” in order to get more FBI agents assigned to Puerto Rico.

***Ran a corrupt “Operation Bootstrap” program under which he, Senator Samuel Quiñones, and other members of the PPD received bribes from US corporations, in exchange for “looking the other way” when those corporations underpaid Puerto Rican laborers, in open violation of their CBAs (community benefit agreements).

***Created a system of “78 Mayors,” all of whom receive an average salary of $67,000, and the opportunity to hire their family and friends in “no-show” jobs.

***Persecuted Pedro Albizu Campos…allowing him to be tortured, and slowly killed, while in prison.

Alejandro García Padilla: 

*** Installed an 11.5% sales tax. 

*** Closed over 100 schools.

Francisco Oller Elementary School in BayamonFrancisco Oller Elementary School in Bayamon, Puerto Rico – closed by Garcia Padilla

***Extended 20-year tax breaks to John Paulson and hundreds of hedge funds, private equity firms and billionaires…while raising property, gasoline and sales taxes, and water and electrical rates, on his own people.

***Presided over a pay raise for himself, the legislature, and all 78 mayors, while continuing to raise taxes and shut down schools.

***Engineered the privatization of Puerto Rico’s public schools.

***Presided over the privatization of PREPA (electrical system).

*** Created a “Fiscal and Economic Growth Plan” (FEGP) which called for the privatization of Puerto Rico’s schools and prisons; electrical and water supply; highways, bridges, airports, seaports and major buildings; public housing; real estate developments; and energy projects.

*** Installed a five-member Financial Control Board which will be the de facto government of Puerto Rico. It will control the Commonwealth, nearly all branches of its central government, the treasury of Puerto Rico, the Government Development Bank, and almost all public corporations. It will also have broad subpoena powers.

The two greatest traitors

Luis Muñoz Marín turned the government of Puerto Rico into ELA (Estado Libre Asociado). It was a colony disguised as a commonwealth.

Alejandro García Padilla is turning the economy of Puerto Rico into a giant P3 (Public-Private Partnership). It is actually a P5: a public-private partnership for the plunder of Puerto Rico.

Both men made decisions for the entire island…with disastrous consequences, for decades to come.

Both men were members of the PPD…the Party of Permanent Disasters.

Luis Muñoz Marín and Alejandro García Padilla are the two greatest traitors in Puerto Rican history.


13 Comments on “The Two Greatest Traitors of Puerto Rico: Luis Muñoz Marín and Alejandro García Padilla

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  3. Our main problem is the flow of information of our own history. Starting with the number of massacres (Ponce, Rio Piedras, etc). The Wag Law, “La Ley de la Mordaza” is a good example, curtaining an entire population that owning a Puerto Rican Flag can cost your freedom, ordering the US Air Force to bomb our own country is contrary to any situation in the US, therefore why we are not teaching our history to our people? So, does not matter is the PNP or PPD reply or denied the history of our Island, we are affected by. Faustino Diaz Pacheco’s brother’ gave his life for our Island but he instead promulgated the treason of our brothers and sisters, families to this date remember those who pay the price with their life’s. I encourage you to do your own investigation of the facts. Always, keep in mind that facts are stronger than the argument and resolve conflict.


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  5. Reblogged this on KINGRAIZED and commented:
    True that faustino Pacheco turned into a snake via the ills caused by the American imposed anti civil rights, slavery,torture, and death to all Independence idealists. Freedom of all Puerto Ricans wasn’t even a thought. Puerto Ricans were under American directorship and how convenient for the island is thousands of miles away from N.America so news of what was going on was not known by the public.Puerto Ricans suffered to be able to raised their flags and speak their own words. Anything bearing the name Luis Munoz Marin should be toppled and destroyed for his tenure of terror left many many jailed, tortured and killed. As for the Governor’s in Puerto Rico all have been bred into Yankee Puppets and hoarders of political corruption in one way or the other. Ask yourselves, why hasn’t there ever been a Independence Party elected governor. Both the PNPPR and PPDPR political parties are endorsed via American policy. The corruption and the hundreds of millions of dollars siphoned and stolen by it’s governor’s is staggering. Yet none have ever been brought to justice so it’s no surprise that Alejandro Padilla is just as trifle as the rest of Puerto Rico’s politicians.


  6. The NPP does not comment because they have been accomplices to de PPD.


  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This are true historical facts …. “Both men were members of the PPD…the Party of Permanent Disasters.
    Luis Muñoz Marín and Alejandro García Padilla are the two greatest traitors in Puerto Rican history.”


  8. I wonder who is behind of this articles about Puerto Rico history, I also wonder if all of this stories are truth how come the PNP never published any of them since these stories will be on their benefits. Who is under all oh this stories

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