War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The author of War Against All Puerto Ricans, Nelson Denis, appeared on ABC TV this past Sunday, as a political commentator on TIEMPO.

Hosted by award-winning journalist Joe Torres, TIEMPO is the longest-running Latino-themed talk show on ABC TV.

Denis discussed the economic crisis in Puerto Rico, and the possibility (if any) of Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection for the island’s government.

Tiempo - ABC

Denis predicted that next month, in December 2015, the Government Development Bank (GDB) of Puerto Rico will run out of cash reserves…and the very next month, Puerto Rico will face a $945 million dollar bond payment: nearly one billion dollars.

Denis warned that the governor of Puerto Rico is preparing to turn over major areas of Puerto Rico’s public infrastructure – water, electricity, schools, prisons and highways – into “public-private partnerships” that will be owned and operated, on a for-profit basis, by US hedge funds and billionaires.

Here is the link for that show:



2 Comments on ““WAR” on ABC TV

  1. “Divide and Conquer”
    In the formation of USA, in its expansion acoss the land, the different native tribes where used one against the other, at the end they all ended up in reservations.
    “Divide and Conquer”
    “Turn brother against brother”
    In Puerto Rico the different political parties have kept us from fully coming together, they also have lied to the Puerto Ricans people.
    And the FBI destroyed the rest.
    We must heal.
    We must unite in one voice.


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