The WAR ON PUERTO RICANS begins, with Senate 1456… Teachers will soon be fired and lose their pensions. More schools will close.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Gov. Garcia Padilla is working overtime to turn Puerto Rico into a “prívate” enterprise.

Yesterday he released a document supporting Senate 1456, a new law which would privatize major portions of the public education system of Puerto Rico.

PR Schools, Proyecto del Senado 1456

Four ex-governors of Puerto Rico – Luis Fortuño, Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, Sila Calderón, Rafael Hernández Colón – all signed the document.

There has been a lot of argument and confusión about this bill. Its principal sponsor, Senate President Eduardo Bhatia, introduced it two months ago in August 2015.

Bhatia Senate 1456

Bhatia has repeatedly claimed that Senate 1456 would “protect the job of every teacher.” Yet in a recent press conference, Bhatia admitted that the private education authorities could hire and fire teachers at will. He also admitted that Senate 1456 will result in the closure of more schools.

We must all be clear about Senate 1456: this bill will invalidate all collective bargaining agreements within its jurisdiction.

Any school that is “privatized” will be authorized to fire any teacher, at will.

Teacher tenure, salaries, and pensions will no longer be protected.

The teachers union will have little, if any, negotiating power. It will not be able to protect its members.

No wonder that four ex-governors signed it – all of them mismanaged the Puerto Rican economy, and all of them are now circling the wagons, trying to make the Puerto Rican people pay for their mistakes.

Make no mistake about it.

Senate 1456 is part of the WAR AGAINST ALL PUERTO RICANS.


9 Comments on “The WAR ON PUERTO RICANS begins, with Senate 1456… Teachers will soon be fired and lose their pensions. More schools will close.

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  4. Puertorican public schools have lost well over 100,000 students in the past 8 years and yet it has not shrinked in proportion to that loss. However, even at that time the Department of Education was ( and even more now ) a bloated burocracy with an annual budget much larger than most latinamerican nations but with disastrous results. Both the PPD and PNP have inflated the number of employees with their own for political reasons creating a disfunctional agency that is a shame to any puertorican.

    It is a shame to us all that we did not take action to do this a long time ago and waited to the moment when this corrupt machination could not be financed any longer.


  5. So instead of going forward and trying to educate the future of the next generation of Puerto Ricans, there talking about closing more schools, and fir’ing teachers at will. It seems like there going backwards in time again, back to 1898 when ninety percent were illiterate. Don’t let that happen to your future generation Borica. It’s another death walk. Despierta!


  6. Most people are for Good public education, I am for Organized Labor and worker rights as well. However something has to be done when what is in place no longer works. Public education has failed Puerto Ricans and is beyond repair. Whatever becomes of Puerto Rico’s political status and future… Commonwealth, a State or Independent, a very low percentage of people are qualified and pass Standardized Tests, (don’t say standardized tests are ALL unfair, they are good indicators) time to approach education from a New and different angle.




  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Senate 1456 … Remember, teachers educate. The easiest people to manipulate are the uneducated ones. The stage is set to continue their plundering … “War Against All Puerto Ricans” indeed!


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