The New Logo of the Statehood Party

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

In prior editorials, I have explained why statehood for Puerto Rico is nearly impossible: politically, financially, and socially, the US simply does not want it.

The most prominent member of the Statehood party is ex-Governor Luis Fortuño (2009-2013).

In recent interviews and editorials, even Fortuño is stating that due to the $73 billion public debt, statehood for Puerto Rico has become extremely unlikely.

This is a very serious admission, on the part of Fortuño.

If the leader of the Statehood party (PNP) admits that his party cannot deliver statehood, then what’s the point of voting for it?

That would be like buying a car that does not move.

The new logo of the Statehood party

Or shopping for a refrigerator that does not cool.

Or buying a pig and asking it to fly.

Or milking a cow, and expecting champagne.

Or betting on a horse with a broken leg.

Or buying a lottery ticket to last week’s Lotto.

Or marrying a woman who hates you.

I am not a psychiatrist…but voting for a Statehood party that is already telling you there will be no statehood, seems fairly insane to me. 

So what happens now?

That is an excellent question.

The Commonwealth Party (PPD) has killed the Puerto Rican economy.

The Statehood Party (PNP) admits that there will be no statehood.

Both of the parties are corrupt.

Gee…maybe it’s time to look at INDEPENDENCE.

10 Comments on “The New Logo of the Statehood Party

  1. @Juan M Morales Puerto Rico is currently bankrupt due to letting the US gain the influence it already has spread across the island. And say what you want, but NO WAY is the congress accepting statehood for a territory almost bankrupt and filled with debts. As if they didn’t have enough debt in their hands already. I’m not communist, nor socialist. I’m pro-capitalism. But NOT with corporate capitalism. Singapore is a nation smaller than us, more population yet has a better economy than us….and guess what? THEY’RE INDEPENDENT! Meanwhile, the real fear and propaganda you talk about doesn’t come from independest supporters, but rather from PDP and NPP supporters saying “without the US, we’re nothing” “we’re too small to be independent” “USA strong, Puerto Rico weak.” “But Puerto Rico is too dependent on the US.” Well, the last one is right, but that’s because our very government we have and the US government made that during the 60s as a way to counter the independest movement. But, there’s a way to be independent without being too dependent. Want to know how? Removing the merchant marine act of 1920 and giving us ACTUAL autonomy (something the Spanish gave us, big shocker.) What Puerto Rico needs is more autonomy to develop its own government, postal system, infrasture, military, education, currency throughout the years until the US decides we’re no longer dependent on them. It was happening during the last years with Spain. But the US had to stop it and made it too dependent. But I remember they promised “more freedom”, Ok, if I can’t vote for president and yet go to war, then why the fuck aren’t we FULLY autonomous? (And don’t give me that bullshit of being able to vote if you go to the ” mainland” of the US, I’m talking about HERE, not there. The US promised us better freedom on the island). Not to mention, how we are treated inferior and how many Puerto Ricans were killed just because they opposed the US colonization of this island. And you still think we’re American just because of the citizenship? How many times have we been discriminated? How many times have we been considered as immigrants by Americans? How many times have you had to point out an American that we’re US citizens (ahem, “American” ) and had to go to their war, even then still no freedom? How many people of Vieques having suffered a higher cancer rate than in the island have to die because of the bombs, and still Americans look at the Vieques case as an “example of anti Americanism and freeloading of Puerto Ricans” even though it was a crime to their supposed fellow Americans citizen? How about when the US bombed its “own citizens” for the first (and only time) in history? How about a barber that was almost killed by the police just because of being a nationalist? How about the people who were killed in Ponce just because they opposed the US (and reasonably) and in Rio Piedras just because they were nationalist? How about when they arrested Puerto Ricans for 10 years for singing their anthem or waving their own flag? How about the Cuban terroists supported by the US that killed many Puerto Ricans? How about the FBI monitoring the Puerto Ricans that supported independence? How many more discrimination do Puerto Ricans have to face until your thick head realizes that we will never be treated equally by Americans or considered Americans? And why don’t you consider that the US gain more out of us than we do in return thanks to the merchant marine act of 1920? You talk about patriosism, but all I see is someone selling his own people for money.


  2. I’m in Taiwan. The US is no l;onger the land of opportunity. Asia is.
    PR needs to break away from the USA and establish it’s own future.


  3. Given the current situation in our beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, where many Educated professionals are leaving the Island , The current political climate in PR, The current economical crisis in PR. and the mass exodus that is now contributing to the further decline of our Island, one needs to look at where all these individuals are going. They are not leaving their home to go to a foreign country they are migrating to the mainland. This being the case, I believe that Good or bad statehood is the way to go. On a final note… I’m very very glad that War against Puerto Ricans which advocates for Independence for PR as well as all individuals who advocate for PR independence….. are .. in the minority.. Lets join together and find viable solutions for our people and our Island.instead of spreading fears and negative propaganda in order to bring about a political status that can be more detrimental to our people.


  4. Is time for our independence… is not scary is the right path… to be part of the free world…


  5. You are absolutely right! What is really tragic is that the independence movement is full of the same kind of politicians that think that government is the solution and will ask for debt relief for them to start running debts anew. After all,government is the solution of our problems!
    All the new parties that have cropped up in Puerto Rico have Marxist tendencies. The PPT,MUS and even the PPR just like the PIP are the product of Marxist leaning intellectuals. It is all part of our tragic history that our culture leans toward that kind of thinking. The future does not bode well for Puerto Rico under independence and that is too bad given all the potential that the island has to be the Singapore of the Caribvean.


  6. I believe the issue here is that of fear, as Dr. Rex is implying. What is the rationale behind that fear? (Not that fear ever is rational, of course) That fear has become irrelevant in the 2010s.


  7. LA DEFINICION Y TRADUCCION CORRECTA DE LO QUE SIGNIFICA “COMMONWEALRH STATE” = Es un prototipo de “Colonia Estadounidense”…..(the 51st State , already of the empire) ……


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