Historic photo of the day: Diagram of the Ponce Massacre

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


In 1937, on Palm Sunday, seventeen men, women and children were murdered in Ponce.

Two hundred more were gravely wounded and rushed to the hospital.

Gov. Blanton Winship pretended that his police officers acted “in self-defense,” but this photo proved otherwise.

Notice the dozen “Tommy Gun” police at the top of the photo, and the ring of police at the bottom. The people of Ponce had nowhere to go. The police shot them for over 10 minutes.

They called it the Ponce Massacre.


3 Comments on “Historic photo of the day: Diagram of the Ponce Massacre

  1. Finally, a person who has a great idea. I hope she wins and Puerto Rico becomes an independent country. (Although I do wish it would become the 51st state!) Now, the answer must be carefully thought out to this question, that I am sure will arise: “Why should the United States decrease in size, allowing Puerto Rico to go the way of independence?”


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