Girl carrying water in a gasoline can

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


This photo was taken by Edwin Rosskam in 1938. 

It is in a poor neighborhood of Ponce.

The loneliness and desolation recall another image by Andrew Wyeth. You have probably seen it….

Christina’s World was painted ten years after the Rosskam photo, in 1948. 

In our readings and discussion of history, and even our world literature, we frequently overlook the deeper resonances in women’s souls. They are connected to life and death in ways that many “heroes” could not even imagine.

Often those heroes look quite childish in comparison to the everyday sacrifice, and unfathomable suffering, that many women have endured…

For eons.


3 Comments on “Girl carrying water in a gasoline can

  1. Also Mr. Denis, my mother passed away a year 1/2 ago. It is not easy. The separation has not be easy for our family.
    But I feel, what lies between our worlds is a veil, Because I sense her a lot.
    Love is a powerful force, an energy that is eternal, it does not die.


  2. The painting of Andrew Wyeth, I have seen.
    It is a Masterpiece!
    It’s painted in egg tempera, a difficult medium to master.
    It gives the surface of the painting a luster effect.
    But! The photograph of the woman in Ponce;
    This deeply and profoundly touches the heart.
    Yes, to the mothers! They give unconditionally.
    They are love and sacrifice!

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