Historic Photo of the Day: “Disparen para que vean como muere un hombre.”

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


On October 24, 1935, on orders from Police Chief E. Francis Riggs, the police murdered three Nationalists in Rio Piedras, PR. 

It became known as the Rio Piedras Massacre. 

Two days after the massacre, Police Chief Riggs convened a press conference, where he declared “War against all Puerto Ricans.” 

On February 23, 1936, two Nationalists returned the favor, by killing Police Chief Riggs. 

The two Nationalists – Elias Beauchamp and Hiram Rosado – were taken to the San Juan police precinct, and executed in the precinct. 

Just before being killed, Hiram Rosado yelled, “disparen para que vean como muere un hombre!”

The image above, shows the funeral procession for Rosado and Beauchamp – one Hearse for each body. 

Nearly 70,000 people swarmed through the streets of San Juan that day. 

They were not in a good mood, and the police stayed away from them.


3 Comments on “Historic Photo of the Day: “Disparen para que vean como muere un hombre.”

  1. The Insular Police Dept of the 1930’s in Puerto Rico were under the direction of Riggs a bunch of sociopathic torturers and killers…E Francis Riggs was a racist and declared the “war against all Puerto Ricans”, he waged war and the sword of war fought back , long live the name of Pedro Albizu Campos and the brave men and women of Puerto Rico who gave their very lives against the evil that invaded our lovely island, Patria o Muerte!!


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