Orlando Sentinel Editorial: Sharks are circling for their share of Puerto Rico’s assets

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Nearly 700,000 Puerto Ricans live in Orlando, and roughly 1 million live in Florida. As a huge voter bloc in a battleground state, these 1 million Puerto Ricans could determine the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

For this reason, the following editorial in today’s Orlando Sentinel is highly significant.


It exposes a billion-dollar scheme to sell-off the infrastructure of Puerto Rico.

But beyond that, it shows that the Orlando Sentinel is aware of this rapidly exploding population – Puerto Rican readers – who care about their island, and who need to read about it.

The sharks are in the water…but they’re being watched…very closely.


10 Comments on “Orlando Sentinel Editorial: Sharks are circling for their share of Puerto Rico’s assets

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  3. furious with this newspaper. hopefully you will be able to supply the contents of the article in some other form because the OS isnt giving it up.


  4. Puerto Rico is being sold piece by piece and we, Puerto Ricans have no saying in it!
    Donde esta la voz, la fuerza del Boricua!
    Despierta mi Isla!


  5. With that many Puerto Ricans in Florida and our island is going under. Do you see the problem? Puerto Ricans are afraid to stick to their soil and help it grow. They rather try and fix outside our land than work hard here. Puerto Ricans are selling out this country. We were born in Puerto Rico, la isla del encanto. Puerto Ricans need to step up their ground and re-seed their own soil so that we can produce again and fix our crisis. Que Dios bendiga mi pueblo (Puerto Rico)…


  6. I was finally able to read the Orlando Sentinel editorial … on my cellphone! Not on the PC, using the link. FYI ….


  7. I have been looking. I live in Orlando but don’t get the paper every day. It’s kinda hard to get to the link from this post. 😦


  8. Just FYI …. this link is cumbersome. The Orlando Sentinel is asking if you want to subscribe, etc. Then, editorial gets lost in their many other articles. Finding it hard to find Nelson’s piece. There’s a picture of him but then it goes away. Will look closer a bit later. 🙂

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  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Orlando Sentinel Editorial … take a look!!
    “Nearly 700,000 Puerto Ricans live in Orlando, and roughly 1 million live in Florida.” …. together we are strong!!


  10. The Orlando Sentinel is so aware of the Puerto Rican readers that they are making people have a subscription in order to read the article. Looks like the Orlando Sentinel is one of the sharks!


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