Historic Photo of the Day: Don Pedro Albizu Campos

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Pedro Albizu Campos is the central figure in the history of the Puerto Rican independence movement. 

Don Pedro graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School (the first Puerto Rican to graduate from both) and became the president of the Nationalist Party. 

After leading an island-wide agricultural strike in the mid 1930s, he was jailed in 1936 on the same charges as Oscar López Rivera: “seditious conspiracy to overthrow the US government.”  

Don Pedro spent most of his adult life in jail, and was tortured in prison. 

His name belongs in the pantheon of freedom: along with Simón Bolívar, José Martí, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. 

This enduring image of Don Pedro, showing his passion and commitment, was taken during one of his speeches:


4 Comments on “Historic Photo of the Day: Don Pedro Albizu Campos

  1. Also: forgot to include in list:

    Graciany Miranda Archilla, a great poet.
    Even though, he did not get to participate in this exhibition. Graciany has spoken and written about his friendship with “El Maestro”


  2. Was very lucky in 1972 to see an exhibition, at El Convento de Santo Domingo in Old San Juan. A tribute to Albizus Campos. A tribute done 7 years after his death.
    This exhibition included painting, sculptures, photographs, writings and poetry.

    Julia de Burgos – “Una Cancion A Albizus Campos”
    Juan Antonio Corretjer – “AL Sr. D. Pedro Albizus Campos ”
    Hugo Margenat – ” Eslabones”
    Ramon. Eugenia. Jose
    Pedro. Pedro. Pedro
    Tu no te. Iras
    Te quedaras. Siempre.

    Silkscreen and paintings by the famous artist
    Lorenzo Homar, Antonio.Martorell, Juan Sanchez and Agusto (Tuto) Marin.
    And so much more.
    It was an amazing trbute. Will never forget.


  3. Don Pedro Albizu Campos graduated from Harvard. Had degrees from MIT and University of Vermont. He earned about 5 degrees and spoke 7 languages. Before he headed the Nationalist party in Puerto Rico, he started Irish Independence clubs in Boston in support of Irish Independence. Also, he served as a Lieutenent in the United States Army.

    Angel, the United States made him an enemy to the folks in Puerto Rico. They react according what was told to them to believe. Albizu Campos killed no one. On the other hand Dr. Cornelius Rhoades injected Puerto Ricans with cancer cells in 1931, yet there was no jail time for him. Taino Borike,


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    “El Maestro” … “Don Pedro spent most of his adult life in jail, and was tortured in prison.” …. Don Pedro Albizu Campos: “His name belongs in the pantheon of freedom”!!


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