Donald Trump says: “I will buy Puerto Rico, and turn it into Puerto Trump.”

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The Trump campaign is rapidly becoming a reality show, circus act, runaway train and rumor mill, all rolled into one.   In the past month alone, Trump announced his plan to hunt down and deport 11 million Latinos, build a 1,900-mile wall on the Mexican border, and revoke the 14th Amendment.

According to several controversial and hotly-contested reports, Trump also promised to revoke the U.S. citizenship of all Puerto Ricans, because they are not “part of the American race.”

In an Iowa press conference, Trump commanded Jorge Ramos, the Emmy Award-winning journalist, to “sit down.” Then he told Ramos to “go back to Univision,” and threw him out of the press conference.

Now other reports have surfaced: that Trump intends to buy Puerto Rico and turn it into a golfer’s paradise, with at least 100 golf courses stretching from one end of the island to another. The island, of course, would be named “Puerto Trump.”

According to one source, Trump stated that “One of the best things about being rich is that you can buy whatever you want. And in this case, I want Puerto Rico.”

Donald Trump makes America great again…with Puerto Trump

The Trump International Golf Club

These “reports” on Puerto Trump are fictional, satirical and untrue. But the underlying reality is not. Trump was, in fact, one of the principals in the Trump International Golf Club in Puerto Rico.

It was an opulent place…with a resort complex, a 46,000-square foot clubhouse, and two 18-hole courses. Unfortunately, the club borrowed $26.4 million in municipal bonds for new construction, defaulted on a payment of $119,814 to the bondholders in August 2014, and finally declared bankruptcy due to “financial difficulties.”

In declaring this bankruptcy, Trump defaulted on municipal bonds that contained teacher pension funds from Puerto Rico.

In a very real sense then, “Puerto Trump” is alive and well. It is the island of double standards: where US billionaires can build golf courses for other rich Americans, using Puerto Rican land and Puerto Rican money. Then when the deal falls apart, the people of Puerto Rico are left holding the (empty) bag, and paying for the debt.

But when Puerto Rico “owes” $73 billion to the US, the tune changes from “bankruptcy protection” to “pay me NOW!”  

With brutal clarity, the bankruptcy and default of the Trump International Golf Club shows the hypocrisy of the relationship between the US and Puerto Rico.

For 117 years, Puerto Rico has been America’s economic doormat.

For 117 years, the US eats the dinner and Puerto Rico pays the bill.

For 117 years, Puerto Rico has been…Puerto Trump. 



31 Comments on “Donald Trump says: “I will buy Puerto Rico, and turn it into Puerto Trump.”

  1. Before Trump Ever Think That The Puerto Rican’s will let Him Take Their Land They Will Burn It To The Ground Then Throw Him In The Big Waters💦Big OCEAN An FEED HIM To The SHARKS 😱😱😨😨😰

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  3. This territory, whose citizens are indeed “real Americans” (sorry for the Palin quotes), has been set back to the 19th Century with Hurricane Maria. I hope and pray that this orange piece of shit can at least go through the motions to put things back on track on the island. He better not fuck things up!


  4. This asshole of a president-elect is so insecure that he has to have his chldren with him because I think he has alzheimer and cannot think by himself. I do not think he wll last four years as president. I hope so. He is an egotistical man and A SEXUAL PREDATOR and cannot get it up, Hope Satan bless hi.


  5. My God leave Puerto Rico alone. Trump has money. But he is selfish person. 💰 isn’t everything.. He must be a very unhappy person. That’s why he wants to hurt everyone. People with a good heart and good feelings have it all. People who don’t are no good. Puerto Rico was found by Spanish people not by the Americans. Now trump wants to buy Puerto Rico. Jajajaj. What next.


  6. Who paid for this propaganda package? McConnell ! Thr republican machine they represents the corp lobbyist is afraid that Mr Trump will end their gravy train and in doing so make America greater than ever. Maybe boy wonder Rubio paid for this fiction! Just remember junior senators with no experience make poor presidents. If Mr Trump doesn’t win the nomination the Republican Party is over… And the ball will get kicked down the road four more years.


  7. Before Trump does that, let’s do this. To the town square with Oscar our national hero
    With this slogan, we will meet in all of the 78 town squares in Puerto Rico and the diaspora on the 29th of each month protesting for the liberation of Oscar López Rivera, and for the decolonization of Puerto Rico. Click on the following link to watch a video by the inventor of this campaign, Edwin Chungo Molina, about it:
    United Partners for Puerto Rico Decolonization will be at the Bayamón Town Square from 2 to 4 PM. We invite everyone to join us with your shirts, flags, signs and flyers to inform the public about, who is Oscar and why he is in prison for the last 34 years?
    It is important that the public understands that our Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera has the international right to do whatever is necessary to decolonize his homeland. It is the United States government that is committing a crime by maintaining Puerto Rico as its colony for the last 117 years!
    We invite you also to 3 more peaceful protests that are scheduled permanently throughout the year.
    • On the Abolition of Slavery Day, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, from 6 to 8, we will have our 3rd Oscar – Mandela March in Puerto Rico 2016. We will march from the Capitol to the United States Court House in Old San Juan.

    • On the day before the United Nations (UN) hearing on Puerto Rico decolonization, we will have the 3rd Puerto Rico Independence March 2016. This march is organized by the Independence Dialogue Table, and we will march over the 2 Hermanos Bridge going into the Condado. We will give more information as soon as it is available.

    • On the very day of the UN hearing about Puerto Rico decolonization, usually on the Monday after Fathers’ Day, we will have our 3rd Oscar – Mandela March in New York City 2016. We will march at 9 AM from Hunter College to the UN. We will stay in front of the UN all day to inform the public about Puerto Rico’s colonial relationship with the United States.
    These annual permanent protests are necessary, because those who have Oscar in jail for his struggle to decolonize his homeland don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!


  8. I cant believe my people are going to fall for this foolish nonsense. I will pray that most of you will wake up and come to Jesus so that the men and women can not fill your head with udder foolishness. First of all no one is buying anything we are Americans citizens from birth. We are a US territory not some foreign country. Stop believing in the Democrat machine that takes the GOD given ability of my people away and then places them on Government assistance in the name of “A Better Life”. You have become modern day slaves to a government that sees no use for you but to keep you spiritually robbed and mentally destitute. I will pray for all Americans to wake up from this foolish garbage.


  9. Puerto Ricans can benefit from Mr. Trunp’s immigration policy:

    1 – The Hillary and the Democrats will allow everybody to come in illegally to drive down wages. Look at what happened to African Americans under Obama. African American have twice the unemployment rate as whites and Hispanic are right next to African Americans.
    2 – Illegal immigrants will get special services and additional help, while wounded soldiers lay dying in VA hospitals. Puerto Rican soldiers are included in that group.
    3 – Hard working Puerto Ricans, when they make more money, will get to keep less of it under Hillary and the Democrats. If Hillary gets elected, they will come after the moderate income workers so as to pay for her campaign promises.
    4 – Hillary and the Democrats refuse to protect legal Citizens (including Puerto Ricans). Because of that many illegal immigrant feel that since they broke the law and the police cannot do anything, they think they are above the law. They wont feel bad if they sold drugs to your children, rob your neighbors, rape your women-folks and murder your loved ones.

    Mr. Trunp immigration policy protects wages.
    Mr. Trunp immigration policy protects jobs.
    Mr. Trunp immigration policy protects lives.
    Mr. Trunp immigration policy protects communities.

    Read his immigration policy.

    I will support him because he is the only one that has a real plan. Hillary is a liar. And only Hillary will smile at your face, but will leave you to die, if it helps only her. If you do not believe me, look up the four guys that worked for her in Behgazi, Libya.


  10. All of those articles are propaganda to scare people, They think Puerto Ricans are all uneducated and stupid… They are trying to discredit Donald trump when the real enemy is Obama, He is the one that has abandoned Puerto Rico, for example he is willing to fight congress to get a bunch of refugees and fund them while Puerto Rico goes down in flames, We Puerto Ricans are American citizens, and our blood is red white and blue. The president does nothing to help our land, but defends illegal aliens with all his strength, Donald trump is not in charge, Obama is. Please wake up America educate your self and don’t use social sites as your education source, because most of the stuff here is just propaganda, Those articles and comments posted have no name on them, It is time Puerto Rico becomes a state so we can have representation in congress and this stops, democrats starting with Bill Clinton which have destroyed the Puerto Rican economy with regulations and abuse. Puerto Rico needs a govenor that will bring it to Washington and fight for our rights as citizens, My father was in the Korean war and my grandfather in World war 2, he was not there fighting for Puerto Rico, he was fighting for the United States. We are Americans and love america, it looks we love it more than Obama and Hillary we served for freedom they serve for themselves, Mr trump wants to give Americans an opportunity and our country back, Wake up don’t get once again taken by democrats crap our country is full of crime, unemployment and bankruptcy. Who is in charge? DEMOCRATS, not trump put the blame where it belongs and just look how we get attacked by terrorist and our president does nothing but blame us, He is a coward and does not deserve to be Commander in chief of the armed forces, where my father and grand father served proudly and given back to our great country. I am proud to be an American. Mr Obama is shamed to say that if he had any courage at all he would resign and let someone that loves this country serve…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….God bless America……………………………………………..


  11. He wants to by Puerto Rico,I don’t think that will happen for the people there have so much pride for our Island that they won’t go without a fight. And to remove cizitenship I’ll love to see them survie when someone tries to attack the u.s from underwater warships if anyone’s forgotten Puerto Rico is the safety look out. And then we fought for the u.s we earned our citizenship rights and for him to take it away like that isn’t right.


  12. Ok so this trump really wanna buy puerto rico , you are relly the dumbest person i have ever heard speak, first off puerto rico is part of the usa, second of all you cant revoke the citizenship of us because we already paet of america, and last how the hell are you gonna win as presidemt….????? You need hispanics votes… why would we vote for you after you discriminated our race!


  13. trump is out of his mind he want to buy puertorico he is nutssssssssssssssssssssss


  14. mr. Trump you are a joke thinking you will name the island after you just like you think you will be president of the United States you should be on a stage at a Comedy show you are not a nice person Mr. Trump you are a disgrace you think money is everything well you can’t buy your way into presidency and you can’t buy your name on the island of Puerto Rico the beautiful island of Puerto Rico the people areThe island is beautiful they are happy there they don’t have billions of dollars but everyone is happy and is always out to help someone in need maybe you should learn some things from people


  15. Mr. Trump if you want the island help the people don’t take advantage if you’re so rich and so educated why would you not help people Trump you are a disgrace to Americans and the world how dare you to think you can take over Puerto Rico mr. Trump it sounds like you have a lowself-esteem because you want to take over presidency of the United States and name Puerto Rico over in your name ha ha not happening stop putting people down and be a better person inside and out you call people ugly and put people down treat people as you want to be treated Mr. Trump stop taking advantage of people start helping people do something good with yourself and with your money I don’t care how much money you have your not a very nice person inside or out take a good look at yourself by a mirror you need one you will be a lot happier Mr. Trump if you stop being so bitter and smile once in a while you will be much better off being happy and not so mean to people Puerto Rico is doing just fine without you mr. Trump all I have to say to you God bless you you need it


  16. Donald Trump did not bankrupted Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans did it. Until they accept the truth and keep blaming everything else, nothing is going to change. Is like an alcoholic, or a drug addict saying that it is somebodies else’s fault. And yes. Trump is an idiot that takes advantage of smart people.


  17. Well… So we have Florida-Rico, New York-Rico, New Jersey-Rico, and almost Conneticut-Rico and Massachusets-Rico. They have us as a colony, abusing us for more than 100 years. But If you see the word “Colony” as a Territory that belong to another, have have almost 5 colonies in USA. Poetic Justice, I’d say. Deal with that Donald Dumb!!!!

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  18. Well… we have Florida-Rico, New York-Rico, New Jersey-Rico, almost Conneticut-Rico and Massachusets-Rico. They a colony. We have almost five. Poetic Justice.


  19. Nelson why is it delusional Trump statement on “Buying PR” . . . The island is OWN by the US and the US COULD sell it, or give it away to anyone that they feel like to. Trump has the money to buy it . . IF it were for sale so WHAT IS SO DELUSIONAL? Why are you so insecure as to what you are? Be proud of having some Boricua blood and of your American citizenship. Many have paid the ultimate sacrifice to give your the rights you enjoy (some of those NOT ENJOYED on the Island of PR)


  20. Donald Trump is a user. (I think the border between the US and Mexico should be fenced and guarded, but that should have happened long ago.) I would not vote for Donald Trump even if he gave me a million dollars. He doesn’t respect the human race.


  21. Considering he has already declared bankruptcy on the island with his golf course,endangering the teachers pension fund, he should never be able to buy here again until he makes good on that failure!


  22. So, the Gulf Club in Puerto Rico that bear Trumps name , CAN file for bankruptcy.

    While Puerto Rico can not.
    And the Puerto Rican people are suffering economically.

    Trump got paid!
    Another rich billionaire making money off Puerto Rico.

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  23. Trump did say he wants to buy PR . I saw it on TV. He stated he would put 100 golf courses in the island and stated it would not be a problem to achieve because there was just cuople of chickens on the way!


  24. Lets put a Puerto Stop to this asshole Puertorrican style.


  25. Donald Trump would lead our country to ruin! His disregard and disrespect for the people of Puerto Rico reveals his true nature: a greedy narcissist and racist bigot with no regard for humanity!


  26. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The “donald’s” new bombastic,arrogant statement …. he wants to buy Puerto Rico and rename it “Puerto Trump”!! Delusional, right? Read on and fond out more …


  27. O-M-G!!! Can this be true?? I can’t stand this man … he’s overstepping so many bounds!!! 😦


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