La Gorda de Oro: Myrta Silva

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Before Jennifer Lopez, before Marc Anthony, before Iris Chacón or any of the Fania All Stars, there was a hurricane in Puerto Rico named Myrta Silva.

She was more than a singer, dancer or actress. She was a force of nature.

Myrta was the lead singer for La Sonora Matancera, composed dozens of songs, and produced a series of hit TV shows…all about her beloved island of Puerto Rico.

Her fans called her La Gorda de Oro, because every project she undertook became a huge success. Myrta had the Midas touch…a very rare thing in the entertainment world.

Myrta’s greatest genius was her ability to make Puerto Rico an active character in all her work. In every song, at every moment, you can feel the island’s spirit.

The following video, circa 1950, is a perfect example:

In the very first moment – from the way Myrta shakes her maracas, and mercilessly flogs her band – you know you’re watching something special.

Her singing is impeccable, her performance spectacular…100% Puerto Rican.

Feel the lyrics. Watch the San Juan skyline. Notice how it lingers, in the last dying seconds of the song…like a paradise lost, or a childhood memory.

This is art of a very high order.


7 Comments on “La Gorda de Oro: Myrta Silva

  1. Tremenda presentacion de esta dinamica e insigne cantaora Puertorriqueña, Mirta Silva, joya musical quien le abrió el paso a otra joya de la música latina, Celia Cruz.


  2. What a fantastic voice. She did so many fantastic things in her life.


  3. She was one of my closest friend and every time I visited Puerto Rico her Mother made that wonderful Chicken dish had so many laughs and good times she will always be remembered as having the biggest heart. Rest in peace Myrta..

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  4. There is another song by Rafael Hernandez that says:

    ” No importa el Tirano te trate con Negra maldad-
    Preciosa seras sin Bandera sin lauros, ni gloria-
    Preciosa, Preciosa, te Llaman los Hijos de la


  5. Love Myra Silvia. She had a wonderful sense of humor.

    Mr. Denis can you give us an updates of what is happening in New York City. The protest that the Puerto Ricans are having in front of the Hedge Fund Managers office of John Paulson.
    Thank you

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