Outrage grows over New York Post cartoon

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Public outrage is growing over a recent New York Post cartoon, depicting the people of Puerto Rico as a cross-dressing obese man, lying on a beach, wearing a white bikini.


The man has the word “DEBT” etched on his fat stomach – to signify a lazy nation, which “refuses” to pay its debts.

This insult to the entire island of Puerto Rico appeared in the Sunday edition of the New York Post on August 23, 2015.

For a complete study of its contents, and the cartoonist who drew it, please see:



20 Comments on “Outrage grows over New York Post cartoon

  1. The welfare state that receives less in federal spending programs than nearly half of the stated in Nation while having more US citizens than 21 states.

    Do your reasearch NY Post…

    Why dont you tell the IRS to change PRs tax status from International and cut off the true corporate welfare that has been going on for generations through corporate tax evasion??

    Do your research NewYork Post

    Puerto Rico doesn’t even get SSI…

    NY Post is full of shit!!


  2. Hey Glenda;

    Your response is dead on!! The US can show the UK a few great tricks on how to rape a colony and then act indignantly when they protest!!


  3. If former light heavyweight champ Jose Torres and journalist of the New York post was alive he would have responded to the post like he did in vieques. Despierta boricua


  4. I remember as a kid I was motivated in reading Jose torres’s column in what was the liberal New York post. How sad to see that newspaper become a symbol of hate toward minorities. We all should get together and fight back.


  5. New York post racist and provocative and yet we read that Zionist rag


  6. I guess no one knows that it’s the USA’s job to take care of the colonies it has forced to remain under its domain. Yes, colonies cost money to maintain. Pay up USA. Remember after the spanish american war the USA cut devalued the PR currency by some absurdly large percentage.


  7. The image is a parody of the Puerto Rican reality. As long as staying at home ammounts to $13+/hour and hard work pays $7.25/hour what will people do? Welfare is used in the island to manipulate the masses while the corporate welfare recipients robs the island of the money borrowed by the corrupt governments that have been wasting those resources since the first elected governor of the island. Everything happening under the complacient eye of the federal government that doesn’t care about what happens to us since the cold war ended. As a professional I’m paying the price of those desicions and I hope the crisis in the US last colony gets to the point the imperial metropolis decides to solve the problem they help to create. Puerto Rico is a colony and ignoring that fact is not going to fix it. Statehood or independence, there’s no other alternative.

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  8. To the blogs who liked this atrocity, shows that you are racists and uneducated… The people running the governments palace in San Juan and America government. The monies never left their pockets. It was forgotten about as soon as they received.it. the people of Puerto Rico Never saw the money or received help. Thats why we want our Independence, away from the atrocity and everything you stand for. Cause we have always did it on our own. And the last laugh is always better. Remember we have been citizens since 1917. And before that we are Arawak Tainos. sniff that.


  9. And it was drawn by a “Ramirez”. Whomever this guy is, how is he seen by his coworkers as a latino? With a sombrero taking a siesta (lazy)? Or, sipping a “cuba libre”? (drunkard). This cartoon looks more like the ones responsible for Puerto Rico’s problems, the gringos that feast on our country.


  10. You know what, USA is greatly responsible for what is happening in the Island in economic terms. Our first obstacle imposed by the USA: The cabotage Law. This means that we are obliged to only use the USA maritime services, the most expensive merchant marine service. This law are a huge obstacle to the island’s economic development. The costs of shipping affect the costs of food, medicines used by Puerto Ricans, agricultural and construction equipment, cars, raw materials and the unfinished products assembled in the factories or the finished products shipped to the United States. Who gets the money of the marine transportation? Of course, USA! Second, since Puerto Rico is a territory (colony) of the USA, we are not able or authorize to enter in business deals with other countries; we cannot enter in negotiations with foreign corporations to have them in the Island, as an opportunity for employment and economic development, because USA does not give permission to do so! Third, is USA a “benefactor” to the Island? In 2012, economist Rosario Rivera Negrón compared the fund transfers the United States sent to Puerto Rico with the profits that U.S. interests made on the island. The data comes from the official reports by the Puerto Rico Planning Board for 2008. Rivera Negrón found that the U.S. government sent fund transfers of $13.8 billion. These funds included money for government agencies, social assistance programs (such as Section 8 and WIC, among others) and payments to individuals (related to Social Security, Medicare and Veterans benefits, among others). At the same time, imports to Puerto Rico generated $22.6 billion for the United States. The return on capital for U.S. businesses on the island generated $34 billion and the shipping costs generated in Puerto Rico due to the application of cabotage laws were $1.5 billion. This adds up to $58.1 billion in profits for U.S. interests. The United States provided $13.8 billion to Puerto Rico in 2008 and received $58.1 billion in profits (including those related to the costs of transporting goods to the island). Meanwhile, puertoricans are trying to solve the status issue: became a state -with its benefits and responsibilities – or to be an independent country that and administrate without the intromission of another country. But, unfortunately, the USA Congress does not care about it!

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  11. Although this cartoon is disgusting and it does not represent what puertorricans really are, sometimes a person’s perception about something is a result of the actions of the subject been observed. In the middle of our economic crisis, which everybody should be taking seriously, our beloved press in Puerto Rico dedicated about three weeks for all the partying, ceremonies and outrage about the mass gay weddings that took place in the island. At the same time, our beloved politicians started a war between themselves that did not produce any expense reduction measures nor solutions to the economic crisis. Also at the same time, a bunch of old ladies launched the political campaign for the Popular party’s aspirations for 2016 and the statehooders proclaimed that this is the time for statehood. Of course, the pro independence movement, immediately blamed everything on the americans, declared that this is the moment to become a republic and urged the government to just refuse to pay our debtors. After more than 100 years of opportunity to improve out economy and after hundreds of years of party and political carnivals, how do you expect people that don’t know who we really are, potray us? If I didn’t know, I would think that the fat hairy guy in the bikini may be a fair description. Sometimes is not the messenger, is the message so don’t shoot the messenger.


  12. I believe it is time to start negotiations to separate us from the US..They must pay back the $74 Billions from ACT JONES they stole from us.


  13. Willie,

    You are 100% correct. How many lives does it take?

    The Borinqueneers were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor this year…it doesn’t seem to matter to the NY Post, Investor’s Business Daily, and much of corporate America.

    They want their bond premiums.


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    Outrages grows … and it should!!!
    “This insult to the entire island of Puerto Rico appeared in the Sunday edition of the New York Post on August 23, 2015.” Grrr ….


  15. HOW MANY PUERTO RICAN LIVES DOES IT TAKE TO EARN SOME RESPECT OR AT LEAST SOME GRATITUDE? Puerto rican have been cannon fodder since WWI. Puerto Rican have been DRAFTED into military service. Thousand upon thousands of Puerto Rican risked their lives but are treated like chattel. Puerto Rican has earned it’s way unlike Iraq, Iran, Greece and the myriad of places USA indiscriminately throws money at.


  16. Unbelievable! It is amazing, how little people really know of our beautiful island and our brave, incredible Puerto Rican people.


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