Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders: The election that that we need to have

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


The 2016 presidential election should be between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. It will be the clearest expression of where we are, and where we are headed: the debate that America needs to hear, all out in the open.

I do not support Trump.

He has a vicious immigration policy, and has turned nearly every Latino in America against him. His world view is disastrous for Latinos, and for the entire U.S. And yet, Donald Trump versus Bernie Sanders would be the clearest debate: the dialogue that America needs to hear.  


Both of them provide the distilled essence of “Democrat” and “Republican.” They show each party’s character and convictions – their hopes and dreams for the country – with absolute clarity and purity, and a minimum of spin.

Both of them speak their minds more openly, since neither of them comes from any established party machinery.

Both of them blast their opinions at the press. They will wage a titanic battle all over the country, with entire philosophies clashing: philosophies embodied in their bones, not crafted by a poll or focus group.

Sanders demonizes Big Business, Wall Street, hedge funds, investment bankers, and the super-rich – the richest, most powerful people in the country.

Trump demonizes Latinos and immigrants who come to this country for a better life – the poorest, least powerful people in the country.

Bernie the Socialist.  Donald the Capitalist. 

That is what a clear choice, and a real election, should look like.


Despite his egotism and immigrant-bashing, or perhsaps because of it, Donald Trump is leading the GOP field by a wide and growing margin.

As of August 23, Trump is polling at 32%…more than twice that of runner-up Jeb Bush.

Here is a graphic view of Trump’s commanding lead:


Bernie Sanders is now leading Hillary Clinton in the upcoming New Hampshire primary:

Recently, both the New York Times and Washington Post ran major articles about the huge crowds that Bernie is drawing, in one state after another.

If there is any doubt about Sanders as a popular figure, with growing campaign crowds, then simply view this:

That is a small portion of the crowd he recently drew in Madison, Wisconsin. Then see this:

That’s Bernie addressing 28,000 people in Portland, Oregon, just after he spoke to 27,000 in Los Angeles.

Then there is this:

Please study this photo for a few seconds. There is a high degree of engagement there. People are stirred up about this man. 

Of high importance are the demographics in the photo, which are difficult to miss: men and women, young and old, and lots of white voters. 

That is a key point. As the challenger to a GOP candidate, Bernie will already carry a large base of passionate white voters. If he wins the Democratic nomination, Sanders will add Latino and black voters to this already committed group of whites. He will have a broad demographic base: based on class and economics, not on race.


The Denver Post published a recent editorial, stating that Trump and Sanders could win the Colorado caucuses in March 1, 2016.

If Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the major party nominees in 2016, we would have one of the most substantive political battles, that America has seen in a long time. 

And of source, Bernie Sanders would win in a landslide.

He would then create a fundamental realignment in our national politics, our economy, and our conscience. 

Bernie Sanders would lift the curse of “trickle-down economics” that has haunted us, and drained us, since Ronald Reagan became president. 

It’s about time. 

Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump.

I love one, hate the other, and I know how it will end.

With Bernie Sanders in the White House.


11 Comments on “Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders: The election that that we need to have

  1. bernie has to get the nomination first.
    I love him, but too many in the democratic party are scared of losing and want to put up a safe centrist like hillary.
    which is too bad because sanders belongs in the white house.


  2. ….en este caso; el “mejor” candidato para la presidencia en Los EEUU , con el fin de que se le de la independencia a Puerto Rico es sin duda, DONALD Trump.
    Wether it is asked by the Puerto rican people in a referendum or wether it’s NOT.
    Y despues vendra el famoso “Periodo Especial” para Puerto Rico.
    El mismo periodo especial el cual paso Cuba cuando Rusia les quito el subsidio. La diferencia sera de que por lo menos no habra un embargo por parte de los EEUU hacia P.R. ,pero no mas subsidios. Y esto no sera nada facil; con cuidadania o sin cuidadania.
    A lo mejor habran mejores opciones en otros lugares como Republica Dominicana, España o Centro america, para cuando este supuesto proximo “periodo especial” de Puerto Rico llegue en el momento de la independencia impuesta.
    Pero EEUU es una potencia mundial la cual como todo otro imperio en el pasado en otros lugares del mundo, llegara a su tope y pico y luego caera junto con Puerto Rico y los paises emergentes tomaran la delantera.
    A si que, “a buen palo nos arrimamos” ; ya que ambos juntos nos desmorronaremos.
    Sin embargo islitas al otro lado del hemisferio, mas pequeñas que Puerto Rico, como Singapore, son ejemplos y lideres mundiales.



  3. Talking about imigration,Were is Donald Trumps Family from.America, or Oh!! maybe
    there from HELL……..?


  4. May I rephrase that and say “double citizenship” for those Puerto Ricans already living in the U.S. mainland and only Puerto Rican citizenship for those living in the island: like Mari Blas.
    How can independentistas be praising or looking into U.S. Politics anyhow and after all .


  5. Eduardo,

    I see your thinking here…but there is one key thing. You are conflating citizenship with independence. Even if every single Puerto Rican – both on the island and in the U.S. – renounced their U.S. citizenship, that would not make Puerto Rico independent. Puerto Rico would still remain a territory of the US.

    Individual citizenship and national sovereignty are two different things. Although they should correlate, and in a sane world they do, the US congress does not treat Puerto Rico according to rational, ethical principles.


  6. I dream big and would love to see this. However, I fear it won’t happen because Bernie does not have the financial backing that Trump would get. Then, there are all the other special interests that favor Trump. But let me underscore this: I would love to be shown up wrong on this!


  7. Forget about northanerican politics and politicians !

    Let’s focus on the next upcoming next 2016 first president of the sovereign republic of Puerto Rico . You should all Surrender voluntarily your northanerican citizenship before they (the USA) may and will take the first initiative to kick and throw all Puerto Ricans off board … Trump and the Reverant are threatening .

    Take advantage of their comments and threads and make them into your once in a life time opportunity to answer back to them in agreement and tell them and show them that you don’t want to be northanericans ; that you are all Puerto Ricans and not Gringos : and that the “Green$” have to “Go” (Green-Go).
    “El que este libre de pecado , que tire la primera piedra”.
    So with dignity all P.Ricans should stand up together and renounce their U.S. Citizenship and stop paying attention and listening to northsnerican/foreign politics and their own problems and politicians y dejar de que “Los Muertos entierren a Sus propios muertos”….”Al Cesar lo que es del Cesar”.
    The World is very Big and it does not revolve only around the United States.
    As independent Puerto Ricans , engage in foreign politics and trade !


  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Something I can live with …. “If Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the major party nominees in 2016, we would have one of the most substantive political battles, that America has seen in a long time. ”

    “Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump.
    I love one, hate the other, and I know how it will end.
    With Bernie Sanders in the White House.” Yessss!!

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