Historic Photo of the Day: 1938 Sugar Cane Train

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


By 1930, US banking syndicates owned 80% of the most fertile land in Puerto Rico. 

Four sugar cane centrales alone – Guánica, Aguirre, Fajardo, and East Puerto Rico Sugar – owned over half the farmland in Puerto Rico. 

The banks also owned the entire costal railroad, the insular postal system, and the San Juan International Seaport. 

Puerto Rico became a sugar empire, and the profits poured into Wall Street investment banks for fifty years – even during the Great Depression. 

Here is one of their daily sugar cane trains, in 1938.

9 Comments on “Historic Photo of the Day: 1938 Sugar Cane Train

  1. The author correctly identifies past actions that took advantage of the island. There is no disputing that the USA was motivated by self interests and its own prosperity. What is missing however is why the Puerto Rican people on the island lack the will to rid themselves of its crooked politicians and demand independence. At which point is it not the aggressors fault but the fault of the people that freely allow the abuse to continue. The environment has never been better to achieve self governance.


  2. Un error en mi comentario. Debería decir: …”y NO el del pueblo puertorriqueño”.


  3. Great historical facts. Es una pena que que a Puerto Rico se le sigue manteniendo en el “limbo” político bajo bajo un sistema colonial camuflajeado con el mero propósito de seguirlo explotando con la ayuda de los políticos de turno que solo buscan su beneficio y el del pueblo puertorriqueño. “Coño, despierta Puerto Rico.”


  4. Hi there!! Love all the info your are sharing … the “historic photo” is a great idea. Wanted to let you know … the last picture isn’t showing. Looks like when you have a “dead space”. Reblogging anyway! Paz ….. viva PR!!!


  5. Thanks Denis for these articles that you bring to us daily. Keep the momentum going. Jorge ” Rich ” Padilla Un Compatriota

    Sent from my Virgin Mobile phone.


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