Puerto Ricans Pandered by Hillary Clinton

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Puerto Ricans are in a strange position in the 2016 presidential election. 

They usually vote Democrat. 

But there is a growing rumor, that the Democratic Party is not interested in helping Puerto Rico through its fiscal crisis…that the national Democratic Party wants more Puerto Ricans to leave the island, and move to Florida, where they will become Democratic voters. 

This creates a perverse situation…where Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, actually get rewarded by Puerto Rican voters, for ruining Puerto Rico. 

Within this context, a recent Tweet from Hillary Clinton was a bit too patronizing. The Tweet was not about Puerto Rico’s public debt, or its lack of water. 

It was not about the Jones Act, the 11.5 percent sales tax, unemployment, or the cost of living.

It was a strange tweet about having an “abuela” in the White House. Here it is:

Apparently the Clinton campaign thinks that having an “abuela” in the White House, all by itself, is a big vote motivator for Puerto Ricans, and for Latinos in general. 

This ridiculous notion prompted Latino Rebels to invent a new brand of “Abuelita Coffee.”

But this election is about more than branding. 

It involves more than flying down for a weekend, dancing a little guaguancó, and yelling “¡Que viva Puerto Rico!” 

This election involves the future of Puerto Rico: politically and economically. 

It involves hundreds of thousands of people who can’t find jobs on their own island. 

It involves US billionaires buying up the coastline of Puerto Rico, and paying no taxes for it, under the “Billionaire Tax Law” called Act 22. 

We don’t need an “abuelita” in the White House. 

We need a President who will take Puerto Rico seriously, and treat its people like adults…not grandchildren. 

Puerto Rico needs a partner, not an “abuela,” in the White House.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy the book

6 Comments on “Puerto Ricans Pandered by Hillary Clinton

  1. But someone has to be president. Do you think Donald Trump would be a better option?


  2. Good Comments on abuela Hillary! WE must unite against the Federal Government (Democrats and Republicans) and most Presidential Candidates– that patronize and outright discriminatie against Puerto Ricans!! Who do they think we are??? EQUALITY for Puerto Rico NOW!!! PS: The only one to now that has supported Debt Restructuring and Statehood (while taking heat) is Jeb Bush! We need to get the other Candidates to commit to equal US Citizenship… This isn’t just a agroup issue, but, also, an individual civil rights fight for EQUALITY!


  3. Good Comments on abuela Hilliary! WE must unite at the Federal Government (Democrats and RepublicanS) and most Presidential Candidates patronizing and outright discrimination against Puerto Ricans!! EQUALITY for Puerto Rico NOW!!!


  4. Well said. Who will take the responsibility. We the people must be responsible for our circumstances, create a Constitutional Assembly and create a new form of government called participatory democracy without asking permission, nor interference from the US. Let the bond holders eat the debt!


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    The future of Puerto Rico is on the balance … who, in mainland politics, will take this task on?
    No pandering wanted … we need a strong, truthful leader! Is there anyone out there? I wonder …


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