The Agony of Pedro Albizu Campos

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


There is a very sad tape of Don Pedro Albizu Campos. It was recorded in 1953, while he was imprisoned in La Princesa.  

Don Pedro discusses what is being done to him…the radiation torture in his cell. 

Some people found it hard to believe.  

Others ridiculed him, and called him “The King of the Towels,” because he tried to protect himself from the radiation by wrapping his head and body in cold wet towels. 

The saddest thing is the sound of his voice. Don Pedro is so tired, he is suffering so much, but he carries on. He does not give up.

Years later, a woman named Eileen Welsome wrote The Plutonium Files, a book that documented how 16,000 Americans were subjected to undisclosed “TBI” (Total Body Irradiation) experiments by the US government. Many of these people died from radiation poisoning. Ms. Welsome won the Pulitzer Prize for her investigation. 

Don Pedro was one of those tragic people, who was subjected to TBI. 

Even more tragic is the way Luis Muñoz Marín presented Don Pedro’s case to the American public. He told everyone, on national TV, that Don Pedro was a lunatic. 

He spent a full 90 seconds on it, from 7:20 to 8:50 in this video.

As we view these two videos, we might reflect on the way of life that these men pursued. What they left behind, for all humanity. 

Don Pedro sacrificed his life for a free, independent island. 

Muñoz Marín left that island in chains…and now, 6o years later, the chains are strangling Puerto Rico.


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy the book

12 Comments on “The Agony of Pedro Albizu Campos

  1. Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony The Agony of Pedro Albizu Campos   There is a very sad tape of Don Pedro Albizu Campos. It was recorded in 1953, while he was imprisoned in La Princesa.


  2. Victor Acevedo – Be PROUD of what you are. Iff you are not then change to a nationality that does make you PROUD.Strange.
    See one always learn something new every day, “Abya Yala”. Do not remember seeing, reading or hearing this anyplace before. However, getting back to the subject matter, If you are asked where you are from, . . .the information requested is 1) Where were you born, 2) What is tour Nationality (political Nationality), 3) Or in a last instance where you live NOW.

    Base on that I will say that your “ameRICAN” ES UN DISPARATE. There is NO SUCH place But of course you are one of those that are good enough to enjoy all the good things we get from the American Nation but ashamed to be call American.


  3. To Jorge Rivera before Columbus this was not America as you said. This part of the world which is the western Hemisphere was called “Abya Yala”. When I am asked are you American i reply i am not Italian or German. When pushed I say ameRICAN.


  4. I am latina, that speak Spanish. It is my first language, born and raised in Puerto Rico. My 2nd language is English that I learned in America only when I temporary lived and moved there.


  5. I am still looking for the so call “Cahains”, even the “Psychological and/or mental Chains” DO NOT SEE THEM. As to the “AMERICANIZATION” . . . .Maria, for your information we ARE Americans, for your information PR is located in the AMERICAS. One of the basic premises of the Puerto Ricans that went to Spain in the 1890 was to be ACCEPTED as AMERICANS as Puerto Ricans, since the Courts did discriminate against our people because we were not “TRUE.SPANIARDS”. If you read the history of the world you will find discrimination long before Jesus came to save us. As to your statement at the very end of your comment “. . . look at what is being done to Puerto Rico today, 2015” What is the Washington doing to us? The one HOLDING back de final definition of Independence or Statehood are the LEADERS of the PPD. Two (2) years ago they were asked to Define their Non-territorial and Constitutional ELA. They continue to procrastinate and have done NOTHING about it. This definition will allow us to have a final Plebiscite by which the Federal Government WILL ACCEPT Puerto Rico’s political future decision. “THEY” are doing nothing to us we are holding back our own future. S start fighting the PPD and stop crying about our past . . . LEARN FROM IT.


  6. Prejudice is the Cancer of America!
    It’s being there since it’s foundation- from Native American, African Slaves, segregation in south and yes in the north, and that included the Puerto Rican that came to America. All have gotten it’s share of the American home made prejudice. When I was young was told by teachers in public school that Puerto Rico had no real culture, neither writers or poets. Had to go, on my own to libraries to find information on my country.
    Now about Albizus Campos. He was a brilliant mind, who spoke with truth and clarity. He represents the conscious of the Puerto Rican people. That is why he is so difficult to forget. This was done to him in the 1950’s and 1960’s, now look at what is being done to Puerto Rico today, 2015.


  7. They are psychological and emotional chains. The losing of one’s culture, identity, language – being slowly “Americanizado”. It’s being done quietly, slowly and systematically for many years. So we are constantly fighting to maintain our identity and any Avenue that we have open in our way to advance forward are shot close- including how the Common Wealth” was drafted at the time. This was the time of segregation in America, Jim Crow!, etc. Prejudice in America. In the South as well as in the North and prejudice still exist. The removal of a Confederate flag just happen this year 2015.
    So allow Puerto Rico to stand on its feet, remove the Jones Act. Allow Puerto Rico to make its own decisions


  8. Paul, what “chains” do we, as Puerto Ricans, have the “CHAINS” that Venezuelans, Cubans, Bolivianos, and all other citizens from those and other countries in Latin America have? I DO NOT THINK SO. So please tell us what chains, because I I KNOW WE ARE FREE OF CHAINS.


  9. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    From the original source: “War Against All Puerto Ricans”! …. Don Pedro Albizu Camos was a victim of greed, colonialism and “the master”!!


  10. “Don Pedro sacrificed his life for a free, independent island.” SACRIFICED his life for an independent islan YES, of course, for a FREE island . . NO . . .The island had gotten what they had been fighting since LONG BEFORE 1898. A misguide attempt to start an armed revolution, WHEN THE PEOPLE did not supported his ideology.


  11. The history lessons are only good if the people learn from it and take charge of their own affairs. It is time to vote for indepence or statehood period. In my view independence is the best way to get rid of the chains and to make sure they could not be put back on by another country.


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