President Obama Thinks that Puerto Ricans are Suckers

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

I voted for president Obama. He said the right things, and said them brilliantly. He promised to restore integrity and intelligence to the White House. After seven years his intelligence is a matter of record…and so is his lack of integrity. 

I am speaking as a Puerto Rican. He has served Wall Street and corporate America well, but not us. Here are a few reasons: 



On Tuesday May 26, 2009, he nominated Sonia Sotomayor for the US Supreme Court. On Friday of that same week, the US Census announced that it would favor a strict headcount over statistical sampling, as the 2010 census methodology. 

While Latinos were busy celebrating the rise of Sonia, the US government quietly ensured that they would all be undercounted, throughout the entire nation. Obama thus saved billions of dollars in health, education, and job training expenses – because Latinos would be undercounted, and underserved, for the next ten years.


In this manner, Obama used the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor, as a sleight-of-hand magician’s trick on the entire Latino population.



On July 13, 2015, Obama commuted the sentences of 46 drug felons. It was the most commutations in a single day, since the administration of President Lyndon Johnson. 

28 of these felons were jailed for selling crack cocaine, 6 for cocaine powder, 4 for marijuana, and 2 for amphetamine. 

In March 2015, Obama pardoned 22 more drug offenders. In December 2014, he pardoned 8 more. 

In this wave of drug pardons, Obama has not found any space for Oscar López Rivera, the longest-serving political prisoner on the planet. Even though the US constitution gives the president the “power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States,” Obama apparently feels that 76 drug felons are less “offensive” than Oscar López Rivera – who is in jail for insisting on the independence of Puerto Rico.

Less offensive than Oscar López Rivera



Within two months of taking office, in March 2009, Obama approved and presided over the $182 billion bailout of AIG, even though AIG had already been fined $1.6 billion for securities fraud, and criminal charges had been filed by the SEC against several AIG executives. 

AIG used “credit default swaps” and other fraudulent financial instruments, to engineer and profit from foreclosures on over 4 million homes – but this didn’t stop Obama from bailing them out. Everyone, including the top CEOs, received their Christmas bonuses at AIG – even as millions of people lost their homes. 

But the bailouts didn’t stop there. Obama bailed out nearly every investment bank on Wall Street – even though all of them had trafficked in subprime mortgages, and had knowingly created the mortgage crisis of 2007.

But everything changes, when Puerto Rico needs some help. 

After doling out nearly one trillion dollars in bailout funds to white collar criminals on Wall Street, the Obama White House announced on June 29, 2015, that “There’s no one in the administration or in D.C. that’s contemplating a federal bailout of Puerto Rico.” 

After making this announcement, for the past month, Obama has avoided the issue altogether. His only advice is “talk to Congress.” The president wants to take no action, and accept no responsibility, for what happens to Puerto Rico. 

He is perfectly willing to let Puerto Rico fall into a death spiral…with no bankruptcy protection, no access to credit markets, and no immediate ability to repay $73 billion.

Instead, Obama is resorting to his old magician’s trick. The old sleight-of-hand. 

In order to distract Puerto Ricans from his callous disregard for what happens to our island, he proudly signed H.R. 1350 last week, on July 28, 2015. 

It is a landmark piece of legislation, renaming a post office in the Bronx as the Herman Badillo Post Office. 



A serious rumor is beginning to circulate, that Obama wants Puerto Rico to fail. 


For a very cynical reason. 

If Puerto Rico fails, this will force more Puerto Ricans to move to Florida, and North Carolina, and Arizona and Texas, where they will become Democratic voters in the 2016 presidential election.  

In other words…Obama and the Democratic Party will actually benefit, if the Puerto Rican economy sinks into the Caribbean.

This is a brutal, inhuman calculus…the type that has been used in Puerto Rico since 1898. But this time, Puerto Ricans are aware of the game that is being played. 

President Obama thinks that Puerto Ricans are suckers. 

But he is wrong.

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s ColonyBuy the book

24 Comments on “President Obama Thinks that Puerto Ricans are Suckers

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  5. Benditooooo.Ii believe that you are capitalizing from us Puerto Ricans, instead of solving problems you are creating a deeper problem by confusing the real issue here. Nosotros los puertorriquenos somos libres, aunque nos haigan pisoteado, tratado como los peores esclavos humanos del mundo seguimos teniendo nuestro orgullo de ser puertorriquenos que somos algo que nunca, nunca nos pueden quitar, despues de 117 anos debajo del jugo nuestro orgullo puertorriqueno sigue ahi, pasaran 100 anos mas y seguiremos siendo puertorriquenos, somos una raza peculiar que toda la America envidia. Pa’Lante hasta la muerte un puertorriqueno encojonao.


  6. The only “suckers” are the people who voted for Obama. Voted for him TWICE!? Double sucker! I saw him for the con-man that he is when he was battling it out against Hillary.


  7. RISM: I won’t call you anti-senitic. Actually, you are anti-Jewish. If people make disparaging remarks about Hispanics don’t call them racists. That would be you using a word in a defensive manner to cover up your own misdeeds.


  8. First off; If anyone was responsible for the lost of IRS Section 936 and its partner Section 930 it was the Reagan government of the 1980’s and Rosello in 1995 who didn’t fight to maintain these sections (

    Second: Obama inherited as we all know the bailout of the financial sector from the approved budget for FY 2009 of former “President” G. W. Bush; which he couldn’t stop! He’s not perfect and has flaws like everyone else does.

    Third: Yes you’re right about he could have pardon Oscar and failed to do so!

    Last: What is happening in Puerto Rico took 100 years to build up to the point of no return. Killing of our diverse agriculture, seizure of land to pass to the land barons in the early 20th century, brainwashing the people in believing they could change their status of colony anytime they asked for it, the establishment of two (sic 3) party corrupted system (caste) that has maintain the status quo since its inception, and the fact that we have been made to believe that those that come from outside our island are more adept in knowing what is best for us is what has caused this current situation! My advice is: Don’t pay one cent to those Wall Street parasites and default on everything and make them fail and lose their bets!


  9. Thank You, Mr. Denis for keeping us informed in what’s happening- many of us in the Island and Mainland are unaware of all this.
    Puerto Rico was a peaceful island in the Caribbean that never attaked or invaded any country. It was only concern with its ever day living and existence.
    My beautiful Island, la Isla del encanto. Dejame que te cante


  10. RISM: Nobody is labeling you an anti semtic. I’m just slightly curious if you have happen to have any proof of any the claims you make? Or is this more of the line of thinking that “everyone knows this as truth”

    “Presidents are the multinational puppets … The one that wasn’t willing to please the Jews was Kennedy and they got him killed. I guess they all belong to the same club… and Israel is the Capital of the US and the American Jews run the country. They are also the best artists and singers… But of course, they control the media and distribution of it all… They will call me anti semitic. Just another word they invented to acuse anyone who didn’t like their ways.”


  11. In Puerto Rico the people are wondering
    whos going to fix this mess and how?.


  12. Presidents are the multinational puppets … The one that wasn’t willing to please the Jews was Kennedy and they got him killed. I guess they all belong to the same club… and Israel is the Capital of the US and the American Jews run the country. They are also the best artists and singers… But of course, they control the media and distribution of it all… They will call me anti semitic. Just another word they invented to acuse anyone who didn’t like their ways.


  13. I voted for Obama twice and I am glad I did for various reasons. He saved this country from economic collapse through solid economic policies. Every economic indicator shows the economy has recovered from the recession. He inherited a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit which he has reduced by 2/3. Unemployment is at 5.4 % and consumer confidence is through the roof, not to the mention a booming stock market. To try to blame Obama for the Puerto Rico crisis is the epitome of absurdity. I am Puerto Rican, attended college and law school and live there for 24 years. In fact, I represented the PR government in litigation that lasted for years and I saw the level of corruption first hand. The start of the Puerto Rico crisis started when Carlos Romero Barceló lobbied the elimination of section 936 of the US code which was the basis of the Puerto Rico drug manufacturing industry. It has been down hill ever since and it will get worse, before it gets better. The recovery requires a multifaceted approach which must include the restoration of the manufacturing industry. Puerto Rico has many manufacturing facilities that could be utilized for manufacturing of genetic drugs at a reasonable price. Once you can show your creditors that the restoration of the tax base is improving,negotiating the restructuring of the debt is more feasible. Lastly, the federal government needs to establish a mechanism to monitor the federal funds sent to Puerto Rico. The corruption is rampant and the funds are not reaching the intended beneficiaries because of corrupt politicians. The two principal parties blame each other, but the truth is, they are both at fault. I am Puerto Rican and very proud of it. As such, I can categorically assert that the blame for the Puerto Rico crisis, rest on the Puerto Ricans. Therefore, we must unite to resolve it instead of trying to blame third parties.


  14. I was thinking that the more people leave the island, it allows for developers to swoop in and buy PR right out from under our noses. Not that we own most of it as it is now, but it will be worse, and without us living there…

    Liked by 2 people

  15. You do have a lot of truth in your comments Nelson. I did NOT voted for hi because I did s what he was, and in my humble opinion HE WAS WRONG FOR OUR COUNTRY. But most of you that were suckered in to vote for him TWICE, had a different agenda, as Socialist, Communist all of you did see him as a saviour, which he was NOT. Th only thing I will desagree with you is on the Oscar Lopez Rivera, an Unrepentant TERRORIST. One that was offered a pardon by President Clinton because he wanted to become a martyr. Well a MARTYR HE IS NOT just a criminal. But of course you do not see it that way.


  16. I also voted for Obama twice! I guess I got sucked into another sink hole. Dam it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. The congress has to repeal so much legislation to help turn things around. Or they have to pass new ones or better yet vote for independence and go it via the world banks to restructure our island government. But something has to be done now !! Right now !! No time for political talks it needs to be resolved now not later.


  18. Puerto Rican politicians, PREPA y Acueductos and other entities on the island that sold bonds are the cause of this problem not Obama or the U.S. Congress. The PR Congress spends more than it takes in, when was the last time the budget was balanced? To make up the deficit the government and other agencies had to sell bonds. Don’t blame anyone else.

    “All states are barred from filing for bankruptcy, but cities, such as Detroit, can seek protection under chapter 9 of the U.S. bankruptcy code. Puerto Rico is lobbying the U.S. Congress for a law allowing some of its entities to access chapter 9 protections. Until such a law passes, the island’s leaders must negotiate with creditors without that process.”

    Getting more PR’s to move to the mainland only makes matters worse for the rest of mi gente en la isla. You don’t have an educated work force to perform jobs that required advanced education (doctors, teachers, engineers, etc.) You need high school or community college graduates to be the police, plumbers, auto mechanics, etc. These people provide a stable tax base.

    Now those with education and needed skills and education are leaving la isla for jobs on the mainland because of lack of jobs there. That’s not Obamas fault.

    PR got itself into this situation and needs to get itself out by it’s self. At least we are not Greece, we have government and social programs that ensure that we won’t have the soup lines and ATMs that dispense limited amounts of money.

    As to the water situation I’ve been through it before when Acueductos was replacing water and sewage line in Ceiba and Anasco when I lived there. Now the shortge is being caused by nature and poor planning by Acueductos that should have built reservoirs etc. after the last drought about 10 years.

    Obama has nothing to do with any of this.


  19. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I voted for Obama twice! For these, and several other reasons, I’m very disappointed.
    Puerto Rico continues to be “used & misused” by the “evil empire”! As a Puerto Rican, this situation is very distressing, alarming and a big eye-opener!! More than sad ….


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