Bernie Sanders: Man with a Plan

War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony


Bernie Sanders evokes memories of Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. On December 10, 2008, Sanders waged a filibuster against the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of our country. The speech lasted over eight hours and it became a legend – known simply as “The Speech.”

Here is a full transcript of The Speech. It is 124 pages long.

The Speech is also sold on Amazon, in Barnes & Noble, and other bookstores throughout the country.

Bernie Sanders delivered another electrifying speech regarding the death of the middle class in America. From the very first minute, it is difficult to stop watching it:

Yes, Bernie does remind us of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. But another movie also limns his public persona. In 1996, a low-budget flick was released in a few theatres, and quickly developed a cult following. Titled Man with a Plan, it’s the story of a 70-year old Vermont farmer named Fred Tuttle, who decides to run for US congress. His rationale is simple: his farm is failing, he’s barely literate, and he has no education no job skills. After much soul-searching, he decides the only job he’s qualified for, is to be a congressman.

Fred Tuttle

In the movie, Tuttle loses the election. But in real life, this same Fred Tuttle later ran for the US Senate in Vermont…and won the Republican nomination! Tuttle then withdrew from the race and endorsed his Democratic opponent…and still received 22% of the vote. 

Tuttle’s real and imagined campaigns – and their eccentric appeal to Vermont voters – says a great deal about the independent streak that runs through that state. Vermonters are iconoclasts, they think outside the box. That pretty much describes Bernie Sanders. 

He was quick to call for bankruptcy protections for the island of Puerto Rico.

His website contains a clear expression of his positions, on a variety of issues. He does not equivocate about them.

He is drawing standing-room-only crowds, everywhere he goes.

According to a recent report, Hillary Clinton made more money with one speech, than Bernie Sanders’ entire net worth.

But another report shows Clinton’s poll numbers dropping in New Hampshire to 44%, with Bernie Sanders at 32% and rising.

There are many reasons for watching the Bernie Sanders campaign. One of those reasons is that he could be the next president of the United States.

2 Comments on “Bernie Sanders: Man with a Plan

  1. Although the rhetoric and discourse that Mr. Sanders engages in can seem appealing to some marginalized groups, sadly he is not the one that will care about the needs of racialized, colonized, and/or any other groups that feel the effects of the western and U.S. hegemonic assault on everyday people’s freedom. He does not put the most pressing issues of this society on the forefront. These issues deal directly with the way racialized and colonized groups are treated in the U.S. They are still being killed, jailed or beat up for minor reasons, excluded from residential and working spaces, unemployed or employed with low level menial and exhausting work, and literally priced out or “nickel and dimed” right out of this society. The most obvious example of his true agenda is his continued support for Israel, an extremely settler-colonial state that implements constant racism against Palestinians(of all faiths) and various African groups. The fact that the Israeli lobby is very powerful in the U.S. and given that Puerto Rico is an official neo-colony of the U.S. tells us that he is just another collaborator in the U.S. and western people using, land grabbing, “God” using, society converting, and/or money making project. He is pro top down globalization(aka global economic colonialism and global racism/classism). One more thing, most Puerto Ricans are working poor or working class. They are often one pay check away from poverty where they face a hostile welfare system(what is left of it), that will not help them. Basically Anglo-American society and upper class or middle class folks of all ethnicities are not interested in redistributing wealth to our people. We need another man or woman with a whole other plan. Peace to all the good people from my Puerto Rican nation who are conscious and struggling out there. I wish all of you the best no matter what.


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